Story Title: Dancing to a Different Song
Characters: Jo, Zane
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: N/A
Author's Note: Prompt fic, maybe? I don't remember.

It was a familiar dance. Whining about having better things to do was supposed to get him some food 'to shut him up'. Instead, it got him relased. On his way out of the jail, Zane felt like he was stumbling. Either Lupo was adding a new twirl or she was changing the tune completely. For one brief second, Zane was worried that she was leaving the dance floor all together.

In any case, it was disconcerting. And, like all things disconcerting, it was something to keep his eye on.

After a few weeks, Zane realized that the dance was gone. All his life, he had approached every issue as though they were a simple problem to solve. The scienfic method worked on women as much as it worked on physics. Observe, theorize, predict and experiment. Experimentation was the most fun, obviously, but those four steps were the basis of every action and interaction in Zane's life.

Except with Lupo.

With Lupo, it was a dance. Some intricate dance that Zane didn't understand but enjoyed immensely. There was an art to figuring out how to deal with her. He could observe and theorize all he wanted but the result of side-stepping around her was predictable. Every time he experimented with a new way to act around her ended up on the wrong end of a tazer.

But something had changed and now it was impossible to predict what she would do. Where there had been annoyance and anger, there was now expectations and disappointment.

Disappointment. How the hell was he supposed to react to that?

Maybe it was time to up the annoyance factor and see if Lupo would the bait.

Experimenting with Lupo was a bad idea. Hanging out with Zoe hadn't gotten the predicted reaction at all. Zane had expected Lupo to bob and weave and twirl his ass into the closest cell. Instead, she tossed a ring at him and left him reeling.

It was then that Zane realized that his old dance partner was gone. But this new Jo seemed like she could dance just as well. Now if only he could figure out what song she moved to.