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On Your Tail


Red lights flashed, every button on the controls panel was flashing red and beeping when he touched them, the steering controls weren't responding, Cadet Kogane clenched his jaw, he wasn't going to crash, he wasn't he would figure this out. He hit his altitude control buttons, he tried hitting his thrusters again, nothing was working, he was barreling towards the moon. He tried braking but even they weren't listening to him, something was seriously wrong - this wasn't some test that they'd programed into his ship to test his flying skills, something had truly malfunctioned in his ship and he was going to crash.

He'd already called the may-day out on his radio, that he was having troubles, that his controls had ceased to function but it was more than that. He hadn't gotten any responses from his instructor, or anyone else. Was his radio not working either, was his Galaxy Garrison supervisors unaware of his collision course with the moon?

"This is Cadet Kogane, my ship is unresponsive, I'm on a collision course to the moon, I don't think I can stop it, I..." he felt panic come up in his throat in a wave of unpleasant bile but he swallowed it down. "I'm going to have to eject. Unless you have any ideas?" he through out hopefully.

One more time going through any sequence of tries he could think of to reset his controls, to get his steering back under control, or at least his breaking. But there was nothing, he was still on collision course for the moon and no one was responding to his call.

"Kogane, wait!"

Keith was just about to pull his ejection cord when the voice came over the radio.

"I'm at your two o'clock, you have a fire on your aft-starboard engine, turn it off completely then turn it back on before trying to fire controls - these older systems are dodgy when fires happen. Learnt it the hard way myself."

Keith recognized the voice, it was McClain. The voice on the other end of the radio, who was usually egging him during every flight class, especially when Taylor had them do speed or maneuverability timed races. He'd even call out bets trying to get Keith to bet on himself, so he, McClain could cash in when he won. If he won. They were neck in neck for the top position class. Keith was surprised as hell this guy was helping him out, that it wasn't Sven his best friend and dormmate that had noticed he'd falling out of formation five minutes ago. McClain was about nothing but competition as far as Keith knew. Not that he really knew him at all, he only heard him on the radio, he never saw him on the tarmac, and if he caught a glimpse of him when they landed it was to see legs disappearing around a corner and two or three of the girls in the class, giggling and going. "That Lance." Once it had been two or three girls, around another girl crying. "That damn Lance."

But McClain was saving his ass now, because what he said was so logical that Keith was chastising himself for not thinking about it. He must've been panicking more than he thought. He'd have to work on that, panicking didn't do anyone any good in battle, he told himself, and they were training to fight in war. Maybe it wasn't a war against Earth, yet, but the Galaxy Academy was the Alliance Academy and presently, over half the planets in the Alliance were fighting the oppressive Drule Empire in some shape or form.

Keith flipped the switch turned off his engines for a split second. Then flicked it back on, the control panel in front of him stopped flashing, his steering came back online and he was able to see that he had a fire in that aft forward engine and extinguish it. Keith breathed out a relieved sigh. "Thanks McClain," Keith said, looking out his view port at McClain's ship which was now flying in formation with him.

"Didn't want my biggest competition biting the dust, don't want to be number one by default, Kogane. Want to earn it," came over the radio. "Are you still not getting the transmissions from Taylor?"


Keith looked over his control panel, "I'm getting a lot of error messages, and she's flying really jerky," he said.

"Okay, I'll follow you back down to the tarmac and radio in what's going on, I don't think they heard anything you called in either, why I flew out of formation to check on you," McClain said.

Keith nodded, then remembered McClain couldn't see him. "Will do and thank you."

"Just got yelled at, then I informed them what happened. Hawkins just apologized to me. Do you believe it? That was epic, man, EPIC. Let's get you down before you really do have to eject."

"On your tail," Keith said.


Keith landed, relatively smoothly, though he was sure the landing looked like all his training had flown out the window. Worse, he was positive his real first landing had been better than what just happened, but the steering and breaking just weren't reacting right and it took all his focus to keep the damn ship on the runway, he couldn't make it look like a walk in the park too. No matter what he wished.

He jumped out of the cockpit, just in time to watch another fire burst forth in the aft-port engine. His eyes widened as tech crews jumped into action around him and the large hand of his instructor Taylor hit his shoulder. "Looks like you were flying some bucket of bolts, huh, Kogane. McClain, over here, I want both you to explain exactly what happened in my office as the rest of your classmates fly back in from the Little-Planet-Couldn't-Be."

Pluto, Keith thought, why couldn't anyone just call it Pluto anymore, it still had a name, even if wasn't really a planet. It was a weird pet peeve of his, he knew it bothered him more than it should. Like for instance he was ranting about it now, in his head after having an actual near death experience. He could have died out there, flying that bucket of bolts, but he was worrying about -


Lance McClain met them at Taylor's office door, he got there first in fact, holding his helmet between his hip and his hand, leaning against the door looking like a fashion model for a Galaxy Academy enrollment poster. He was fucking hot, completely totally hot. How had Keith never seen him before, and how did he not know the girls were saying, 'That Lance' because he was most definitely the hottest guy in the school.

And of course straight, because girls were giggling and crying and going 'That Lance.' Keith tried to get his brain working again but he found it really impossible as he took in Lance. Taylor opened the door to his office and walked in.

Lance gave him the universal look of 'Holy shit', and pointed toward Keith's ship, which was still in flames. Which is when Keith noticed he had hazel eyes, some really hypnotizing combination of brown, green and gold that Keith hadn't quite gotten the balance of right before Lance turned away. Then he was looking at a really great ass, in a really nice tight-fitting uniform and thinking that Lance was only about inch or two taller than him, but he was really lanky, so he looked really tall and he was pale and had brown-reddish hair and Keith was definitely in lust. Major Lust.

Which was bad because he was in the office now, and Major Taylor was looking right at him, like he had three heads. "Kogane, Report!" he shouted and Keith had bad bad feeling it wasn't the first time.

"Maybe he's in shock, sir," Lance said next to him. "You okay, Kogane? I told you, his radio was only working on a shortwave frequency, I went after him and I couldn't hear him or him me until was practically on top of him, sir."

Keith scolded himself, kept his attention of his instructor and started to give his report. He was as concise as he could be, factual, and blunt, it was over rather quickly. He tried not to overstate his rescue, but the stupid part of him, the part his Aunt always called his Romantic Daydreamer side was making it into some sort of heroic rescue by a knight in his head which was ridiculous. He was a guy, guys didn't need rescue from knights. Especially him. He rescued, he was training to rescue. He was a rescuer. He totally owed Lance one now and he was going to repay it if it killed him.

Taylor after Keith finished his side of the story didn't look happy, he then nodded. "McClain escort Kogane to the medical bay."

"What!" Keith exclaimed. "I'm fine, I'm fine. I wasn't hurt."

"You were alone in a failing ship, on a collision course to the moon, without communication until McClain showed up. You are being checked out for shock. McClain, don't let him talk you out not escorting him there, and I mean that McClain you skip out on this order you won't get any of the favors that would normally show up for such..."

"Heroic awesomeness? Intelligent thinking? Intelligent heroic awesome thinking?"

Taylor groaned. "Dismissed. I'll be expecting a report from whoever checks you out, Kogane and that he walked in there with you, McClain."

"Yes, sir," they both said before turning around and walking out.

Keith felt completely embarrassed now because he'd not only met the only guy in the GA who gave him any kind of challenge in his classes - besides Sven in martial arts - and he was hot as hell. The guy had already saved his damn ass and now was responsible to take him to medical bay because he might be shock. It was pathetic.

"You do like you might be in shock, you keep listing off into space," Lance said, his hand on Keith's shoulder.

Keith felt heat coil through him and then fall right to his groin. He swallowed. "I'm really fine," he said, praying he wasn't blushing.

"Sure, but you know, I want to find out what happens when a guy actually goes off and saves someone - curiosity you know and I look good in my dress uniform. And if I can make my dad's jaw drop open when I tell him they are given me a medal or an honor or something that would make my life for like a year," Lance was talking a mile a minute, Keith could just stare at his mouth and watch it move and wonder what else it could do. "So, come on... Keith right?"

"Right, yeah, Lance?"

"That's the name," Lance said leading Keith across the tarmac. The rest of their class was landing and Keith glanced over to see if he could pinpoint Sven but he didn't see him anywhere.

"Looking for someone?" Lance asked. "Boyfriend?"

"Uh, no? I don't have one, how do you know I'm gay?"

"Who doesn't know your gay?" Lance asked, shaking his head opening the door that led into the GA building.

"Oh," Keith said and thinking he wasn't really sure how he felt about that. It was kind of weird to think everyone knew and he wasn't getting harassed about it like he used to deal with back home before joining the GA. Tolerance was a big deal to the Alliance however, they were an Alliance after all of over 350 planets of different cultures. More than half of them represented in the hallways of GA. Keith supposed it made sense no one cared, or if anyone did care, they wouldn't be stupid enough to say or do anything about it. It was just he didn't like making a deal out of things and if everyone knew, that felt like a deal. "Really, everyone knows?"

"Well, your number isn't written on the bathroom wall anywhere, but I think there probably only a few freshmen girls with crushes on you that don't know - that's just a guess though. Mostly because there is always a freshman girl somewhere with a crush on an upperclass man. Like for instance, me! I swear just last week, I was in garage, hanging with my pal Hunk while he was fixing up a truck in there for one of the instructors for some extra money. And these freshman girls were in there for a tutorial on basic mechanics and one kept looking over and looking over. Finally, during a break she comes like literally skipping over. It was like she was twelve and asks me I go out with younger women."

Lance paused as he hit an elevator button, Keith found himself staring at his neck. "Did you go out with her?"

"Dude, I'm not sure she's even turned fourteen yet. Hell no. I told her I liked older women, but that she could call me in ten years. I was real charming about it anyway, she putty in my hands. I probably made the crush worse but she went back to her class smiling and I didn't make her cry."

Keith felt relief, okay some of the stories he'd heard about how Lance McClain would do anything female that batted their lashes at him that was at least somewhat pretty were probably exaggerations then.

They stepped onto the elevator. "It was nuts, and I'd just gotten totally yelled at by this girl I went on a few dates with because she wanted more, and I swear I told her I don't date. I always tell them I don't date and they always go, okay fine and then freak out on me. Girls. Anyway, so that night I went to Riff's. Hooked with the hot bartender there, the one with the tattoo of gothic lion on his forearm? Know him?"

Keith's throat went dry and he stumbled for words that didn't show his absolute shock as the guy just babbled out that he bisexual to him. "Uh, yeah, I've ordered a beer or two from him."

"He's good in the sack," Lance said arching one brow as the elevator doors opened on the floor that consisted of Medical Bay. They walked out, Lance pointed to a chair and went over the window where a receptionist was waiting.

"Keith Kogane needs to see someone about possible shock?"

Keith heard him say to the person behind the counter as he sat down. Sure he was in shock, just not from almost dying.