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"God/ Goddess talking through telepathy"

The Scout of Artemis

Chapter 1: The Male Hunter

"Lady Artemis" Zoe Nightshade, Lieutenant of Artemis the Hunter, asked as Artemis stopped and her eyes glazed over, "Is something wrong?"

"I don't know" Artemis said wracking her brain trying to figure out where this strange feeling in the pit of her stomach was coming from, that's when she heard it: the sound of a baby crying.

"Where is that coming from?" Zoe asked voicing what every other Hunter was thinking.

"I don't know, but I shall search for it alone" Artemis said before raising her hand silencing any protests, save one.

"But my Lady, we need to reach a good spot for the celebration of the full moon by tomorrow" Zoe begged, hoping Artemis would see reason.

"I think that can wait three minutes Thalia" Artemis said taking off for the sound. Being a Goddess has its advantages, one of which is the ability to locate objects based on thoughts, movements, and sounds, which is exactly what Artemis did. Using this ability she quickly located the source of the crying: a small baby in a golden cradle by the side of the road that appeared to have been dumped there.

"Now what do we have here?" Artemis asked, her curiosity overcoming her sense of disgust that seemed to come from her very being.

"A baby… BOY!" Artemis practically hissed, before realization dawn upon her.

"If this boy," she began to herself still hissing the word, but not as much as before, "Were to be raised properly, he could be slightly more decent then the rest of his kind" Artemis finished with a smirk, a plan forming in her divine brain.

Time skip to two years after The Last Olympian

POV: Artemis

"You called me mistress?" Zackary (or Zak as he's called by Apollo) asked kneeling before me.

"Yes I believe you to be ready to join me and your sisters on our eternal hunt" I said handing a Hunter's bow to Zackary.

"But mistress I am but a twenty year old man, not only am I to old compared to my sisters but the Hunt is for maidens, not I" he objected trying to give me back the bow.

"Maybe my conditioning worked a little too well?" "Please just think about it before you decide, after all being the first male to be a part of my eternal Hunt is a great honor. So just think about it" I responded pushing the bow back to him.

"Of course mistress" he responded slinging the bow over his shoulder for lack of a better place to hold it.

"That is all that I ask. Now could you please stop calling me mistress" I replied rubbing the bridge of my nose "I've told him this almost a thousand times"

"But what would you have me call you for your name is too familiar for me to call you it" he asked quietly.

"Zackary, just calling my Lady Artemis is fine"

"Of course mis- Lady Artemis" he responded before standing and returning to the care of my temples here on Olympus.

"Lady Artemis are you sure that letting him join us is a good idea?" Thalia Grace Daughter of Zeus and most recent lieutenant of Artemis asked from the shadows.

"Thalia when I said that I believed him to be ready to join us I meant it" I responded before turning back to watch Zackary go about his duties as my temple caretaker.

"Of course you meant it, I was just wondering if it was a good idea" Thalia said also watching him.

"He has been through conditioning, Thalia. Nothing save Aphrodite physically shoving the need to have sex down his throat will make him want to"

"I trust your judgment Lady Artemis" Thalia said quickly.

"Good, now you must get ready, we are leaving as soon as the Zackary has decided which shouldn't take long" I responded before turning and walking away.

POV: Zackary

"Hello Apollo what brings you to your sisters temple?" I asked as Apollo walked up.

"Nothing just a rumor" Apollo said smirking.

"A rumor, it wouldn't be another one about me being the child of Lady Artemis would it?" I asked putting my broom down.

"No, nothing of the sort" Apollo assured me which coming from Apollo, wasn't very reassuring.

"Then what's the rumor about?"

"Simple that my beloved sister," I mentally blanched, "has offered you a spot as a Hunter"

"What makes you think that's true?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Zak I can see into your mind I don't think it's true I KNOW its true" Apollo answered with another smirk.

"Lord Apollo is there something wrong with your face, the corner of your mouth seems to be twitching a lot" I shot back barely hiding my sarcasm.

"I hate you, you know that right?" Apollo pouted.

"Sure you do, anyway I need to think" I said before sitting down on one of the steps with my hands on the side of my head.

"Look Zak, just think about it this way," Apollo began, sitting down next to me, "you would be the first man to ever accompany my sister on the hunt, most men would jump at the chance to talk to her like you do without being turned into an animal, let alone joining her on her hunt"

"I know but, cleaning and caring for her temples is all I know, I don't know if I could handle it"

"You don't think you can handle it? You live with ME every time she leaves Olympus, and according to pretty much everyone I'm annoying, though I don't personally see it"

"Yeah you are pretty annoying" I laughed.

"Hey," Apollo snapped, "I'm right here, and I could kill you at any second"

"Apollo first at least I have the guts to say that to your face" I responded

"True" Apollo muttered.

"And second if you did kill me how much trouble would you be in with Lady Artemis?"

"Damn your right," Apollo laughed before getting up, "Just think about what you would miss out on if you chose to say no" He said before walking away.

After that I continued my cleaning. When I was done I found Lady Artemis in her main temple.

"Lady Artemis" I addressed my mistress.

"Zackary have you decided?" Lady Artemis asked after turning to face me.

"Yes, I have" I said still walking up the steps. "What is your decision?" She asked me. "It's now or never" I thought before talking a deep breath to stabilize my heart rate. "I have decided to join you on your eternal hunt"

End Chapter

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