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Chapter 4: Connections

Riding that subway train to get to Davis' apartment seemed to take forever. Biting his fingernails, a bad habit he got into only when he was nervous, he couldn't help but wonder if the brunette had felt the same way he did now when he was rumbling along in that train. Body pumped full of adrenaline, mixed signals of excitement and fear coursing through his veins, Ken found himself unable to sit still. He stood and held on to one of the bars, but he was still too fidgety to stand in one place. His heart was beating fast enough to rival a mouse's and he was sure it was loud enough for his neighbors to hear.

The doors slid open, the station name ringing over the announcement speakers and people filing off and on. Still two more stops to go. Having bit his left ring fingernail down to the point of almost bleeding, Ken moved on to his middle finger. Some people looked at him a little strangely, as if they were trying to figure out what was wrong with him just by observation. Had it been a later train he might be mistaken for a tweaker, he was jumpy enough for it, but more likely he was being mistaken for a nervous boyfriend going to meet a girl. Which was partially correct… Jumping off the train before the doors even had the chance to fully open, he ran up the escalator and shoved his card into the slot to let him through. Sprinting through the open barrier, he slowed just enough to navigate the flood of people slowly filling the subway.

Being small really was an advantage. He could weave around the crowds of people on the streets easily and he had less weight to carry around. Only stopping to catch his breath when he ran into a red "no walk" sign, it didn't take him even half as long as usual to get his best friend's home. Taking the stairs two at a time (his legs were still too short to easily do three) since the elevator would be too slow, he arrived huffing and gasping for air on Davis' floor.

A profound, irrational fear washed over it at that point, as he stood in front of the brunette soccer player's door at three-thirty-seven in the afternoon. Facing the fact that he was in love with Davis, that he was physically attracted to someone of the same gender, head on was a scary thing. He wanted to run from the truth, to hide in a corner where it couldn't find him. He wasn't sure just how Davis could come up with the courage to declare his feelings in front of his parents, but it must have taken a lot of nerve.

He paced back and forth several times, walking back to stairs as if to run away then shaking his head and striding with confidence back to the door only to slink away again. Once he finally firmly rooted himself to the ground he reached forward to knock multiple times only to withdraw his fist as if burned. So focused on overcoming this challenge, he was, that he didn't even hear the person coming up behind him.

"If you're not going to knock can you move out of the way so I can get in?" Jun asked, causing him to jump and spin around. Unable to even stutter a sorry, he quickly moved to the side and let the girl in. Raising one eyebrow at him once she was inside, she sighed and closed the door, a possible "Davis, your friend is here!" sounding through the wood from the other side.

Swallowing the lump in his throat as he heard footsteps approach, Ken straightened himself up a bit higher, taking a deep breath and reminding himself that he had overcome obstacles a lot more challenging than this. There was nothing to be scared of because just like all the other difficulties he faced Davis would be there by his side.

The brunette was quit shocked to see the younger boy there when he opened the door. The momentary unbalanced gave Ken the perfect window of opportunity. Before his nerves got the better of him again, he stepped forward and forced his mouth on the other boy's, gripping either side of Davis' tanned head in his hands to prolong the sweet contact. Pulling back after several seconds and staring into the older boy's blissfully stunned mahogany eyes, he breathed, "I love you too."

Davis was about to say something sweet—or Ken hoped it would be something sweet—when a wolf whistle drew both of their attentions to the teenager watching the apparently amusing scene (judging by the laugh half hidden by the smirk on her face). The cinnamon-brunette then went on to shout insults at his sister, picking up a shoe and throwing it at her when she stuck her tongue out childishly at him. Jun then ran off to tattle on her little brother like some grade schooler would do. The entire mess made eased Ken's mind a bit, reminding him that even if he was dating their son the Motomiyas wouldn't treat him any differently.

Toeing off his shoes and saying, "Sorry for intruding," Ken closed the door behind him as Davis' mother walked in. She jumped a bit when she saw him and quickly invited him in (despite the fact he was already in).

About the thank her, the bluenette didn't notice the huge grin on Davis' face. The boy turned quickly, and just as he was opening his mouth to speak smashed their lips together, slipping his tongue in and startling the two other people in the room. Blushing profusely, Ken pushed him away and stuttered, "Wh-what the hell did you do that for?"

"That's what boyfriends do," he replied, leaning in and stealing another kiss.

Smiling kindly at them, the woman turned towards the kitchen and asked, "Will you be staying for dinner?"

Breaking away from the kiss, which was a shame because he was finding that Davis was really good at it, he said, "I'll have to call my parents and ask, but I don't think it will be a problem."

After calling his parents (which Davis ran to get the phone because he was really eager to explore Ken's mouth again) and eating a very delicious meal, the two slipped off to Davis' room. The saw Jun peer in at them several minutes later, looking like she was ready to stop them from doing something too mature for their age, and walk away almost disappointed.

"Geez, what does she think we're going to do?" Davis growled, blushing because he knew what it was as he closed his door.

"Yeah, I wonder," Ken added, rolling his eyes. He let Davis lean down for a quick kiss when he returned to the bed (which Ken was sitting on), just as he let the older boy pull him close when he crawled on it and settled down.

His mother came in at that time, a plate of snacks in her hand. "I though Veemon might want some," she explained, coming over to the little blue Digimon that seemed quite eager to get at the food.

"You don't have to lie, Mrs. Motomiya," Ken stated. "Jun checked in on us already, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't just snacks that you were coming in for."

Chuckling quietly, she gently patted the bluenette on the head and said, "I hope I don't have to worry about that for several more years." She then turn in a fluid, graceful movement and left.

The two watched Davis' Digimon enthusiastically scarf the food for a moment, Ken feeling kind of bad for leaving Wormmon at home. They stayed in silence until Ken felt the older boy's head rubbed his arm gently. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm happy," Davis replied. "I got my best friend back as a boyfriend," he elaborated, one hand gently kneeding the bluenette's arm. "I thought I had lost you."

Wrapping his other arm around the older preteen's shoulders, Ken whispered, "Yeah, me too. And I didn't want to lose you." Squeezing him a little tighter, he continued, "Mom and Dad weren't too happy about my decision. Well, more like they were extremely shocked and didn't know what to do. Still I don't think you should come over for a while; give them time to get used to things first."

"So you'll just have to come over here more often," Davis replied, lifting his head and bringing it up to meet his boyfriend's. Mouth hovering just an inch away from the younger male's, he said slowly, sensually, "And then we can hold each other… and kiss… as much as we want." Their lips touched at that point, meshing together gently and slowly. Tanned hands held Ken at his hips while the bluenette's arms found their way around Davis' neck, using the boy to support his body so he could enjoy the new development in their relationship, the new connection they created. He knew it wouldn't always be as easy as it was now, so he wanted to enjoy the moments when they came.

Breaking apart when they finally couldn't stand the lack of oxygen anymore, Davis tried to dive back in again but was stopped by a very persistent finger on his lips. "I don't think so," Ken said, eyes turning a bit cold. "You don't get any more rewards for a while. You've been skipping class and your grades already suck as it is! No more kissing until you finish your homework!"

"What? But I still have a huge stack to do!" Davis complained.

"Then I suggest you get started because I have to go home in half an hour.

He managed to get almost half of it done before Ken needed to head home, and as a reward for his hard work got a goodbye kiss. He then had to drag himself back to his room to work on the rest of it.

The results of his math test were not encouraging. Shoving the paper in his bag, he was determined to not show it to Ken for he was very embarrassed over the poor, failing grade. Swallowing hard, he determined to do some studying, to get his grades up so he could have a paper he could proudly show his boyfriend.

He did not realize how difficult it was to get himself to study. Half of the stuff he didn't know because he hadn't paid attention in class (or he had skipped to go see Ken) and the other half was difficult so he couldn't easily focus on it. He did manage to complete his homework most of the time, but got half of the questions wrong, and after a couple weeks he finally got tired of it. So, swallowing his pride, he fell back onto his last resort.

The person he was looking for looked kind of exhausted as he ambled down the hall. Either that or he was pissed off about something; it was hard to tell with Matt. Running to catch up, he yelled, "Matt! Hey, wait up a sec!"

The blonde turned around and sighed at him, as if talking to the younger Digidestined would take up too much energy. "Yeah, what do you want?" he asked, weariness in his tone.

Happy the musician wasn't tired enough to send him away, he sped up a little. "Can I ask you for a little favor?" he asked, coming to a halt behind him.

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