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"Life sucks and then you die." Well whoever said that knew nothing about being a vampire. Your life could suck to the lowest point in history, but if you get bitten by a vampire, you will have a long wait until you die, if you ever die. But by then, you'll be the one doing the life sucking. No matter how bad you don't want to, even if it kills you on the inside, you will drain the life out of humans. Every. Last. Drop.

But life as a vampire wasn't that bad. Hell, who am I kidding? I was in a dark alley, minutes from midnight, doing what I've always been doing, waiting for my prey. This time of night was becoming way too familiar. It was like déjà vu, except the victims had different facial features. The one thing that they all had in common was their emotions; shock, worry, and fear. A fuck-ton of fear.

It was hard, always taking from the innocent, even though most weren't as innocent as they appeared. Usually, I'd target the ones who deserved this, but the past few weeks had been scarce and I had grown thirsty. But in the end, no one deserved to die; good, bad, or somewhere in between. It didn't matter, though, because as humans always say, "Only the strong will survive," and I was amongst the strongest.

My thoughts were broken as the sound of a nearby bus stopping drew my attention. I could hear the doors creak open, and the driver huffing out, "Have a good night."

A younger, more feminine voice mumbled a reply, surprisingly too low for me to comprehend. A pair of heels hit the pavement, and, the bus drove off. I peered around the corner of the grungy alleyway in time to see the bus drive by. My throat flared, the flames licking their way up as the venom pooled in my mouth, causing me to swallow it back. The girl who stepped off the bus was heading in my direction.

Such a stupid, naïve little girl. She couldn't have been over twenty years old. She should know by now not to walk down dark alleys alone, especially at night. All types of monsters could be waiting around for her. I should know; I was one of them.

I inhaled her scent as a dry wind blew her dark, shoulder-length hair my way. Mouthwatering, absolutely lip-smacking. Not wanting to give someone the chance to see my attack, I traveled quickly down the alley, fading into the shadows next to a dirty dumpster. The only sounds were the female's shoes hitting the wet asphalt road, and the water dripping from the cables and air conditioners above. It had rained this afternoon, making every human smell much more delectable. The sounds of her heels grew louder, and the girl moved closer. She smelled so inviting. It was a wonder that I hadn't attacked her yet. Just peeking at her, I could see the faint blue and green veins through her pale complexion.

She stumbled, obviously intoxicated. The smell of alcohol was pouring off of her the moment she stepped off the bus. A slight grimace graced my face as I thought about the amount of alcohol that must be in her blood stream; her blood would be bitter. Any type of tainted blood would be bitter, less delicious than pure, uncontaminated blood. Luckily for me, the smell of the alcohol didn't cover the scent of the hot blood that pumped to and from her rapidly moving heart. I swallowed a mouthful of venom as the girl started to approach the area I was hidden at.

"Shit," she mumbled as she stepped a little hard, breaking the heel of her right pink pump.

She bent over to examine the shoe and as she started to straighten back up, her green eyes connected with my darkened red ones. I felt her fear raise from zero to one-hundred, and, before she could even make any type of noise, my hand was covering her mouth tightly. I could feel her lips crushed between my hard skin and her teeth. I looked at my watch quickly. One minute to midnight.

Fifty nine.

Fifty eight.

Fifty seven.

Taking out a small knife my father gave me back in my human years, I sliced her neck, right at the jugular. My hand tightened over her mouth as she started to make noise. It may seem silly to others as to why I would use a knife when I have razor sharp teeth, but a slice is much easier to understand in a city than a bite mark.


Forty nine.

Forty eight.

Greedily, I sucked at her neck. The slightly bitter blood soothing the fire in my throat, making a slight moan slip out. Usually, I participate in a little blood and sex, but my need for blood overrode my need for sex. I could feel the fear in the girl increase as well as the pain she felt as my venom dripped through the slice, paralyzing her. Her screams and cries were still being muffled by my hand as the blood continued to flow down my throat. I kept my eye on the thin hand of my watch, counting down the seconds until midnight.




I could feel the girl growing weak. I was pretty sure she would have passed out by now, if not for my venom causing her so much pain. I could hear her heart stutter over and over, failing in her chest as it tried to pump the remaining blood.




As the last seconds of the day came to an end, I pulled my lips away from the girl's jugular. I could tell that there was still blood left in her system, maybe a pint or two. I could have easily sucked her dry, but I didn't. I hated feeling overfilled and sloshy. Plus, it was time.

At midnight on the dot, I delivered a blow to the girl's head, hearing her skull crack the second my fist hit it. My victim of the night was dead. Tossing her lifeless body into the dumpster, I wiped the blood off the knife and onto my shirt. Licking my lips, I gathered every last bit of the delicious essence. I quickly shed my slightly bloodied clothes and tossed them into the dumpster. My clothes weren't really messy, but I hated wearing my dinner home. Clad only in my boxers, my cowboy hat, and my boots, I walked over to my previous hiding spot where I had stashed a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans in a small black bag, along with a dollar store lighter, a red rose, and duct tape.

After quickly getting dressed, I put my blood-free knife into my back pocket. Using the duct tape, I attached the red rose to the wall across from the dumpster; the police would find it in the morning. Making sure I wouldn't be harmed by the flame, I played with the thumbwheel of the lighter until the wick ignited, then tossed it into the dumpster. Within seconds, flames thrashed inside, threatening to spill over the sides.

Even the bitterness of the blood hadn't taken away from the pleasure of its consumption. The fluid of life, the humans called it, and for good reason. I felt a rush of exhilaration shoot through my body. There was nothing like a drink from the fountain of life to lift my spirits. I left the scene with a smirk on my face.

The Midnight Romeo has struck again.