Semi-prequel/Spoilers for The Cave. It will give away some things for my Taito fic The Cave, and not just that Davis and Ken are together. If you don't mind spoilers or don't plan on reading The Cave, though, this one can be read as a stand alone.

I have had this planned for quite a while, since I started The Cave over a year ago. I had to wait until I got to a certain point in that story, though to start this one, and then it took me a while to type it out. Damn you writer's block! I could have put out the first couple chapters weeks ago, though, but I wanted to post the entire story at once since there is only 4 chapters.

A small note, I use both their English and Japanese names in this story. The Japanese name has two uses in this series, and that is for when something goes wrong (angry at the person) or with the person they love (endearing comment).

I do not own Digimon :'(

Chapter 1: Confession

That evening seemed normal enough. At five they all sat down around the table, Jun complaining about having to sit next to her brother, the freshly made dinner steaming a bit and making the brunette nearly drool on his plate. He had to be restrained by his father so he didn't jump right into the scalding dish, and even though he was warned the food was hot he burned his tongue on it. There was just no restraining Davis when he was hungry. It was so normal that no one expected anything extraordinary to happen.

He was halfway through his second helping when Davis suddenly stopped eating. Holding the fork in his teeth and resting his head on his hand, his parents were just about to say something when he straightened up. Sitting the fork down on his places, he rested his mouth on his fist for another second before blurting out, "I think I'm in love with Ken."

The nonchalant way he said made Jun burst into laughter and his parents chuckle a bit. "Yes, whatever you say," his mom replied, a small giggle in her tone.

"I'm being serious!" he continued, raising his voice a little in annoyance. "I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Ken."

"And what made you bring that up?" Jun somehow managed to get out. She was still laughing, albeit not as hard, and was struggling to get back into her chair as well.

"Geez, if I knew none of you were going to take me seriously I wouldn't have said anything," he growled, crossing his arms and sticking his lower lip out in a pout. "I figured I should tell you, since you're my family and all, but if this is just a huge joke to you then forget I said anything."

Placing a hand on her daughter's shoulder to silence her, Mrs. Motomiya asked, "You really are serious about that?" At her son's nod, she smiled and let out a small chuckle before saying, "Daisuke, it's the way you said it that made it sound like a joke." Standing and walking around the table, she then kneeled next to his chair and pulled the boy into her shoulder. "It's not a joking matter because you are really serious about it. And it doesn't matter who you love, you're still our son. Right dear?"

"Of course," Davis' father said, although his voice was a bit shaky. "I will admit, I did not see this coming. Kind of shakes one up a bit."

Returning the woman's embrace, Davis said, "Thank you Mom, Dad. I was actually scared you'd hate me for a moment there."

"Oh, I hate you alright," Jun said, sounding quite serious herself. The instant he looked at her, though, she broke down in fake tears. "Now I'm going to have to worry about you hitting on any boy I bring over."

"Hey! I already said I love Ken! Your taste in guys is horrible!" he yelled, trying to get out of his mother's arms to start a sibling fight. "Well, except for Matt, that is," he added as an afterthought. "Although I'm pretty sure he's gay, too."

"What? There is no way Matt likes guys!" Jun retorted, grabbing her trapped brother's head and giving him a noogie.

"Hey now, kids, stop it!" their father bellowed to no avail.

"Leave them be, honey," his wife chuckled, having released her hold on Davis at some point and returned to her chair. "This is how they deal with things."

The table was quickly set back in order in few minutes later and the plates were soon cleared. Dropping his plate on his sister's, Davis quickly ran from the kitchen and into the living room his mother thinking it was just another of his pranks as a payback for the noogie he'd received during dinner. Following him out of the kitchen, she was quite surprised to find him sitting in the hall and quickly tying his shoes. "And where do you think you're going mister?" she asked authoritatively.

"To Ken's place," he replied, standing up and grabbing his coat. "I'm in love with him so he deserves to know, right?"

She paused for a second, not entirely sure of what to say. They had met Ken many times, but she still didn't know him well enough to judge how he'd react to the information. "Be back by eight," she said as he opened the opening, flashing him a worried smile.

"Don't worry! I'll look both ways before crossing the street and not sit next to any weird old men on the train!" he hollered back, giving her a disarming grin in return as he took off. He thought he left his mother nothing to worry about, but it was actually the exact opposite. She was worried even more about how he would take total rejection if it came since he did not see it coming in the least.

It didn't take too long to get to Ken's apartment, a shorter time than normal actually since Davis was too hyped to slow down. Taking a moment to catch his breath, Davis calmly (surprisingly) knocked on the front door. "Oh, hi Mr. Ichijouji," he said when the older man answered. "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

"We just finished eating, so it's not a problem. Come on, get in out of the cold. Winter's already here and the temperature is dropping fast," he said, initiating small talk as his son's friend walked in. Had he not gotten used to the brunette showing up unexpected he might have confronted him about it. But, as it was, he normally arranged things with Ken beforehand and thus didn't think to call. "Ken, why don't you get your friend some hot cocoa!" he hollered into the kitchen.

A confused bluenette almost immediately poked his head around the corner. "Davis, what are you doing here?" he asked, genuinely curious and giving his dad the first clue that this was not a normal visit. "Just wait right there, I'll get you some hot chocolate."

"I…" the older preteen tried, stopping when Ken vanished into the other room. He could feel a small amount of heat rise to his face and butterflies start to come to life in his stomach, swaying what he thought was his unwavering resolve. While his plan had been to simply declare his feelings the instant he saw Ken, now he was starting to become quite embarrassed about it. It was one thing to tell your best friend you were in love with him, it was a completely different thing to say it in front of his parents, one of which was giving him a very curious look. Shaking his head to clear it, Davis swallowed the few insects trying to fly out his throat and straightened a bit, determined to be out with it once Ken brought him his drink.

"You know, Davis, just because we say you're always welcome here doesn't mean we don't need to know when you're coming. You really should at least call first," Ken stated, holding two mugs by their handles.

Davis took both of them and sat them on end table so they wouldn't accidentally get spilled. Silencing Ken's protest with a finger, Davis placed his hands on the smaller boy's shoulders and took a deep breath before slowly and calmly saying, "Ken, I'm in love with you."

Everyone seemed frozen, as if unsure if Davis was joking or being serious. Ken's purple eyes were shaking slightly, searching for the truth in his best friend's face, and apparently having trouble finding it. To firmly let his friend know he was being honest, Davis slowly leaned forward and pressed their lips together.

It was short and chaste, barely something a grade schooler would do. Just a simple peck on the lips, short enough that the younger boy could easily dismiss it as his first kiss but long enough to confirm he wasn't lying. Pulling away hurt Davis a little bit, as if he was leaving a very small piece of himself behind, but that hurt turned to pure terror when he looked at Ken's face. The bluenette's features were filled with shock, and possibly fear, and it was only at that moment that Davis really thought total rejection was a possibility. He could live with just being a friend, and expected it really, but he wasn't sure what he would do if Ken completely cut him from his life.

Releasing the bluenette's shoulders, he took a couple steps back. "Ken?" he asked, worry obvious in his voice.

A large hand fell to his shoulder, drawing his gaze up to a very enraged-looking Mr. Ichijouji. "I think you should go, Daisuke," he growled menacingly, moving to steer the already leaving boy towards the door. He watched as the boy slowly slipped his shoes back on, remaining between him and his son.

"Ken…?" he tried again, still receiving no answer. "Well, bye!" he said, trying to sound cheery as he walked out the door and had it slammed in his face. Once he was standing alone in the winter-chilled air, though, his smile fell and his knees almost collapsed underneath him. "Ken…" he mumbled, standing there for a moment in hopes his best friend would open it and tell him it was okay. When no appearance was made by the younger male, he slowly turned and left.

He wasn't entirely sure how cold it was outside, but it didn't even compare to the suddenly cold void in his heart as he walked to the subway. He thought of walking over to Tai's place, to talk to his mentor, but the feeling that he could start crying any moment made him stop and rethink that plan. The teenager would definitely be able to tell that something was wrong and would insist on him telling.

A shiver running up his spine, Davis quickly turned towards his apartment and ran. Bursting in through the door and closing it just as quickly so the cold air wouldn't enter the warm home, he toed off his shoes and beelined for his room, hoping to not meet up with any of his family at that moment.

"Davis, what's-" his mother started, cutting off as her son streaked right passed her. Slowly following after him, she gently knocked on his closed door. "Davis, honey, are you okay?" she asked, waiting patiently for a reply. None was given, so she leaned her head against the door and added, "I'm here to listen once you're ready." Knowing he wouldn't say anything at that moment, she solemnly walked back to the kitchen and the dishwasher she had been loading.

Laying with his face in his pillow, Davis gave a sad smile to his mom's words. With tears soaking into the soft material, he finally realized what his mother had truly been worried about when he left.

Poor Davis. I love hurting characters, though, so long as they get passed it. And know that I love happy endings so it won't end sad.

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