Your Voice Still Reaches Me

Summary: Only one thing in the world could have kept Zoe fighting to live, even after all that was worth living for was gone. Wash/Zoe. Set during the BDM. You know which scene.

A/N: I was reading another one of my Wash/Zoe fics and this one just came to me as a spur of the moment deal. Which is good, because I needed a cure to writer's block.

For only a few moments, there was a scream inside of her, the begging denial of true anguish. Wash couldn't be dead. He couldn't be.

But the cold reality couldn't be denied for very long. Her husband could never keep that still in life, not even when he was asleep. Always stirring, always moving. Always.

He was gone.

And then a blissful thought struck her: it was unlikely that she'd make it out of this alive. Oh sure, she would fight, and she would fall, and it would be okay because Wash would be waiting for her.

At that moment, she wanted nothing more than to slip into death, just to see him again.

But then she heard something quite ethereal, a whisper on the wind. His voice.

Don't follow me, Zo. They need you there. I need you there. I love you so much.

For some reason, it didn't surprise Zoe that he could still speak to her from beyond death. It was something Wash was born to do – defy laws of reason and understanding. Her very own miracle man.

If she ever told anyone about this, they'd probably have insisted it was her imagination, born of grief and longing. But Zoe knew better. It was Wash's voice and Wash's spirit, reaching out to her to give her strength. Just like he always had.

And so she let him be her guide, not to death, but to life. She checked her weapons, steadied her mind, and hardened her heart just enough to fight. Fight for her crew, fight for herself, fight for him.

Because if Wash wanted her to live, she was sure as hell gonna get the job done right.

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