F-Taste of Fresh Blood-N


"Shit!" Ed hissed while trying to stop the throbbing pain of the wolf scratch. It didn't look good. It looked like one of those mutated zombies in resident evil.

He had left outside for fresh air because he felt a fever coming onto him. Heavy migraines, nervous breathing, stomach churning, he knew it had something to do with it but it itched as much as it hurt and he couldn't keep from dragging his nails over and over again at the open marks. Evil was glad no one noticed, one reason he told Charley to leave him alone in the first place, even though it was mostly his stupid girlfriends fault. He especially didn't want Charley seeing him like this. It would scare him if he found out. He knew he couldn't hide it forever though. The slayer on the other hand already seemed to know something was up.

The boy closed his eyes trying to breathe the pain away but jumped up feet from him when he heard Jerry's dark voice. "You should get that looked at."

"What the fuck Jerry!" Ed hid his cut anxiously. "Jesus Christ! Would you not do that? You scared the shit out of me!" He felt his heart pounding with difficulty. He fucking hated that shit. Jerry only seemed to do that to him, always coming from nowhere and hoping the boy would piss his pants just so that it gave him something to do just because it worked everytime.

The man had no apologies. Jerry thickly scanned Ed as he surrounded the boy in circles. He nodded, liking what he was looking at. Little did Ed know the sound of his heart pumping like wild was driving Jerry mad inside. Ed frowned noticing the man had a much more obnoxious horrible evil look in him than what he was already used too. Then the vampire chuckled cold-bloodedly, his hands at his hips and taking steady slow steps like a stalker. Or a killer. "You've been marked by a wolf. That's not okay with me guy."

"I'm fine and it's none of your business." Ed reacted like it was none of his fucking business at all and walked down to another set of stairs sitting down. He thought Jerry was just there because he wanted to be there. To bother him and be mean like he usually is to everyone especially when he's bored. Like always saying something cruel and harshly unnecessary while smirking about it with the enjoyment of fucking with their minds and scaring the skin off of them. Evil didn't suspect at all that he was there for a morning snack.

Jerry unmannerly followed him down the steps looking around incase someone was a witness. "What are you going to tell them Ed when you try to kill everyone close to you. When you eat their hearts out?"

"Go away. I can take care of myself." The teen was now wiping tears away feeling even more scared about the situation. He really didn't want to be a werewolf.

"Tell me Ed." the vampire sadistically demanded. "What are you going to do?"

"Just go. I can take care of it." Evil stood up again and started walking away.

Jerry insisted in being forceful. "When you turn, you won't have the ability to take care of yourself. Do you understand that? The dog inside you will take care of everything." He appeared in front of the boy now pushing him back until Ed landed his butt on the steps. "I should kill you now. Make all your suffering go away." The vampire seemed more violent and foul-mouthed than usual and Ed turned frightened by his behavior.

"What's wrong with you?" He actually asked seeming a little worried.

"I'm just a bit hungry. That is all." Jerry crept alot closer. If Ed were a fangirl he would have definitly been like "Oh! my GOOOOsssssh!jErry have at me. I'm all yourz!" But he wasn't.

"Oh shit." Ed got back to his feet after seeing that look in his eye. They were as threatening as evil could be. "Jerry, how long ago was it that you had human blood?" the boy asked backing away knowing what the man was after.

The vampire laughed then got serious while staring the kid down. "A very long time ago. Just be cooperative. I promise I won't hurt you that much." He grinned when the kid almost fell backwards while backing up. "I know you want this Evil. Youve always wanted it. How could you be in a place like this when I can welcome you into a place even better." He smirked with conniving prose. "It's a gift. To you."

Ed thought it best to run when the jaws of death appeared, and the eyes of hell turned ravenous. He was breathing hysterically as he bolted towards the church. Jerry leisurely went after him. Evil tripping clumsily all over the place finally almost had the handles to the entrance but felt a hand violently clinch around his mouth and screaming under the reckless claw he was captured and snatched from the holy church.

"Didn't I say we should just kill him, but no you wanted him alive and for what! So that he can keep making us look bad? Well I'm sick of him. We were fucking noobs out there!" Nathaniel was before Gabriel angry and ranting on about Jerry. "Fuck!" The blonde haired vampire kept pacing, blue veins showing in his strained neck. He balled his fists up tightly and growled stomping like a child pulling a tantrum. "I can't believe him. Did you know he killed every single one of our men, including Prometheus' men? Most simultaneously."

When he discovered his boss wasn't really listening he got even more aggravated. His eyes burning. "Hey are you listening to me?" He slammed the desk top. "Why didn't you tell me he was more than just a vampire?"

"I did tell you." Gabriel responded with a cool composure while looking at the boy's blood that Nathaniel had brought back in the glass tube. The red eyed demon seemed quite infatuated with it. He was relaxed sitting back in his chair looking at the visible cells in the boys blood as he caressed the tube with his fingers. "But like usual you only see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear Nathan. Your problem becomes obselete."

"Fuck you!" The blonde pulled out a cigarette from his inside jacket and popped it inside his mouth and with furrowed brows he lit it up. Then continued to rant. "and that is not true, you told me his breed had wolf blood. Not full wolf blood. When we fought them, they turned into wolves, not werewolves! There's a difference. Where does Jerry come off all special and shit?"

"They don't have full wolf blood. Just Jerry." The white haired vampire corrected.

"If you loved me you wouldn't have lied to me about Jerry. All this time, and I don't even know anything? This is pathetic. What else is a lie?"

"Nothing because I didn't lie, you never asked. Nathaniel I will always love you and Jerry equally. I haven't told you everything and I would ask for your forgiveness but it was for your own good." Gabriel confessed as he elegantly strolled from his seat over to Nathaniel positioning before him. "How could you possibly understand or want too?" He began to straighten the younger vampires jacket and Nathaniel fussily shoved his hands away which left Gabriel with an amused grin.

"Yea I do understand. Jerry has the power to make vampires look like silly halloween creatures and wolves look like house pets. Damn right you didn't tell me everything." Nathaniel folded his arms staring off, clearly upset as much as envious. "I hate him."

"Why are you stuck in the past? Listen to yourself." He approached again with charming refinement. "If I told you more about him, you would have just got angry and as vampires we must control ourselves. You're not very good at that sweetheart." He cupped the blondes cheek. "Especially in a world among humans. You never were."

"Fuck the humans and angry? I'm fucking pissed." Nathaniel tried shaking his hand off again but the boss chuckled and had his way, letting him know who the one incharge was.

Gabriel slipped soothly behind Nathaniel and wrapped his arms around him, his cold breath and lips meeting against the lobe of his ear. "Why must you be so infuriated all the time? Didn't I promise you everything?"

Nathaniel hid his anger under his breath. "Prometheus makes me look bad, you make me look bad and Jerry is making everybody look bad! So tell me cuz I need to know."

"We wiped out his breed in fear of them becoming something like Jerry not because they were the most powerful. I had a concern in fear that they would be a threat to us someday. But we were successful, we remain now in prevail."

"What is he then? Explain that to me. What makes him so fucking special?" Asking about it only made him more livid but he needed to know. He was processing his inner strength, to calm his emotional state.

He relaxed as the eternal beauty whispered. "You already know."

"No I don't think I do. Apparently I don't know anything. I didn't know you were keeping secrets from me. I didnt know my used to be best friend was a fucking werewolf, I also didn't know that Charley's blood helps Jerry significantly more than it will help us. How should I relax?"

"Jerry's problems shouldn't concern you." Nathaniel inhaled the sudden pleasure as Gabriel's tongue flicked his ear. He closed his eyes while his master molested his skin, feeling the power of his boss as he flooded his outer pulses. "You don't have to believe it, you just have to come and understand the reason behind why he's this way."

"I don't know and I don't care anymore." Nathaniel said after he felt Gabriel free him of his touch. Once he did the blonde ran fingers through his hair before he snatched his keys and phone from the desk shoving them into his coat pocket and headed straight towards the door. "Incase you happen to be concerned with where I'm heading, I'm going to go find Jerry and I'm going to kill him. I might talk to him first, you know we can go over the good times we shared together and then I'm going to kill him. Something you should have done the minute you knew what he was and something I should have done a long time ago." He gripped the handle to the door. "Later."

Gabriel popped a grape in his seamless mouth that he took from a platter of fruit. "Are you jealous?"

It stopped Nathaniel from going anywhere and he grunted like a teenager being forced to wake up ontime for school, before turning back towards his boss. "Jealous?"

"I can understand why you would want Jerry dead so bad, Jerry isn't yours anymore and it pains you to know that."

"First of all he was ours, and I never had him." Nathaniel explained like he was being tormented.

"You miss him." Gabriel stated.

"No I don't." The blonde glared at Gabriel hate rising quickly. "I want him fucking dead. I want his head on a fucking plate and the rest of his body fed to the fucking wolves. Then once we've taken everything we need from that little brat of his, I will take the kids body to the ocean where the fish can have at him. I don't care if Jerry has feelings, I have feelings too, I get angry. I get emotional when I'm mad. What's the difference between him and I huh?"

"There's a difference between human emotion and animal emotion. Vampires and wolves have many talents and powers, but we don't have the power of emotion like humans, we only can create an illusion of that. Sometimes human emotion can be the strongest power of all."

Nathaniel was struggling to keep sane as his red eyed boss continued to lecture him while also being annoyingly pleasant about everything. He groaned as he sat down on the dark brown leather couch centered before the desk in the large office, willing but unwilling to listen.

"Jerry has some human in him. He always has." Gabriel continued now that he had Nathaniel's attention. "I'm surprised you didn't realize it."

Nathaniel looked surprised that he didn't either. How could he go on for years without knowing. Or understanding the way Jerry was. Maybe he was just blind to it. Or he knew but didn't want to believe it.

Gabriel recognized the look in the eyes. They were uncomfortable.

Vampires were creatures who took over a human vessel from inside possesing the body, meaning there is nothing humanly left of that once victim, beside the physical image, this is why they must feed, because they can't replenish being undead, so they need to stay mobilized somehow and blood is their life energy. "Did you ever wonder why Jerry hardly ever turns his victims? Did you ever think why the reason he kills them and feeds on them instead is because he doesn't have the necessary means to replenish his body like normal vampires can? We can live off a cup of blood for a couple of hours. His body can't store his intake properly, theres too much in him that keeps taking and taking the blood he consumes everyday and it leaves him with nothing. So instead of breeding, he stores humans, animals, anything he can that has blood or flesh in order to survive. He needs blood consistently and constantly or else he can't live."

Nathaniel nodded a bit in acceptance. "When you found him, what did you see?" He asked with quietness behind his toungue, while standing back up. This was too much to take in all at once. Living for as long as he has and finding something out like that after so many soulless years on earth, would make a quick death seem necessary.

"When I found him, he had two punctures from the original taker. Then there was a third one, the puncture on his neck was not of two fangs but of one. Vampires that use one fang usually are limited in power, born defected, impairments that reduce the function of the body. The vampire that took Jerry didn't take enough blood from him. That's why he is what he is."

"Bitten twice in one day? Didn't think it was possible to survive."

"That's why he's special. He was bitten twice at the same time, he was caught in a fight between two different species, which affected his blood flow as the two venoms passed in his veins stopping him from becoming just one of them. Hybrid should be the next best thing to call him but he didn't end up a hybrid because the venoms didn't mix. The nutrients and oxygen he gets from his victims blood, he needs enough to feed the wolf, the bat, and the human."

"How has he been surviving like that?" Nathaniel asked.

Gabriel sat back at his desk. "Alot of blood. This is one reason he sought out Charley. When he knew the kid would have the blood that can be reproduced, knowing he wouldn't have to bite again to survive, he wanted it. Bad."

The blonde looked confused. He couldn't understand why he would sacrifice Charley's blood and rather protect him instead. "So let me get this straight, first, Jerry is a vampire turned by two strong breeds, in this case one of those breeds can also turn into a werewolf, a vampires weakness. Second he's also partially human, the most dangerous animal there is. Third, he lives off both human nature and animal instinct and we know it best it is in his nature to survive. Last, he has Charley to live for, with love and hatred on his side, which are the strongest emotions a human can have. Jerry's never had anything to live for until now. Where's our upperhand? Are we going to find a way to stop him or are we going to stand here like we've already lost."

Gabriel smiled. "He will always be ruthless. He will always be evil. And as long as Charley is around he will always be strong. That's a promise he's made to himself. But if you can bleed, you can die. Once Charley is ours he would have nothing to live for anymore. I'm not worried, neither should you...Strong men can go down. Easily. Cheers." The white haired demon lifted the tube to his lips and drank the bright blood of the boy.

Nathaniel watched eyes wide and intrigued. He tensed with fascination as every drop of the special blood entered into his masters body.

The demon shot open his piercing red eyes after swallowing it all. He let off a breath of fullfillment. "I feel it." He laid the tube on the desk and watched as his skin turned less pale and more like normal human skin.

"What do you feel?" The blonde was widely curious. He needed to know that this kid was worth all this chasing. But he couldn't deny that it was worth it all, seeing the roots of his masters hair turning from white to black.

"It's spreading fast." Gabriel held out his hand. "Let's give it a test." Nathaniel knew what he wanted and pulled a dagger from his side, leaned over the desk placing it his his hand. Gabriel curled his fingers around the handle and brought the blade to his heart.

Nathaniel blinked in worrisome as he watched the older vampire stab the dagger thick into his own heart and pulled it out quickly. He hissed from pain, he went paler for a second but then his face turned back to his normal pasty color as did the rest of his body. His eyes went back to red. His hair back to winter white. He laughed with wicked beauty as his wound sealed up the moment he touched it.

"It works." Nathaniel was surprised.

"But it's just a sample." Gabriel was glaring with a grin at his blood as it dripped from the blade onto his desk staining the papers upon it. He then handed Nathaniel back his dagger. "It won't last long. I need the boy tomorrow at dawn. We need all of his blood rejuvenated and reproduced immediately." He hopped up from his seat.

The blonde vampire wiped the red blade on his shirt. "And the war?"

"When the sun sets tomorrow it will start. We will meet at the fort. Make sure you bring Charley. You have my orders, leave Jerry alive." Gabriel then left the dark room.

"Bring Charley, leave Jerry to me." Nathaniel mocked his master using a whiny voice. He then sighed exasperated while leaning on the desk not necessarily up for the task. Wasn't ready for it was more like it. He was twirling his knife around as he concentrated intently on his own feelings and his deep desire to want Jerry and Charley dead and gone. The sound of the blade was cutting through the air as was the ticking clock, second after second and he looked like he was waiting for something. Then he caught the knife still by the handle, when his eyes picked up the now empty tube. "Hmm." He reached over and swiped it up looking at it for awhile.

The villianous man smirked before crushing the glass in his hand. "Let the games begin then Jerry."


The kid was tossed down the stairs and rolling to a stopping point Ed tried up and running again but ended up hopping on one leg because his other leg was injured for hitting the zigzaggy steps in an awkward way. "Jerry, please!" he begged as he limped. "We can work this out."

The vampire looking quite pleased that he finally got to eat something good instead of stupid animal which hardly supported his system at all, jumped ontop of the boy and they both toppled to the hard ground. Ed seen nothing scarier than a viscious mouth as big as a human skull open, ready to take and ready to eat...but the boy also knew there was nothing scarier to vampires than Jesus Christ himself.

The vampire before biting into him, screeched in disgust and fear and flew back, when a wooden cross was shoved into his face. "Back off!" Ed in a flash got back up on his feet, cross flaunted at the demon while it was shaking in his spazzy grip. He had pulled a stake out too, just incase. He had lost his glasses somewhere while tumbling down the steps and the side of his face was bleeding but not enough to skip school over. "Stay back Jerry! What the hell is wrong with you? I know you're better than this."

Jerry held up his hands after rubbing his nose from getting smacked in the face from the cross. "Okay I'm sorry. Put the cross down." he pointed to the ground.

"No, I'm on to you, why are you trying to eat me!?" Ed yelled. "That's fucked up."

The vampire was playing innocent. "It's what I do. I'm sorry."

Ed noticed he was trying to take closer steps forward but held the cross firmer and Jerry flinched away with a tiny hiss that almost sounded like a baby cat meowing. "Don't come near me." Ed warned again. "Put the jaws down and the claws away."

Jerry figured acting like a cute little fur ball wasn't going to work, "Ed I said I was sorry. Okay, I'm finished. K. See." Jerry said backing up hoping maybe the kid would find it comforting. "There. I'm sorry. Your shoe is untied by the way." He was actually being serious.

"I'm not falling for that shit!" Evil yelled like a paranoid lunatic. "Help! Somebody help!... Stay back asshole."

Jerry sighed dropping his hands at his sides. "It's really untied. That's why you didn't get far. Because you kept tripping over yourself." This time he was just flat out annoyed.

"If youre tricking me I swear..." The vampire seemed trustworthy enough to atleast take a quick peek away from him for just a second. Evil looked and yes his right shoe was untied. "Oh shit it is." He shrugged with innocent surprise.

The man stared amazed that the kid was stupid enough to put down his stake and cross just to tie his shoe. Then he realized the kid wasn't worth his time, or effort. "Really Ed?"

"Shit." Ed noticed he had dropped his guard and hurried to grab his weapons again but Jerry was already within his range.

"Let me see it." The vampire softly spoke talkng about the wound putting all hunger aside.

Evil still was not certain about everything. He swallowed heavily, ready to strike if the demon did anything. Jerry just watched composed as the kid was still unconvinced, then nodded gently letting him know that he was safe around him now and that he wasn't going to hurt him. The boy tensed down, and eventually found some trust and slowly lifted his shirt for the vampire to see where he was marked. Jerry sighed scanning the infected skin. He touched it and the boy cried a tiny ouch while shoving his shirt back down. "It's bad. You should have told me earlier." The vampire replied shallowly.

"I didn't know you would care." Ed was looking at him all weird.

"You put all of us in danger by trying to hide it."

"Since when do you ever give a shit?"

"I don't. You should though. I have no problem killing you when that moment comes." It was straightforward and Ed gave him credit for that. He always said the right things even if they were things he didn't want to hear.

"Jerry, I didn't want this to happen. It just did. I don't know what to do, you got to help me. I don't want to become one of them. I don't want to hurt my friends. I don't want to hurt anyone. I don't know what to do?" Ed started crying then collapsed helplessly to the ground. The boy was truly scared. Scared to death.

The vampire sat down next to him grumpily moaning. He was food depriving himself just to listen to the boys feelings. When did he become so people friendly? He didn't mean to scare him to the point of crying some more but the truth hurt. He was going to turn eventually, then eat his friends. It always happened that way. "Look you can do a couple of things. Get out of here. Far from everyone you love. You can kill yourself before you turn. Or you can accept that you are one of them now. The certain thing about this all, is that you will never be the same again. Everything you know will change and you will have none of it back. You will be sulking every minute of your life. That's scary, I know, but you have to get used to it if you want to survive. If you can't handle it, die with the rest."

"That's great help." The boy sniffed up his tears.

"You asked so I gave it." The vampire snapped, watching Ed wiping rest of the tears away. "Here." He handed him back his glasses. Ed took them looking shocked that he was being this nice especially after he just tried to eat him. "What do you live for? I know it's not for your own pitiful life so what is it for?"

"I don't know. I don't really think about it." Evil answered not sure where the vampire was heading with it.

"We all live for something or else there would be no point in living. Now what do you live for?"

It took him awhile to think about it especially since Jerry was giving life lessons who out of all people shouldn't but he eventually answered the question. "Charley. I guess. I live for him."

Even Jerry wasn't expecting that answer. He smiled to himself. That seemed to be everyones answers lately. "Why?"

"We're best friends. Well atleast I thought we were."

"Well then take a final look at what you will leave behind."

Ed didn't want to know what he meant by that. "What's wrong with you anyway? Why do you want to eat somebody so bad. Are you pregnant?"

"No and because I do want to eat somebody." Jerry answered bluntly. "I just can't let myself."

"Should I be sitting next to you right now? I mean is it safe. Are you going to try to eat me again? That was some horror movie shit back there I hope you know. I really thought I was going to die."

"You're fine. I can control it if I fight it."

Ed didn't bother asking what it was he was controlling. "Uhuh, sure you can...just incase." He scooted away from him a couple of inches.

Jerry snapped him a glare.

"Hey just incase you try to kill me." The teen flew up his hands inoffensively.

"You think a couple of inches is going to help you? A day head start won't even help you." Jerry warned.

"Why do you like to walk all over people weaker and less fortunate?"

"Because." Jerry hissed. "You weak people let me."

"Whatever. It's not our fault we're weak. Or weaker. We don't have super powers like you do. Forgive us for being so pitiful."

"Humans don't deserve forgiveness. Of any kind. And you guys have been pitiful since the day you were created."

Ed went quiet sulking in that comment. The vampire turning to a new interest; he seemed in his own little world now as he was staring off like he heard a calming distant echo. Ed couldn't imagine what that world was like.

"So what's going on with you and Charley?" Evil wanted to kill the silence and bring up the subject just to be a bothersome. Hell it was better talking about how much humans suck and maybe mentioning Charley would lighten the vampires mood up a bit more since Charley was the only human he seemed to care about.

He didn't know how intimate the two had gotten. He knew they were close, closer than two men should be but he figured it out mostly because Jerry seemed over possessive whenever around Charley... and he noticeable made it known that he loathed Amy.

But it's been on his mind since he saw Jerry take Charley to his home that one day, after he saved them both from the wolf in the desert and when he found Amy's picture crossed off with blood after Jerry took Charley's wallet back to him.

There was no reason to hate her other than her being annoying and being Charley's girlfriend. Oh and being a bitch. But being a bitch and being annoying wasn't the problem though. Jerry can deal with annoying bitchy people all day long but he couldn't seem to be able to deal with Amy being Charley's girlfriend. His jealousy was out in the open and on many occasions he made it clear: Charley deserves better.

"I don't know yet. It's progressing." The vampire answered still staring off into the dark somewhere. The dark being his mind.

Jerry was too concentrated on whatever it was that he was thinking about to let the whistling of the kid have him bothered.

"Charley likes you." Evil thought he would just throw it out there. Trying to hint at something concerning it.

"I like him too." Jerry answered casually. One thing they both had in common was Charley and equally thinking highly of him.

"I mean he really really likes you." Ed was poking a stick at the concrete now.

"Ed, if it's killing you to know, we've fucked already three times."

"Oh," the boy looked astonished, weirded out, happy, disgusted all at the same time. "I didn't know it got that far." he turned away not knowing what to say to that.

"It got further." Jerry didn't really care if it was supposed to be secret or not.

"I don't want to know anymore. I got it."

"It's your loss."

"That's okay. I'm fine with it."

The vampire smiled easily, like smiling was in his nature. Usually it came off as intentionally pretensious, but this time it was openly genuine. The conversation and exchange of words was comfortable to the point that the two seemed like laid-back friends.

"When did you guys even find time to fuck?" Ed asked as if the question was mandatory to answer.

"Do you really want me to give you the details? Because I can. And will." Jerry grinned like a smartass.

"No nevermind, gross. That's like a human fucking a real life bat but worse. That's beastiality."

"Charley didn't seem concerned." Jerry just shrugged it off.

"What the fuck! Did you give him rabies, aids?"

"Why the hell would I give him rabies or aids?"

"You probably didn't use protection."

"No shit. I raped him. Using a stupid condom would defeat the purpose of rape."

"What?! And he's okay with that!?"

"Like I said, he wasn't concerned and if he wasn't okay with it at first, he's perfectly fine with it now. He raped me twice anyway. I'm sure he's over his trauma."

"Wow. People called me the freak when you two are even freakier and as twisted as it is and disgusting, I'm kinda glad you like him. You guys are perfect for eachother actually, which is even more awkward I guess...Did he really rape you?"

Jerry didn't answer but acknowlegded the comment and the way the kid was feeling at the moment.

"Do you have someone kid?"



"Because no one likes me." Ed said as he bowed his head in some shame of himself. "First off I've been told that I'm not the best looking person around, you know ugly and I have no friends accept Charley." He shrugged. "I'm a loser."

Jerry scoffed finding that to be a ridiculous statement. "You can't find anybody because you're so damn insecure. Who told you that? That you were ugly? The loser parts true."

"Kids, girls, my aunt and uncle, Charley's new friends even my very first crush. You name it."

"You wanna know what you do to people who call you mean names?" Jerry faced him with a smile that encouraged bad things.

"What?" He wasn't so sure he wanted to know.

The demons smile dulled down. "Torture them. Keep them dead but alive enough to know how you feel, what your purpose for doing it is, and that you owe more to yourself than any low life you encounter, because Ed, the more you start caring what other people say, is the moment you start to believe it. Those people deserve to be removed from your existence and you deserve to know the truth."

Ed answered trying to forget about the past that hurt him. Just to forget about it all. "What's that?"

"The whole world is ugly. Anyone telling you differently deserves to be hung from their spinal cord infront of the true reality of their own life. The world is bad kid and everyone in it. There is nothing beautiful, or happy about it, or us. So next person who calls you ugly, cut out their face and make them uglier. You can't be ugly if the whole world is."

"I don't know how I would feel about that but I'll keep that in mind." Jerry had no teaching skills whatsoever, but Ed agreed more than he wanted to. There were so many people he wanted to torture and Jerry was over there making it seem easy. "Thanks by the way."

"Don't get all teary eyed on me. I won't hug you."

"I figured. What's Nathaniel's deal then? Weren't you friends?"

"You can say that."

"Did he betray you?"

"He feared me, I just never understood why. I was never told. I saw it in his eyes, everyones, the way they looked at me. With this fear I only thought was capable in humans. Gabriel favorited us. Gave us everything. He promised us the world, we thought we were the shit. I looked to him as a father and Nathan was like my brother. Back then, he and I would have done anything for each other. I had his back and he always had mine. I lied for him, he did the same. Then things changed after I found out they had been lying to me for two hundreds years about who I was. When I found out, I was lost. I knew I didn't belong anywhere, not among the humans, the vampires. Not even the dogs. So I decided to leave and move on with my life. I wanted Nathaniel to come with me, because then believe it or not I actually cared about being alone. Then I adapted to the change of having no one to care about but myself. Which was easier."

"Maybe it wasn't a matter of you caring about someone but someone caring about you?"

"I don't care about that. I never have, even when I was human."

"What about your mom?"

"She cared about me. Then she was killed, and I did no better finally killing her completely."

"No wonder you're so depressing. You don't even kill because it's the vampire in you that's doing it. You kill because you're mad at yourself and the rest of the world and the only redemption you seem to have is Charley. Face it he's the only one who makes you smile. Sometimes youre happy around him and you don't even know it."

"I'm okay with it. Having time alone will teach you a lot of things about yourself, especially how to survive. I'm not the best, I'm not the most dangerous, I just know what I need to do to live and if Charley is my reason then so be it."

"Youre cool, you know that. I'm glad a badass vampire lives in my neighborhood. I can't wait to tell everyone about you."

Jerry just smiled. "I don't know how many friends you're planning on gaining from that."

"None. Can I ask you another question." Ed came off apologetic, "Just one more?" trying his best not to annoy him but Jerry didn't seem bothered at all and surprisingly willing to talk about stuff he's probably never mentioned to anyone before.

"It's not like you're going to stop."

"Peter thinks you killed his dad because they went to war with the vampires. If you didn't care about the vampires for what they did to you, then was that really the reason for killing him. You must have hated the vampires. Did he betray your friendship or something?"

The boy could tell it was personal to him.

"After everything, I trusted no one. Peter's father was ordered to find us all and kill us all. He was no exception."

"Do you think he was going to kill you?"

"I knew he wasn't."

"So why did you do it?"

Jerry looked at Ed. "I was mad. I didn't like that he was living a life that I could have lived. He had a beautiful wife and a cute kid even though it makes me sick saying it. A nice home to go to with the people he cared about. They had real food on the table and a strong future ahead of them. They had something I can never look forward too again. I couldn't even look forward to a normal death and I'm stuck in this world where the best thing I do is hate and feed on it. There are times I want to know what the sun feels like when I vanish in it."

"That explains why you hate humans."

"The humans despised us. That's why I hate you. They lived there perfect little lives while we lived our lives in the darkness and shadows of the earth. That was my reason for killing him. I felt below him."

"Don't you hate yourself for it?" Ed asked seeing how it was possible that the vampire seemed perfectly fine explaining everything with little to no emotion. Like he didn't care at all.

"You said one more questions."

"Well you just answered my question. Why do you hate yourself?"

"A part of me does. The other part wants to play the day over and over again just out of pure amusement. I've been a vampire for years kid; I don't know what it's like to be anything else. Now go inside before I decide to finally get even more hungry." Jerry threatened. He stood finding the conversation to best end there before it got to be too personal. Then he walked off as if they never even talked. Suddenly they weren't talking buddies anymore.

Ed stood up now. "You know Charley really looks at you like you're an angel or something. He doesn't see what everyone else sees. Everything you've done for him, I think you can be good if you wanted to. You just chose to be evil."

"You're wrong and he's wrong. I'm not good at all and evil choses me. And I'm not an angel. Sorry to dissapoint him. Nice chat."

"You don't think you're his angel?" Ed yelled to him but Jerry continued to walk. "Hey, you can't fool me! You may have Charley believing youre this heartless guy who doesn't give a damn, but you're here for a reason, and the reason is him. If you don't believe that, then look him in the face and tell him that you didn't save him over and over again just because you still crave his blood. Maybe you are lonely Jerry and youre seeking something in Charley that you can't give yourself. You are his superhero. Not many people can say that they have a real life hero that they can look up to and brag about. His father was supposed to be his influence, his inspiration to be the best person he could be. But he doesnt have a father for that, he has you. You're damn lucky to have Charley on team Jerry."

The vampire stopped and sighed.

"I know you enjoy what you do but to change just for Charley means something to him. You're saving your status, you think if you fall for Charley you won't be the badass evil man you once were. You could have killed us anytime you wanted, but youre not because you care too much about Charley's feelings. You fucking hate Amy but she's still alive, because Charley would be upset if you did. I don't know what you think that makes you, but that doesnt make you one hundred percent evil. It makes you somewhat a good bad guy. Maybe you are a good man just in bad times."

"You don't know anything." Is all Jerry said with a small glare. The boy was wasting his time. Ofcourse like every tough man out there, he also didn't want to hear the truth at all.

"You're not going to change Jerry, you're still a dick, youre still a monster and you will always kill with no ounce of giving a shit. You're Jerry. You will always be young. You will always be good looking, ruthless, feared, but you will always be Charley's next door neighbor that he cares about. Why can't you just let someone care about you. He's making you human and you hate it."

"I told him I loved him."

Ed looked bowled over. He blinked stunned that Jerry had just told him that even though the mans expression wasn't so sure if he did the rigt thing telling Charley that. Ed had paused not being able to respond to that. What could he say, vampires couldn't love. Then Jerry smiled sadly then continued to walk again.

"Hey where are you going?"

"To find some food." Jerry answered as agitated as he normally is.

"You still have to help me."

"I didn't promise you anything." The vampire answered harshly, stopping with a slight irritation shown in his forehead.

"I know. But I can help you too. If youre hungry you can have my blood. I'm fucked anyway."

"You want me to kill you?" Jerry somewhat chuckled.

The boy nodded. "What does it matter. Either way I'm going to die. Probably by you. So the sooner the better. Right? I just want to get it over with."

"Aw how generous. Thanks for the offer but I don't want your blood. You think I want you to help me, then you are pathetic."

"Jerry, stop being a jackass and just do this for me. I'm completely serious!" The kid was desperate and pleading. Ed ran up to him and grabbed his shoulder. "Bite me. Just do it."

"Youre just wasting your life kid." Jerry shoved him off.

"I don't care." Ed refused to back down. "I know you want blood. You fucking need it."

Jerry grabbed Ed by the shirt and brought him closer to him with a strangling grip.

"Jerry let me go." the boy started to panic a bit not knowing a good time to trust the vampire.

"Tell me guy what's the real reason why you want to die? Is it because you think so little of your life? Unfortunatly I'm not going to show you the easy way out of it. You can do yourself that favor." The man nodded to the stake suggesting he end his life that way. "It's easy. Just don't think about it." He shoved the kid again loosening his hand at his scrunched up tshirt. "Rest easy." Then Jerry was gone.

"Jerry!" Ed called out again in high desperation. Jerry!"

When he tried going after him his wound started to pound at his ribcage and thicker harder tears were coming as he sank on the stair steps with his head lowered and his hands pressing in the dog mark. Blood was leaking slowly down his bare skin cutting into his clothes. The wetness of his tears were clinging to his cheeks, his beating pain was pumping faster and faster. While in all hopes he was praying it would be his life going by that fast. He decided to sit there hoping he would pass away. Even if it was going by slowly.

He picked up the stake taking it into consideration.

"Peter wake up."

The slayer squinted at the sun shining through the windows and he growled despite mother nature blessng them with some good weather. He turned over, eyes red and hair tossy, at Charley, who was slipping on his shoes and gathering his things. "What's going on?" he slurred exactly like someone with a hangover would.

"Unless you want to be here when mass starts and when the people realize they've been robbed of the wine, then we should probabaly go " The teenager clarified.

"Oh. Right." The drunk slipped off the pew.

Charley finally woke up Amy who seemed to have the most comfortable sleep than the rest of them. The girl yawned while leaning up onto the hard wooden pew.

"Where's Ed?' Charley asked Peter.

"Maybe he's awake already." the man answered.

Charley then went to go look for him. "Ed!" He searched everywhere before he went outside and found his cross and stake on the ground of the steps. Fear and worry swept throughout his face when he saw the stained bloody ground. There was a lot of it. His face immediately went pale and his eyes stained in recoil.

"Did Jerry do this?" Peter asked coming up behind the boy looking disgusted and sorry at the sight. Amy looked shocked aswell.

Charley couldn't say anything. In truth it could have been any vampire that did it but even he knew it wasn't that likely. All he could do is hope that what he was seeing and feeling wasn't true.

The man behind it all had found himself pacing his kitchen the minute he got back to his house. He stopped to open the refrigerator just to close it without taking anything from it. He was normally going to grab a beer but realized he wasn't even in the mood for that. He couldn't even bite into an apple clearly with a loss of appetite.

"You want to be saved Evil? I can save you." The vampire held his hands out openly. "The only way to live is to live again. I'll give you what you want then, if you give me what I want."

The boy nodded. "I'm ready."

Jerry didn't know why he went back to Ed. Why he took him up on his offer. The kid was crying for goodness sake.

He slammed the counter top with raging fists wanting to break something. Wanting to punch a hole in anything with all his power. Rip someone apart with his foul fangs. Maybe that would make him feel better for what he did. It was fair right? He had to ask himself. He bit Ed before the boy would turn. He needed human blood to overcome his hunger and Ed could give it to him so therefore they were helping eachother. But why did it feel so wrong? Ofcourse. Because he was Charley's friend.

The boy let him get closer but started to get a bit shaky when he felt the velvety lips against his neck and the sharp teeth poking around trying to find the best vital
spot. He shut his eyes.

He growled violently, holding in every ounce of anger in himself. Or trying.

The vampire counted to three vibrating the boys skin with the voice of death before he extracted his teeth. Before he dug into the flesh he thought about Charley and how he might react when he finds out. He knew the consequences.

Truth is that he was scared. Scared to discover Charley's reaction. He had never been scared before until now. Jerry having a sudden controversy with himself, like a storm, shoved everything off the counter sending it sprawling to the floor. Then he slammed the marble top repeatedly until it broke beneath his vanquished hands.

This was his way of not knowing what to do. He even practiced ways of telling Charley himself. But that would never work because his excuse wasn't good enough.

Amy could finally have her way. It would be easier for her now to convince Charley that he couldn't be trusted anymore and Jerry honestly hated the thought of that because again there wasn't one thing he has done that wasn't for Charley. He did everything for him. Including saving his friend from a much worse fate. He went to a wall and started punching it in as much as he needed to before he got annoyed with his own outburst.

He stopped for a break again taking in air trying to calm himself down but he hadn't been angry or sad in while and he needed to destroy something to let it all out. He would have been perfectly happy if it was himself he needed to destroy. Everything he's been holding in for as long as he's lived was breaking free and even though it would be messy, it was much needed.

Jerry suddenly paused when he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. He knew it was Charley trying to get a hold of him. He was going to go out of control. The sounding phone hit the floor and the dirty hard boots walked from it.

Then everything went crashing. To the floor. Against walls. Everything was broken.

The phone rang again.

He began breaking down the cabinets. Ripping out the entire sink. Pulling the refrigerator down watching it collapse, spilling and breaking everything inside it. He tugged the microwave from the outlet and threw it at the tv sending the wires sparking from the clashed electricity.

The power in the entire house went out. He paused and glanced around at the mess, feeling a lot better even though he didn't even break a sweat. He even looked rather shocked at the destruction and back to his malice self he laughed about it.

The phone continued to ring again. After the entire kitchen was destroyed and nothing left to work on he stepped on the cell, crushing the entire device while making his way to the living room.

All that was left undamaged was his favorite chair that he sat in infront of the tv. He took a seat and stared at the television as a small fire spurted up in growing flames around it. Sooner it would get bigger, forming up the wall and then the entire room but he decided to just sit back looking at the flames not planning on doing anything about it but shut his eyes on it and see what happens.

Evil went limp clinging onto the vampires arms after fighting the bite for a while. The teeth felt like lighting striking. His whimpers were like inner outcries rumbling through the body instead of the mouth. Jerry held him within a starving grasp as he drank from the boys twitching body. He took until he was all fed up.

As he drank the demon looked up to the cross built on top of the chapel with flames in his eyes. Evils' body collapsed after every muscle tweaked.

It was too bad the rain had ended so early.

"Where's Ed?"

" "

"Jerry where is he?"

"I fucked up Charley."

"What did you do? What did you do! Tell me!"

"Something bad." The monster slowly opened them, taking his dark eyes to Charley's. For once they were readable.

Souless. Unpredicting. Scary. Guilty. Hateful. Angry. Unfeeling. Dangerous. Violent. Tired. Prideful. Sad. Uncontrolled.