Chapter Eighteen

Keith woke up to sound. It wasn't loud but it was constant. A constant scratching noise that pulled him from sleep, made him lift his head from where he was comfortably snuggled in against Lance's shoulder to seek it out. He couldn't see a thing at first, his eyes were half closed, he had to blink and focus. The sound was further away than he thought but close, in the room. He didn't want to move more, he might wake up Lance. The room only had a beam of weak sunlight coming in through the window, it had to be early, too early to get up on a Sunday morning.

Scratch, scratch... Keith sighed, he had to know, he lifted his head up more. Lance made a sleepy noise of dissatisfaction, the arm that was around Keith's waist tightened. Keith couldn't stop the smile, Keith couldn't help but think he'd never thought he'd be such a snuggly sleeper. He was such a loner, he liked his space so much in life. But he never felt he was close enough to Lance. Ever. He was smiling rather widely when his eyes found the source of the soft scratching.

Pidge, with colored chalk, standing on Hunk's empty bed drawing on the wall beside the bed. Drawing what looked to be The Starry Night by Van Gogh. Keith stared at the sight for a good five minutes, trying to process it, as he watched the young genius in barely any light continue to manipulate chalk against a wall to recreate a masterpiece on a wall that was in a completely different scale than the painting.

A second before he was about to drop back down to remain awed burrowed against Lance's skin, Pidge turned to him and grinned a toothy boyish grin. "Morning!"

Keith nodded not quite capable of speech. Lance moved underneath him, mumbling in a low grumble. "Pidge it is not morning yet."

"Sun is up."

Lance rose up a bit, his gaze latching onto Keith's with a second with a cocky smirk that spoke of their late night activities. "The clock says it is not even six am that is not... is that Van Gogh?"

"Yep," Pidge said as he kept going.

Lance stared at the wall. "Uh, Pidge...we're supposed to leave this place as we found it, remember?"

Pidge stopped mid-action, when he turned this time Keith felt as if the room had dropped a few thousand degrees, he felt actual fear and it startled him more than anything. Pidge was precocious, he was unsettling and he was cute. He wasn't supposed to be fearsome.

"We aren't moving," Pidge gritted out through clenched teeth, glaring at Lance before he turned back to his work of wall art.

Lance slumped back down onto the bed, the hand that wasn't around Keith's waist rose up and covered his eyes. Keith followed him back down onto the bed, silent but awake. He didn't know what to say to that. In fact he wanted to agree with Pidge. He wanted to move in here and keep Lance here.

Keep them all here. Because what happened if they moved was...

"Not you too," Lance whispered and Keith moved his eyes from looking at Lance's stubbly jaw line to his eyes and saw the resigned expression there.

Keith shook his head. "Is wrong to want you to keep this?" he moved his hands around to encompass the room and beyond - the whole house, Hunk, his family, Pidge. He cut his eyes to the kid, creating away.

Lance let out a frustrated sound, closed his eyes, his arm tightening around Keith. "Have to face reality, baby..." he said, his voice low so Pidge wouldn't hear. "I don't want to hurt the kid, I'll prove to him that where I sleep means nothing about how I..." Lance's voice broke a bit. "think about him, you know? Him or Hunk, but it's... I'm going end up with Griffin's... I'm sorry about that? I know you don't like trust me, right?" his green-brown eyes met Keith's dark blue.

"Of course," Keith said, but his heart was hammering. He leaned forward, forgetting Pidge was in the room, kissing Lance's jawline. Enjoying the drag of his tongue across the stubble. "It's him I don't trust. I see the way he looks at you," he whispered out between kisses.

"He doesn't do this..." Lance moved Keith's hand to his cock, half-hard and growing under Keith's touch under the covers " me, baby...God, Keith," he groaned, loud, much to loud forgetting their company.

There was a cough. Keith felt his body temperature flare up to over hundred degrees, well over, Lance already had him that high...What the hell had he started with a kid in the room? There was a second cough...

"I think the chalk dust is starting to get to me...going to go get fresh air..." Pidge said, they heard the door open but it didn't close right away. "Uh... should I warn Hunk?"

Lance laughed, burying his face into Keith's shoulder, into his hair mostly in truth. "Yeah, Squirt, warn Hunk about the chalk dust, will ya?"

"Right, right..." the door closed.

"He's almost got that down...somewhat, at least this time he didn't say coitus."

Keith kept his eyes shut, let his forehead find Lance's and willed himself to forget Pidge and focus on all the perfect naked skin covering perfect naked muscle that was in his arms. When he opened his eyes, he found Lance smiling at him that damn knowing grin and Lance's hand moved to the hand that was still on Lance's penis. Urging Keith with the slightest of pressure to move his palm.

"Kiss me, Keith," he ordered.

Keith obeyed.


Hunk sat with his parents in the kitchen, frowning as he went over bank statements with them... Finding out how long they could keep house with his brother and Katie's rent money was turning out to be even a worse conversation than he'd thought it be.

"Tsuyoshi, I'm sorry we wish we could help you out more, but this place just is too expensive for just the three of you. If we lived closer we'd take you all in ourselves... if you and Lance wouldn't feel too uncool to move in with parents."

Hunk shook his head. "Dad, nah... you wouldn't cramp our styles. Well...maybe Lance's a bit...but then again he's pretty settled down now."

Sora Garrett smiled. "I like that Keith Kogane boy, he looks like he'll be good for Lance...unlike others have been," she frowned. "Where is he thinking of going?"

Hunk frowned, he didn't want to tell them. "He doesn't have a lot of options."

Callen slammed a fist down on the table. "Well, I ain't done talking to the Academy officials. This ban on him and the dorms was an unfair punishment in the first place. He needs a safe place to be. If we must we'll bring up actions!"

"Callen, we can't bring up any real actions on Lance's behalf..." Sora calmly reminded him, her hand on his arm, calming her husband.

"Damn it that boy is as much part of our family as... all our other boys. He just looks more irish like me... Bet he knows a few people who could make up a fake adoption..."



Hunk was part taken aback, and impressed by his father's passion. His mother looked take aback and a bit disappointed in her husband however. "Breaking the law is not going to help anything, besides he over the legal age and has been since we met him. Maybe we should try contacting his mother again..."

"Fat lot of good that would do, she's not strong like you Sora. Not that I think her husband would listen if she told him he's an asshole homophobic douchebag."


Sora just shook her head that time.

Hunk drank his orange juice thinking his dad's temper had at least gotten them way off subject and they were off the subject of where Lance was going to go when they had to give up the house... Sooner than expected after the wedding. Hunk had no idea how he was going to tell Pidge, he'd have to do it with Lance. They were both were responsible for the kid, he frowned putting down his glass, feeling for once in his life the glass was half empty. He was supposed to be the glass half full kind of guy.

"Hunk, you didn't tell us," Callen said. "Where is he going?"

Hunk looked up, met his parent's faces, and damn it he didn't want to answer.

"Griffin's," Pidge said, walking into the kitchen, grabbing himself a lemonade from the fridge and then sitting next to Sora. "He's going to that weird guy Griffin's place. It's his only viable offer, he and Keith were just discussing it. They thought I couldn't hear, but I can hear better than Terrans, people never remember or haven't bothered to learn that."

Callen and Sora shared a look that Hunk could only call worried. Pidge worried him more though, he sounded kind of distant and weird as he gave the facts about where Lance was planning to go. The status quo had been barking that nothing was going to change, that they'd be here forever and huge denial that he planned to keep... Hunk didn't like the idea of any admittance he knew what was up in this weird way.

"You okay Pidge?"

"I was in the middle of something but I had to leave the bedroom...and they were talking about Lance leaving here. No."

Hunk looked at his mom, he didn't know what to do in the face of well, the truth.

"Did they ask you to leave?"

"They started coitus forgetting I was there - they're what I believe is called lovestruck or something like that. Only seeing each other. I decided leaving was the best action."

Hunk turned red.

Sora and Callen Garrett laughed.

Pidge frowned. "Why do people laugh when I say coitus?" he asked Hunk.


Amelia almost closed her door the second she opened it. "You should be here, what if Sven sees you, he lives on this floor!"

"Sven is in a class right now, Amelia...don't you know your lover's schedule?" Fargate said, roughly pushing past her and walking into her dorm room. He glanced around it, then saw down on her bed, patted the spot next to him. "Come on over. Let's talk."

Amelia shut the door and locked it, her heart pounding, her stomach churning, she felt as if she could throw up any second in truth. She crossed her arms over her chest, stepped backward so she was against her doorway and stared him down. "What do you want?"


"I don't have any."

"You. Don't. Have. Any?" Fargate repeated slowly after a long pause. "You. Don't. Have. Any?" he asked again. "What the fuck am I blackmailing you for then, Amelia?"

"I just started seeing Sven. I spent one day with the three of them. Sven barely knows Lance. I don't..." she felt like the room was spinning, what had he expected her to get for him so fast.

Fargate wasn't on her bed anymore, he was at the door, his hand on her throat, shoving her against the door. His other grabbing and taking her arms, easily pinning them over her head. "Get me dirt on McClain. I don't care how innocuous you think it is. Anything. I want his schedule. I want the names of his exes. I want to know when he goes to the bathroom. When he goes to bed. I want to know if he sneaks into this dorm again to be with Kogane... The Poster Boy for our class by the way - Garrison would hate to know that McClain was sullying him don't you think?"

She couldn't breathe, she couldn't single him with anything but her damn body. She wanted to kill him but she couldn't because there was that bitch Stella, as evil and cruel as him. She kicked out with her legs, tried to knee him.

Fargate let go of her, laughing. "Come on Amelia, don't push me, or that vid of you all pretty, naked and slutty goes viral, remember. Do you understand?"

She nodded.

"Say it, Amie, sweetie..." he laughed.

Amelia nearly dry heaved... he'd called her that in highschool, the ass. "Fine, damn it Fargate. I understand. You want to know if he gets a damn pimple."

He touched her cheek then, caressing it. "That's my good girl." He kissed her cheek, unlocked the door and left. "I'll be back next Monday. That gives you a week...better have a hell of a lot of intel."