This is based on the Fright Night of 2011 remake but with inspiration from the original. I enjoyed the movies surprisingly just the same. Hopefully you enjoy this story and if you don't then that's fine too. It's all good. - Stranger

F -Taste of Fresh Blood -N

"You know that dude is a vampire right?" Ed told Charley who wasn't even paying him any attention while he stared only at Amy's ass as she walked away from their house right when Jerry the next door neighbor was pulling up into his driveway.

"Hey Charley! Him right there, entering his driveway and then stepping out of the car and into his dark fucking cavern so he can suck more blood from innocent victims, Amy probably going to be one of them if you don't answer me this fucking second!" He tried shaking Charley to snap out of whatever it was he was occupied with and it was obvious.

"Stop bugging me Ed, just," Charley sighed desperately, "and leave me alone and go home. You are clearly high on something." Charley finally gave him the attention his ex friend was dying to get once Amy took off down the dark neighborhood in her sports car after blowing him a kiss. Charley again shooed Ed away before turning to enter his own home. He couldn't even think of any reason why Ed was there…at his house…to begin with. He couldn't think of anything more annoying. Why was he ever friends with him?

'I'm telling you Charley, that man" Evil Ed pointed noticeably over to Jerry who was eating a bright green apple before stepping out of his car and waving formally towards them, "your neighbor is a fucking vampire."

"Really, Ed, let's ask him. Hey Jerry?" Charley called out his supposedly blood humping vampire neighbor who was just about to enter his house.

"Yes Charley." Jerry smiled smoothly and almost leaped from the door and over to the two standing stupidly in their driveway like he was excited that Charley just might give him access into his house and for some reason only Ed found that highly creepy.

"Hey I'm trying to get my friend here," he paused "well not really a friend, but he thinks you're a vampire. Can you tell him that you aren't so he can sleep at night?" Charley laughed mockingly.

"Ed." Jerry smirked calmly. "A vampire? That's heavy. But sorry to disappoint. I'm not." Jerry then gave him a demonic smile.

"See Charley how in the shit did he know my name!" Ed backed away skittishly behind Charley who only wanted to go inside and fall upon his bed covers and close his damn eyes.

"Because I just said it." Charley answered and rolled his eyes tiredly before apologizing to Jerry for his friend being a complete spaz and dumb fuck.

"It's perfectly okay Ed. Vampires are ah…common topic. I suppose." Jerry nodded coolly and then offered them both a goodnight before taking off into his oddly dark home.

"See Ed, good fucking night." Charley assured.

Ed got into his face before taking a second glance over at Jerry's front door. "I'm sorry I disturbed you while you were engaged looking at your girlfriends ass cheeks for the fifth time this week but let's not kid ourselves, there are more important things that we need to look out for. I will prove to you he is a vampire and then you're going to believe me and then…"

Charley was already in the house, slamming the door on Ed's face before he ended up hearing more of something crazy. He waited awhile until he heard no more of Ed complaining and peeked out the front window to the house watching Ed sprint off down the road towards his home like someone was going to chase him any second now. Charley sighed and shook his head. "Crazy Ed."

He then entered the living room where his mother was sitting on a couch reading a book.

"Hey mom." He said lightly letting her know that he was home before taking off up the stairs towards his room.

"Hello Charley, goodnight Charley." Jane shouted and then followed by his door closing shut.

She just shrugged not knowing what type of mood her son was in this time.

Charley flopped onto what seemed like a glorious bed at the moment before closing his eyes. This is exactly what he needed he thought.

Time ticked.

The moon was already high in the midnight blue sky and normally the neighborhood was quiet during this time but for some reason this night was an exception. Charley woke up abruptly as he heard screaming coming from outside. He rubbed his eyes awake when he hopped out from the bed and looked out his bedroom window. "What the fuck?" he quietly whispered seeing a teenaged girl limping her way down his sidewalk as she screamed for help. It was more like a deadly screech as she cried and pierced her way through the dead neighborhood. She looked as if she had been attacked. No one responded, all lights in the homes still remained off and Charley didn't know what to do or even what was happening. It was a full moon and people did act crazy at times but this was…unusual.

He couldn't figure out what she was running from because from the look of it no one was chasing her. The block was dead quiet. He thought to himself whether to go down there and help her or just stay put like all the other people in the neighborhood seemed to be doing as they ignored her pleads for help.

Another cry and Charley booked it from his room and down the hall towards his mother's room. He knocked on it first even though it wasn't worth it because he busted in seconds later before caring about a reply. "Mom, call the police, there's a girl running around the block! I think she might be in trouble…" He was talking to himself. His mother wasn't in her room. "It can't be that early." he said to himself wondering why his mother wasn't asleep yet. He went over to the alarm clock on his mother's night stand and the time read exactly twelve o clock. Something didn't seem right to him and he ran down the stairs. Maybe she fell asleep on the couch. For some reason he was in a panic. All this talk about vampires and the screaming girl suddenly wasn't putting his mind to rest. This was obviously some serious shit.

He stopped himself right before entering the living room where he heard the static of the TV while the radio was on quite low but still somehow was heard over the TV channel.

"He's a good man, in a bad time…" The radio was playing something quite upbeat and classic rock and Charley blinked a few times before peeking inside the room. He took a deep thankful breath when he saw that his mom was actually passed out down stairs with a cup of wine in her hand and on her lap the remote. This calmed him a bit and he moved closer to her and spoke lowly to wake her up. "Mom?" He said. He attempted to shake her. She still didn't wake. He shook her rougher and the glass of wine fell from her limp hand and splattered all over the carpet floor. Charley backed away and his eyes widened in shock when he realized that his mother just wasn't going to awaken. Now everything seemed off balanced and too eerie for his liking. He shouted his moms name again but she still didn't respond.

A small tear fell from his eye when he scanned over two black holes on her pale neck. They looked like bite marks from a….He didn't want to admit it but a vampire. Ed was fucking right? He questioned on the verge of tears while not fully understanding what was going on. His mind started to race in the same rhythm as his heart was starting to beat. Silence was gathering until he heard one last final scream from the girl outside and this time it sounded as if someone actually found her. He ran over to the phone and dialed 911 and typically when something bad was happening, no one picked up. He snatched a knife from the kitchen drawer and ran towards the front door and opened it ready to save a life, even though he had no clue what the hell he was doing but he decided he needed to do something. He didn't see it coming but then hit something hard and fell back onto the floor of his house while the door was left swinging open.

He hit the back of his head hard and his vision went blurring. He hissed at the pain and tried to focus his spinning aching mind on what was approaching him. He heard loud heavy footsteps meeting the hard ware flooring of his house. "Charley, it isn't nice to run into a man and not say sorry."

He knew that voice, it was dark and oddly relaxed. He was coming towards him. The man bent over Charley who couldn't help himself up from the ground and Jerry smiled with teeth so sharp upon him. "How's your mother Charley?"

The boy flinched when Jerry reached out his cold hand and ran it through his short hair. Charley couldn't breath or talk and the vampire, his neighbor smiled sweetly but threateningly at him. "Listen to me carefully Charley, I am going to drain you of your life, if." He scraped a long finger nail down the side of Charley's cheek making the boy shiver in fright. "You willingly let me get some of that fresh blood of yours. What do you say…you up for that... guy?"

Jerry exposed his full growing vampire teeth before taking a chunk of neck from Charley.

Charley threw off his covers from his bed and almost pissed the bed himself until he realized it was morning, the sun was up and just a dream. He promised himself to kill Ed, if he kept talking about all that twilight vampire shit. It wasn't fucking with his head until now.

"Charley you are going to be late for school again if you don't hurry your little behind up. Amy is outside waiting for you!" His mother shouted up the stairs and he has never been so relieved to hear his mother's voice and school in the same sentence. He hurried and threw on some old clothes, snatched up his bags and left the room.

"Took you long enough." His girlfriend winked at him before he hopped into the front seat still looking timid from the nightmare.

"Sorry, couldn't find my…math book…yea." It was a lame excuse but an excuse that would have to work for now.

"Wow you don't look like you slept at all." Amy asked with concern, only a girlfriend would have towards her man and noone else.

"Yea, well I kinda stayed up all night working on homework." Charley refused to look over at his neighbors house still being a bit skeptical.

"Oh okay, sounds like you." she smiled before kissing him and then taking off.

An apple core was tossed gently to the floor of his house and Jerry walked away from the window as he watched Charley and his girlfriend Amy go down the road.