when Sonic is strong enough to walk, we take the body of Dr. Eggman to a quiet place. Hopefully nothing will disturb him. He was a good man after all.
He left Sonic a formula. It repaired his legs, made them whole again.
With it was a note:
"For Sonic, because I couldn't lose if you couldn't run."
Sonic understands.
But he doesn't understand why I insisted we bring him here, instead of in one of his factories or something.
"Because," I say, "everybody has their soft side."
He looks at me sideways but only says, "Even evil geniuses, huh? I guess I can dig that."
We bury his body, with me doing most of it because Sonic is still very weak. But as soon as he could stand up he said we had to do it. He said Dr. Eggman didn't deserve to wait.
"Buh-bye, Egghead," says Sonic, with a sardonic wave. "Nice knowin' ya." I give him a dirty look.
"What?" protests Sonic. "I'm supposed to do it. You know he...uh...liked me this way."
"I guess," I say. "Bye, Dr. Eggman. I promise I won't steal any of your ideas."
"No duh," said Sonic. "You already destroyed his factories so nobody could."
"Yes, but he doesn't know that," I say.
"'course he does," says Sonic, pretending to put an arm around my shoulders but actually using me to hold himself up, "he's Dr. Eggman. He knows everything."
I laugh. "So do you," I say.
"Ya got that right, bro," says Sonic, giving me a thumbs up. "Now what do you say we leave Eggman alone and go home. I think he's got some plotting to do, wherever he is now."
"Sounds good," I say. "I've had enough stress for one week."
"It's only been a week?"
"I know," I groan. "It has taken FOREVER."
As we walk home we can see the factory in the distance, still in flames. We hope that what we can't see is burning with it.
I shiver.
"You cold too?" asks Sonic.
"Yeah, " I say, trying to believe that it's true.
But I shiver because I am afraid.