I always liked Tina and I always thought Jason had a seret crush on her. I think he became infatuated when she managed to beat him up. Lol! Anyways, this is non-canon and I honestly think there should be more non-canon than OC relationships. Yes, I am guilty of creating an OC but it was more out of fun. But it's more fun to play around with canon characters. XD teehee! But oh well, each their own I guess.

Warning: for suggestive themes

It was strange…

Their relationship…

That's what he thought when he looked down at her, beside him on the bed, a strong arm wrapped around her frame. A peaceful expression on her face as locks of curly, yellow hair fell over her shoulder as her curled up form pressed against his strongly built one. A warm glow shinning from this living, breathing creature wrapped up in a monster's arms, the sheets providing the only cover for her slender, naked form after what seemed to be a night of dark desires and moments of bittersweet love. Almost most like a dream…

Why she came was something he questioned upon her arrival, covered in blood and had the air of someone who had been utterly humiliated and hurt. There was also guilt and shame as well. However, he didn't have time to contemplate why she was here like this when she ran to him and clung onto him, sobbing and buried her face in his chest.

At first, he didn't know how to react.

He hadn't seen her since she summoned her father and was dragged down into the lake. And he was sure he was the last person she would ever want to see again.

Yet, when he looked down at her and saw her sobbing form, he understood then that she had no one else to turn to. Her parents are dead and her boyfriend is long gone, that leaves only him. And in an act of desperation, she went to him, ignoring all past deeds and merely cried on him, no matter if it startled him or took him off guard. She needed someone to cry on.

Then he held her, as if shielding her away from the harsh cruel world that does not take kindly to people like them. He did not ask anything, merely hugged her until she could cry no more and was ready to tell him what happened. Though, he had a vague idea…

Turns out, there were a group of students in her school that constantly called her a 'freak' and bullied her due to her powers and decided to do a Stephen King's 'Carrie' remake.

She was 'Carrie' alright.

And like what Mr. King said himself, when he knew a girl similar to the tragic character that is Carrie White who went to his school ended up killing herself after graduating from all the bullying and had the character exact vengeance upon her tormentors, "Because those sons of bitches deserved it."

Not even her 'boyfriend' stood up for her.

Then, he took her back to his cabin and let her calm down, not at all expecting for her to strike up a conversation with him. He replied to her questions, amazing her that he could actually talk. He told her wryly that he merely chose not to, wanting to get the killing over with so he can go ahead and frolic through a field of flowers while eating pop-tarts. She laughed. He laughed. Then, as they went back to conversing, she moved closer to him. He did not notice until she was but a mere few inches away from him. Jumping a bit when she leaned forward, she smiled gratefully and, using her powers to hold him in place, she took off his mask and kissed him. He stiffened then kissed her back, feeling her let go of him through her powers and held her close, almost in a crushing grip as he pushed her down on the bed and they stayed there. Only shifting to discard their garbs or get into a better position.

He never felt so much alive that night.

Now, here he was, playing with her yellow hair, waiting for her to stir awake. Wondering how she'll react to sleeping with him, of all people. He sighed, resting his head down on her bare shoulder and wrapped an around over her, shuddering with delight at the feel of her warm skin. Knowing how good it felt last night when he kissed her, touching her in intimate ways, moaning with her as the night dragged on for them. It was an experience he'll never forget, and he'll surely always remember her flushed face as she moaned for him, digging her nails into his back, her body crushed against his. Tasting her, feeling her, fu-

"Hmmm…Jason…?" her voice muttered sleepily, drawing his mind back to the present and he looked at her. He felt her turn around to face him, blue eyes staring at him in a sleepy manner, her yellow hair falling over her fare skin. A small smile appeared on her face and she snuggled closer to him, her hot breath on his cold skin causing him to shiver.

"Good morning…" she said, giggling at the expression on his face.

"Tina…" he whispered, touching her face gently with one hand. She sighed, lifting her head up and smiled, shifting in his arms securely around her, her hands touching his chest, pushing her body up to him. She kissed him. He kissed her back.

Maybe their relationship was strange; maybe even forbidden.

But then, they didn't really give a damn. Because, for once, they had someone who understood them and they don't plan on letting the other go anytime soon.