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The next time I saw Draco was the day after my little conversation with Tonks. We had Potions and that was always awkward. I was in the middle of cutting Dandelion roots when Blaise turned around to Draco.

„Draco, would you be okay with me picking up your used goods?" He whispered.
Draco sighed. „What do you mean?"

Blaise hesitated for a second. „Well Daphne here" he motioned to the slut that was still sitting next to him. „has been my Potions partner for a couple of months now and she always talks about her sister, Astoria. Astoria Greengrass, you know her right?"
Draco nodded.

„And she wants to set me up with her. You know Astoria's really hot and I would really want to, but I know you two had a fling after the final battle so I wanted to ask you first."

Draco just stared at him blankly.

„So I'm asking you... is it okay with you if I go out with her, pal?" Blaise asked again.

Draco sneered. „Hell yes, I'm not going to marry that woman and have an adorable little Draco Junior with her. I really don't care."
Blaise smiled. „Thanks, man." With those words he turned around again.

Draco and I finished the rest of the potion rather quickly, not speaking a word to each other. I just wanted to get out of that room.

"Hermione?" I then heard Draco ask and turned to him. "Can I talk to you after class?"
I nodded slowly, scared out of my mind. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to have that conversation, I was too scared of it. Maybe I should just pretend to be sick again. I could go up to the infirmary and... then he could visit me. Or I could just go back to the common room... where he lived as well. I didn't have any way out.

Shortly afterward the bell rang and everyone got up. Harry looked at me expectantly, wanting me to follow him, but I just shook my head and nodded towards Draco. I hoped that I didn't look as miserable as I was feeling. Harry nodded understandingly and left, pulling Ron along with him.

Draco and I were the last ones to leave the classroom and then he motioned toward a nearby broom closet. I followed him inside. He closed the door behind us and created an artificial light with his wand.

"So... I've thought a lot about it this last week. Well as a matter of fact the last couple of days I just didn't see you so I couldn't tell you..." He began.

And now he would tell me... now he would tell me what I wanted to hear and dreaded to hear so much at the same time. What I had been waiting for for years. A yes or a no. A decision. Something that would change my life for the better or the worse. This could be the start of an amazing post-Hogwarts life, or it could be the start of all of my nightmares.

"Tonks came to me yesterday and called you a lost puppy that needs to be handled with care." I babbled without thinking. I had promised her not to tell him anything, what was up with me? Was I really distressed enough to rat her out that easily?

"What?" He yelled. "I swear, that woman is going to be the death of me. Can't she chaperon her own child?"

I shrugged a little, feeling even worse than before. "So I'm taking you two are in contact with each other?"

"Yeah, we've talked a couple of times. But anyway." He continued. "I thought a lot about it and I tried to figure out what it was that I was feeling."
"Are you going to spend Christmas at the Grimmauld Place with us?" I interrupted again, more desperately this time. I was so scared of what he was going to say, I just wanted to postpone it a little longer.

"Hermione, will you please shut up? This is hard enough for me as it is and you're not making it any easier." I nodded quickly and shut my mouth tight.

"I have never felt what I felt when we kissed before. And I have kissed a lot of girls in my life. It all confused me so much, and it still does. But I think I know now what it is." He hesitated a little and took my hands into his. "You said you loved me, and... I love you too, Hermione." My heart quit beating for a split-second. I had never thought I'd ever hear those words coming out of his mouth. I had never thought this would feel so unreal, as if it was just a dream from which I could wake up any second.

"It took me so long to realize, I think I was in denial. But now I believe that I've loved you all along. It all became so clear to me now. All this time I insulted and apparently hated you so much, when it was really just the opposite. I just didn't want to admit it. And all the other girls I slept with. But even though I've thought about doing it with you plenty of times, I never did. Not because you weren't desirable to me, but because you had something that none of them had – my respect."
I couldn't help it, tears were rising up in my eyes. What I had waited for for so long was finally happening. I couldn't believe my own ears. Before I knew it I stood on my tiptoes and pressed my lips against his, an explosion just like the other times.

After a little while he pulled back from my kiss. "And yes, Hermione. I would love to spend Christmas with you." He whispered before he pulled me back in and put his lips back on mine.