Chapter 5: (Still Ciel's POV. )

"Anyway, did you get the information I wanted?" I look away from him, but not before sending him a deeply annoyed look.

He smiles. "Of course, my lord, what kind of butler would I be if I couldn't even collect simple information."

"Tch. Don't give me that crap. Let's see it." He leans over, close to my face, and kisses my cheek.

"Sebastian!" I'm hotly annoyed with his creepy antics.

I move my arm up, reaching across to slap him, but he grabs me and pins me down to the bed.

"Dammit!" He looks down at me, stares into my eyes, my soul.

"Bo-chan~" He licks his lips. "Let me clean you up first"

He leans down, kissing me gently, all down my face and neck. I struggle beneath him, I hate it when he touches me. "S-Sebastian! Stop! That's an o-" He kisses me deeply, so I am unable to finish my command. I can't escape. He moves his free hand through my hair and under my neck, pressing my head up towards his. He's holding me down, and I can't escape. Suddenly my worst nightmare is unfolding before me. I can't stand him. He even tastes like sugar. He moves his tongue inside my mouth, it feels like he's sliding it down my throat, it's disgusting, really.

He breaks our kiss. I look up at him and give him the dirtiest scowl I can manage. "Get a hold of yourself! I expect total obedience from you at all times!" I shout at him. He has a surprised look on his face. He smiles at me. "Of course, my lord."

I look away from him quickly.

"Just wait until we get home."


There may be a sequel to this.