Pride of a Hero


Another day, another story I always say. I have plenty of great ideas for stories, but if I don't act on them quickly my inspiration fades. I know I have two unfinished stories, but I've wanted to write something like this for quite a while. Ben is one of my favorite cartoon characters, and it's about time someone wrote a story that shows that admirable side of him we saw in AF. I own nothing but the plot, which I probably based on something I can't remember.

It was a warm Saturday afternoon. Summer was coming to a close and everyone was throwing out their last minute parties before going back into boring old school mode. Most people were on dates, at the arcade, or the movies. Not Ben Tennyson. He was at his once favorite restaurant Mr. Smoothy drinking a smoothie made of God knows what, thinking over his recent accomplishments. He wasn't particularly proud of them to say the least. He slumped sadly in the near empty parking lot on a bench, slurping as his mind drifted back to the last few days.

His arrogance had gotten the best of him. Gwen had finally decided that glaring and lecturing him was getting old and slapped him hard, right across the face. It wasn't like he didn't deserve it. It was only meant to be a joke. Of course when she and Kevin sped off in the car without him and stopped returning his calls, he'd figured it out. Calling someone a sidekick on T.V. wasn't funny. He'd only been grateful that she'd slapped him after the cameras turned off.

Of course Gwen had to tell Julie. As if he didn't have enough problems in his relationship. That's what happens when your teammate is best friends with your girlfriend. Not to mention that even Cooper refused to talk to him.

So basically, a slip of the tongue combined with Ben's ever growing ego, lead to him having no friends at this point in time. He couldn't even call to say he was sorry, and wouldn't dare approach their homes this early in the conflict.

He sighed, and took a long slurp from his smoothie while staring at the falling sun. 'This royally sucks.' He thought to himself. 'One minute I'm on top of the world and then…' He remembered something from his past. A similar issue he had with Gwen when he was a kid. The real reason he stopped wearing the Omnitrix.

It made him think he was invincible.

Which he defiantly wasn't. He'd be dead if it weren't for Gwen, Kevin, and even Julie. This is what he thought about before a man in a trench coat stepped in front of him, blocking his light.

"What's up Ben? You look depressed." Ben looked up to see the man was in fact, his grandfather. One of the greatest Plumbers in Milky Way history. "I tried calling you, but you wouldn't answer.

Ben forced a smile. "Yeah I must have left it in the car.

His Grandpa raised an eyebrow. "For 4 hours, is that how long you've been sitting here?"

Ben looked down at his feet. "Yeah, I haven't been doing much lately Grandpa Max. I'm just thinking about some things."

"Like what you said on the news last week?"

…"Yeah that."

Max sat down next to Ben on the bench and sighed. "You know you brought this on yourself. You can't be upset with your friends for not wanting to speak with you."

"I know. This whole thing is my fault." Ben put his chin on his hand. "I didn't mean for it to sound the way it did. I didn't even realize how bad it sounded till it left my mouth."

Max nodded. "The tongue is a powerful tool Ben. It can build confidence, break spirits, and lead nations, but it can't take back anything." Max's face went from serious to slightly sad. "I lost a lot of friends that way when I became a Plumber Ben, I don't want you to make the same mistakes."

Ben nodded slowly, and Max put a hand on his shoulder. "You need something to occupy your time other than sitting around all day. I've got an important job for you Ben."

Ben allowed a small grin onto his face. 'Typical, he wants me to take my mind off of work by working.' "Sure Grandpa, what do you need?"

Max reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a holo-disk, similar to the one he recorded his messages on. He pushed a button on the side, and an image of a young teenaged, orange skinned girl with red hair and bright green eyes appeared. She was wearing a rather small purple shirt that showed off her mid-drift with a matching purple skirt and long boots.


"Have you ever heard of a super hero group called the Teen Titans? They operate up in Jump City, further up the coast."

Ben paused and thought for a moment. 'Teen Titans…' "Yeah I've heard of them. They formed around the same time our team did. Nobody is sure who most of them are but their leader Robin used to be Batman's sidekick and then went solo for a while. I know Beast Boy was a part of the old superhero group the 'Doom Patrol' for about a year, but I don't know much about the other three." Ben finished. In truth he didn't know much about them at all. He'd never batted an eyelash at them. They were superheroes like him, why worry about them?

"I assume you know Starfire then?"

"I know who she is if that's what you're asking." Ben said.

Max shut the picture off and put it back in his trench coat pocket. "Well the Plumbers have reason to believe she is in fact, an alien called a tameranian, from the planet Tameran."

Ben's eyebrows rose. "Really?"

"Yes, and we can also tie her back to the Gordanian invasion over Jump City, which we assume the Titans stopped. That was the year we fought the Highbreed."

"Yeah I remember that. What is it you want me to do exactly?"

Max stood up and faced Ben. "I need you to go to Jump City and find out if this girl is a Tameranian or not. If she is, she's and she doesn't have a license to be here than you'll have to place her under arrest."

Ben's eyes widened. "What! You want me to arrest a fellow super hero? Over something stupid like that? That's just-"

"That's why I'm sending you Ben. You're not a traditional superhero you're a Plumber, and a Majestar at that." Max crossed his arms and looked at Ben seriously. "You're the only one I can trust to handle this mission delicately. I know you'll do the right thing and straighten this out before the higher ups try to take this into their own hands."

"What makes you say that?"

"I know what kind of person you are Ben. You're not blinded by prejudice or racial superiority like most races in the galaxy are towards Tameranians. That's why I wasn't you to do this."

Ben sighed and nodded. "But why would the Tameranians be discriminated against? They look just like humans…right."

"That, next to the fact that they were once a very war like race that had a hand in destroying dozens of other species, in the Milky Way wars. They're self sustaining and can fly at the speed of light in space, no ships or tech involved. They're super durable and have super strength. They're no joke."

"So it's because everyone's afraid of them?"

"And wouldn't waste a chance to put one in prison for exaggerated crimes. Her sister' already doing more time than necessary."

Ben stood up and threw his empty cup in a nearby trashcan. "Sister?"

"Blackfire, she was a thief and an arms dealer, and if she hadn't been arrested by her own people, she'd be doing life." Said Max with a frown.

Ben looked down at his feet, his eyebrows scrunched together in thought. 'I could use a good solo mission, and I would like to handle this myself. Even though Gwen's better with diplomacy and Kevin with legal stuff.' His eyes grew sad at the thought. 'Should I really do this myself?'

Max looked at Ben with an encouraging grin. "Well? He asked, what'll it be Majestar Tennyson?"

The next morning:

Starfire walked through the doors of the living room in Titan's Tower, smiling with her seemingly never ending joy. "Good morning friends!" She sang.

Cyborg, her tall, half robot friend removed his upper body from the refrigerator, holding a large ham. "Oh hey Star how you doin?" He said pulling some spices from the cabinet.

"Just fantastic! And how are you doing?"

"Just makin' breakfast, and with BB sucked into his new game there will be no tofu today!" He stated with excitement. If there was one thing Cyborg hated more than anything else in the world, it was a vegetarian breakfast. Brother Blood had nothing on tofu.

At that moment a short figure in an indigo cloak with violet eyes and hair floated past Starfire with a book open in front of her face.

"Good morning friend Raven, how are you?"

"Hey Star." Said Raven quietly as she floated past.

"You know Raven." Said Cyborg. "Once she gets into those books you might as well tell it good morning."

Starfire nodded her mood undisturbed. She didn't expect a huge greeting from Raven, that's just how she was. "Where is Robin?" She asked excitedly. Even for her, she was strangely giddy.

"I think he's-"

"SHHH! I'm on the boss level!" Yelled Beast Boy. He was sitting on the sofa playing 'Sumo-Slammers: Rise of Aokuma' on his Game-Station XLK. "If I don't have total concentration I'll-"

"Hello Beast Boy!" said Starfire as she floated over to the sofa and gripped him in a tight hug, causing him to drop his controller.

"Star no!" He cried, but his desperate plea fell on deaf ears as she continued to hug him.

"What's got you so happy?" Asked Cyborg as he started slicing his ham. "Is it another Tameranian holiday?"

"Nope! I just woke up feeling so refreshed and happy. I feel like today will be a great day!"

"Don't get your hopes to high Starfire." Said Raven. "No offence, but you remember the last time that happened, don't you?"

"That was different." Said Starfire, undisturbed. "Today will be great."

"It might be better if Beast Boy is still in one piece afterward." Said Cyborg.

"Hm?" Starfire looked down to see she was still holding Beast Boy in a death squeeze and he was gasping for air. "Oh, sorry Beast Boy." She said as she dropped him onto the sofa.

GAAASP! Beast Boy gripped his heart and struggled to regain control of his breathing. "What…gasp….is…up with…gasp…you?" His eyes filled with tears as he saw he had lost his last life on the boss battle he was playing. 'Dang it!'

"Well Starfire, why don't you pull up a chair and help me eat this-"


"Aw man!" Cried Cyborg. "I haven't eaten yet!"

The door to the living room flew open as Robin sprinted through. "Let's go guys! No time to waste."

"Good mor-"

"Let's go Starfire." Said Raven as she grabbed Starfire's wrist. "We can say our hellos later."

"Oh-okay." Said Starfire as she flew behind.

On the sofa, Beast Boy continued to weep over his lost game. 'Why? What did I do to deserve this?' "WHY!"

Cyborg wrapped a huge hand around Beast Boy's head and lifted him from his puddle of tears.

"We don't have time for this man, just come on!"

With that, the Titans ran from their Tower to the bunker below the island.

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