Tantalizing Pleasure

Written by: Take-Me-Away-To-Paradise

Disclaimer: Tokyo Mew Mew is owned by Mia Ikumi. I claim no ownership to her work. This is purely fan made

Warning: This is rated M for language and sexually explicit situations.

"Kish, y-you bassstard!" Ichigo hissed out loudly, standing right there. Apparently that wonderful feeling Kish had experienced not so long ago on Ichigo's lips had not been imaginary.

As Kish leapt back out of the way of his kittens usual anger filled swats, he blinked in surprise at himself. It must have been due to the fact that he had been waiting so long for the cat girl to arrive that his body had worked on its own. Not that he cared to suppress it; he'd rather stay trapped forever within her lips.

"What are you doing here?" Ichigo interjected his thoughts abruptly. She wiped her mouth vigorously with what appeared to be disgust, before sitting down on the bench that was in front of her. Kish was used to this disgust.

Grinning, and not answering her question, it only convinced Ichigo to be infuriated more, as she crossed her arms. She had a strong anger mark protruding from her forehead with it, and closing her eyes in annoyance. It's not as if he didn't know that Ichigo's date was coming in ten minutes, and that irritating her wouldn't keep her with him longer.

"Why hello Ichigo, and how are you today?" Kish finally interviewed. He looked at her pink lips thoughtfully, his mouth curling seductively. She must have been thinking about what they had just done before as well for she then wiped her mouth vigorously again as she opened her eyes.

Kish laughed.

"You never answered me!" Ichigo scowled; her cheeks were growing as scarlet as her hair by now and Kish could think of other things which made a girl turn that shade.

"Tsk Tsk, I was just asking how you were," He pretended to pout, before he started to smile again. "I wouldn't want my little kitty to be lonely?" At this, he winked.

Ichigo puffed up, by now she ignored his lame half-assed excuses. She usually just got down to business now before kicking his butt.

"Well I don't need your company, thank you very much," she spoke hardheartedly, eyeing him in anger. Hah, as if it was that easy, thought Kish

"Ah, Koneko-chan," Kish sighed, drawing back like he was giving up. Ichigo looked back at him, casting the little anxious spark of victory, along with the normal caution she showed. He never missed this.

"What if you bailed on your date with him today? Hmm?" He asked tantalizingly. While he abruptly hovered closer into her, whispering all this into her little human ear. Ah, the magic of teleportation.

Ichigo's eyes widened and her flush reached her ears this time. Her mouth was open but no words threatened to come out. Then, Kish could swear steam came floating from her ears. He wondered if she was going to be even madder at him for this, but then he was stunned when she just jerked her head away violently.

Or turned her whole body away, was more like it. She did her best to hide her head and body into the back of the park bench, in a ball. And when she made no attempt to move, Kish, becoming as curious as well as concerned as he was, asked "Honey, are you OK?"

At this, Ichigo made no motion to react, Kish pressed on.

"Holla, sweetheart?"

"Ah, shut up!" screamed Ichigo hotly, startling him.

He soon recoiled from the comment, and joined her on the bench, beside her.

"What's wrong, Koneko?" Kish asked more seriously now. He waited for a few minutes, his eyes landing in boredom at the pond ahead of them. It looked so man-made with its concrete sidewalk around its watery contents. It was so repulsive, how man-made it was.


Kish finally started to hear Ichigo from beside him speak. "….Why should I tell you?" she questioned stubbornly. She sniffled some more, breaking him away from his previous thought about the pond.

Kish felt like smiling again but instead he looked back at the girl, "Because I care about how you feel?"

"Yeah, right," muffled Ichigo in annoyance, uncoiling from the back of the bench, to look at him.

Kish smiled at her lightly this time, as she was starting to act normal once more. It was true that he would always tease her mercilessly no matter what she wanted, but...

"But I do love you, so what's up?" His eyebrows rose with curiosity.

Ichigo shot her head up to look at him, this time, seriously even with that hint of doubt.

"Well….I need, help,-" she started before her eyes then opened wider into shock, and furrowed her eyebrows "….Not that I'm asking you for it, really."

Kish peaked up one eyebrow this time. Now that was interesting. Ichigo never asked for help, and especially not from him. Even if she had taken it back this time. Usually she was too proud to even come even close. It must be…

"Iie, it must be pretty serious. What do you need help on?"

"I wasn't asking you!" Ichigo backfired.

Her eyes starting to get puffy from the previous crying session she must have done in the back of the bench. She seemed embarrassed.

"Geez Ichigo- we were official enemies, when?" Kish asked in his own annoyance this time.

He couldn't help himself; he was tired of this game. When she made no reply, he finished for her.

"Right, it was five years ago! Can't you treat me like a friend, at least now?"

"But you're not a friend!" Ichigo shouted back stubbornly, losing her cool as frustration set in.

"You're just some irritating stalker to me! So leave me alone already! Go back to your home planet, and go find youself a girlfriend!"

She huffed, before stiffly standing up. She briskly said "Got to go," before walking away.

And that was that. She had thought she had won over the situation. Maybe she had, because Kish could feel the familiar pang in his chest.

It was something she did so well; hurt him. And it didn't even matter how much immunity he had developed to it over the years.

"Ichigo…" his voice sounded strangled and desperate even to his own ears. What drew him so much to her? Hadn't he learned his lesson yet?

Awkwardly walking down the pavement away from the park, Ichigo's black Mary Jane heels clicked smoothly on the ground with every step as she let her tears flow more freely now.

She watched the scenic lake which was to the left of her. (and also took in the majority of the park itself) It was because of him that she was acting this way! She thought sadly looking at the water ripples.

Here she was, so thrilled about the whole idea: Her special birthday party, an exciting start where she would hit the eighteenth year on this planet, and…. Ichigo paused, blinking up at the sky. When had she become so weak? She wondered suddenly. For the simple fact that he wasn't going to be there with her? This was childish!

She would soon be having her eighteenth birthday! And,

No, it wasn't childish! Ichigo looked ahead of her in empty air.

If she could only make Aoyama-kun stay! Then he would celebrate her big day with him. It would make her so happy! But she knew that was being selfish to ask, and for him to stay was too much. Yes, she was being needy to ask. She didn't want to ruin his dreams of a career one day.

Ichigo didn't even have a clue in where to begin with her life except that she knew she wanted a family…. And… it just added to the fact that she couldn't go on their last date today, after all. The reality was certain, Aoyama would be gone over four months . He had chosen those studies over her, obviously. This was an honerable choice, but she could not support it.

Not to mention, Kish had kissed her, reminding her on how alone would be.

Or not.

Ichigo groaned. A sense of nervousness filling her at seeing Kish a few steps beyond her. By now she had gotten used to the fact of the sudden teleports out of the thin air. But he really could give a girl some space.

"Ichigo," He verbalized her name softly, before doing the most surprising thing since their whole time together. He hugged her without any warning, embodying himself around her.

Ichigo cried out in shock, and tensed at this new feeling. It was the first time Kish had ever tried to hug her without also trying something perverted in the meantime, and it felt nice. Ok, correction, it felt really nice. She felt like purring, and she felt her long furry appendage try to shiver its way out of her panties and down her thy.

But this was Kish she was thinking about, and it was wrong!

Pounding on his back now to try to release her, Ichigo felt fresh tears seep out once more from her eyes again. Kish's heated, muscular body felt so nice pressed against her. She hated this new feeling! When Kish hugged her, it reminded her of Aoyama.


She stopped pounding Kish's back, and struggled to come to grips to why her body that was failing her.

Right now instead of hitting Kish, she wanted insanely to snuggle in closer to his collarbone, and bawl her eyes out like a little kid. She had been a wreck since Aoyama's phone call with the news. Why did she think she had this in her to go on a date with Aoyama?

"There, there." Kish soothed gently. He petted her head and then moved his hand to her ears that must have become visible from the excitement. Grasping one of them deliberately with his one hand, he stroked it tentatively.

Sighing, Ichigo couldn't help but start to purr and draw into the hand.

This continued for a while, and Ichigo couldn't help but lean into him some more. This was almost starting to feel too natural, she groaned.

So when Kish finally broke away while she was in her cat-like trance, she whimpered,

"Not that I mind that much Koneko-chan," started Kish, "But do you want to go somewhere -um, more private? Humans are staring at us,"

Ichigo looked up from his chest to see a particularly loud little boy behind him, pointing the whole scene out to his mother. The mother looked at Ichigo in disgust, as if she were a whore before dragging the little boy away.

Gasping and feeling warmth spread all across her cheeks, Ichigo realized the reason for the reaction in the first place. It was because the two of them looked like they were making out!

Ichigo's hands had stopped pounding at his back, and had instead fastened onto his shirt, pulling his stretchy black turtleneck to expose his shoulder. Her body was molded against his, and her breasts were undoubtedly squeezing tightly against his chest. Not to mention, she could feel his own free arm was grasped around her lower waist tightly, near her rump.

The thing that shocked her most though, was the fact that if Kish had bent down even one measly inch, he could have indulged whole-heartedly on her lips, and while she was in her trance stage, she prodably would have enjoyed it.

Blushing more at the thought of that, Ichigo shook her head from side to side, and angrily searched the crowd of people now gathering more number from both from their odd position, and, well, the strange features which consisted of Kish as well as herself.

"This isn't what it looks like!" Ichigo finally cut in, feeling embarresed "We're nothing like that, we're just-," Ichigo stopped excusing herself. Her eyes landed on a familiar face, to her alarm.


Ichigo's face reddened in shame, feeling almost faint at the wave of Aoyama-kun's presence. His eyes were wide in surprise, and his mouth was slightly open in shock.

She didn't want to see Aoyama, not like this. She felt like her world was crumbling apart already, and to go to Kish of all people for comfort?

She didn't want to get more attached to someone if they were going to leave her like Aoyama would, but she haden't exactly intend to go into Kish's arms because of it!

But...her mind argued: she felt so needy and alone, and Aoyama's image had just reinforced the feelings that Kish had wiped away.

Aoyama was still staring at her in amazement, naive to it all.

"Please take me away from here, Kish" Ichigo spoke into one of Kish's ears. Kish looked into her face in astonishment, gaping at her.

"Take me far away... "She trailed off, surprising even herself at what she was saying.

Aoyama's face had by now changed into a look of betrayal instantly. His arm trembled upwards in desperation, clawing at thin air through the crowd.

He looks pathetic.

Ichigo flinched. She pushed her evil thoughts away along with Aoyama, and snapped her head away. She looked up into Kish's wide amber eyes, and saw that even he was slightly blushing at what she had said.

"Please!" Ichigo finally screamed to Kish in need, breaking him out of the trance when he nodded. She placed her head into the crevice of Kish's neck and collarbone to block out the light, and maybe to ignore her surroundings. She knew how this made her look to Aoyama, to Kish, to everyone. But a part of her didn't care.

What was the worst that could happen to her now?

The feeling of having a sledge hammer whacking you at least half a dozen times in your skull -and waking up after being hit by a car-, was the same equivalent to what a teleport felt like.

Ichigo turned over onto the grassy floor, groaning in pain. Where was the vomit bucket when you needed it?

"Why in the am I hurting so much?" Ichigo growled at last when she could.

Rolling onto her back, she barely registered that she must be in some new nature spot of some sort. She looked up to see Kish standing against the background of a cloudy sky.

At her eye contact, he crouched down; his mouth was no further than five inches away from her again, when he gave her a big toothy grin.

Ichigo scooted away as much as she possibly could while lying on the grassy terrain, and feeling like shit. Geez, when would these aliens ever learn about giving space?

"Sorry Koneko," Kish interrupted her thought pattern, not like she was having much in the state she was in

"It feels like this when I teleport a heavy thing so suddenly,"

Ichigo rolled her eyes, to weak to be angry. "Oh thanks, an insult."

Smiling at the joke, Kish replied, "Well, when my girl asks for a request- I follow through, and think about the consequences latter,"

He lingered over the consequences part, a predatory look escaping his eyes. Ichigo shuddered, her mind straying to what they had been doing before her eyes had landed on Aoyama Masaya.

"It looked like you wanted out," Kish added sweetly seeing Ichigo's reaction. Ichigo felt her face warm considerably.

Shaking her head from side to side violently, Ichigo then rolled up onto her bottom, pushing Kish out of the way.

"Hey! Since when, am I your girl?" She complained

Kish landed back on his forearms, and looked up at the sky himself. His smile broadened until he looked wicked before calmly looking back at her.

"Well...Last I saw, you wanted to be away from him, you're precious Masaya for that goodbye date. Remember that?"

Ichigo gasped, her face making several cute reactions before finally settling on rage. That was also cute.

"How did you know, about that? Our last date?" Ichigo finally argued . She was blushing still.

Kish chuckled inwardly. If only she knew just how much he knew about her. Bubble bathes -instead of showers- every Sunday and Tuesday to cheer herself up to prepare for school.

She liked raw fish fresh out of the ocean, and she absolutely hated when anyone called her a moody redhead either.

He also knew that her last date with that Aoyama was today. He had heard from her human friends Moe and Miwa on their way off from dropping Ichigo home the other day from his usual tree. He got loads of useful information out of them, without them even knowing.

"Hmm… I wonder," Kish pretended to play stupid. He heard Ichigo growl, and was just about to laugh lightheartedly at the familiar routine of teasing her, when his eyes widened as he heard the loud noise and felt the sting on his cheek.

To say the least, he was taken aback when he saw her on her knees and her hand in the air after it had imprinted his cheek.

New tears had sprung to Ichigo's eyes, and she was trying to wipe them away forcefully. She then looked at him again in defiance, after she got some tears in control.

"You knew it was by last date with Aoyama! How could you be so cruel and come on to me?" She cried in a strangled voice.

Ichigo was acting weird. This was no different than what he usually did before her dates. There was always the routine: Annoy her before a date, kiss her or grope her (preferably both,) and then run/fly like crazy while she tries to beat you up.

"Are you saying that you are worried about him?" Kish spat the word him out in disgust. He hated talking about the bastard which was the human form of his savior once.

"Maybe he will cheat on you, being away so long from you? Is that what you're thinking?" He could still felt the sting on his cheek.

Ichigo shook her head, her eyes darkening

"If you must know," she eyed him in brief anger before continuing, "I will be utterly alone for the next four months while he is gone! Nobody to go on hikes with, or search under the stars, or….or to go to my damn birthday with!"

She dug up the grass beneath her nails, "I'll be completely alone, Kish! I'll have no one to hold me, no one to kiss me that- or anything! And I don't want that!"

Ichigo heard a painful noise come from Kish's throat. He gave her a pained hazy stare..

Good! That's what he deserved for doing something like that to her, her mind registered in anger. Still, another part of her protested at her for being so mean.

Kish had done only what he usually did before her dates with Aoyama, and it was her who was overreacting. She looked away into the grassy field and saw a thick bunch of trees a little ways off. By the looks of it, Kish had kept his word, and they really were alone.

She gulped.

For all she knew she was in the middle of Amazon? Maybe it was not good to get Kish angry?

Wait! She couldn't help it, she had a right to be mad! He had ruined the date she would have with Aoyama! …And she was going to take it out on him, because he was always there for her, no matter what and…

"Ichigo, why won't you love me?" Kish spoke suddenly, interrupting her thought patterns.

"Why can't I be him?" he struggled with this, his brow creasing.

She looked back at him, startled

"Why can't I mean anything to you?"

"Um..." Ichigo tried. Why did he keep asking hard questions, one after the other?

He usually was so strong-willed and downright menacing at times.

But right now, he looked nothing of the sort. His ears were drooped, and he kept a steady gaze at the grassy ground. His face looked painful.

For a moment he was frozen in stillness, tears forming in his eyes as he squeezed them shut. Ichigo started to feel guilt right then, and her chest squeezed in sharpness. She didn't know she had been so cruel to him... Correction: Maybe she should apologize?

"I love you, Ichigo, so much." He cried out angrily, his eyes turning blue. Ichigo trembled

I would never –ever, leave you alone. Not like he does!"

Ichigo stared in horror, before he spoke again, his eyebrows slanting down, making her jolt at the suddenness of the ferocity within his golden amber orbs."

"I remember how you cried for him when he left for England, Ichigo!"

Ichigo's eyes widened. That's right, she had cried. She had forgotten.

But how did Kish know that this feeling with Aoyama had happed before?

Had her former enemy been watching Ichigo out back of school, when Aoyama had left for England for six months, crying her eyes out every chance she she got?

And then Masaya was leaving her all alone except for a few calls and postal packages filled with souvenirs during his trip?

But at that time, she had tried harder to get her mind off his absence. She had made herself a workaholic with her job at the café, and her job as Mew Ichigo.

At least until Berry took over for her as a leader, and the café didn't need her anymore since its closing.

"K-Kish, you already know my answer….I love," she started, and stopped, feeling herself struggle on the usual rejection answer for Kish.

It was showing how unconfident she was Aoyama right now, and she mentally slapped herself for likely giving Kish the wrong idea –to hope.

She was going to correct him, to tell him, "Forget about me" when she felt yet another surprise.

Kish had captured her lips a second time that day. A look of anger covering over his face, before he closed the distance.

He rolled her back onto the grass, and pinned her wrists with one hand and pinned her legs down so they could only kick open air before she could retaliate. He then started kissing her more violently over and over to Ichigo's astonishment. The kisses were in hunger, like a starved man who had seen a feast laid out before him.

He deeply throated his approval, his tongue sliding deeply into the crevice of her mouth, wrapping around, darting, and exploring every nook. He tasted of mints and something Ichigo couldn't identify. His own taste she figured from kisses with him before.

"K-Kish, stop it,-" she finally rasped when she could speak, and wasn't panting. His kisses had trailed down to her neck.

"Please!" she squeaked in protest. This was starting to get very scary.

"Never," Kish spoke darkly, as his head moved away from her mouth just long enough so that she could look into his sultry eyes.

He slipped one hand onto her breast, and then caressed the mound through the thin lacey cloth. Ichigo gapped as her nipple started to react and peaked almost instantaneously over his stimulation where he rubbed.

Anxiously, the nub begged to be unconfined in the open air, and the tight tug of her bra only made it worse.

To her surprise, she gulped as her core started to throb from all the encouragement.

It throbbed in need, in want. Kish then tore her dress off efficiently with his sharp nails, and expelled her bra until it was only a measly scrap of two pieces under her.

"No!" Ichigo screamed, shaking her head forcefully, blushing even more this time.

Kish's eyes lustfully examined her as he licked his lips. He then gently took one of her breats into his hand, and lowered his head, until he began to suck with skill. His tongue made it's way out circiling around it.


Tears, for different reasons, escaped Ichigo's eyes as she looked around for some means of escape. Even in her weakened state, she had to try something. But there was nothing of use she could use nearby, and she was trapped underneath his weight to even budge.

A feeling of helplessness flooded her senses. and she was about to give up and try not to enjoy this as much as possible (although she knew it was useless,) until she suddenly felt a warm entity slide upwards, across her face.

Ichigo stopped, trying to steady her shaky breathing. It was cleaning the tear trails that had been rolling down her face efficiently.

Looking back up, unsteadily in fear, Ichigo scanned to see that it was actually Kish who was using his tongue to clean her face. She felt her cheeks grow warmer. His licking flooded her with a sense of comfort, and gentleness as he continued. It felt so good in another kind of way.

"W-why are you doing this?" she asked with uncertainty, finally.

Her heart gave a confused thump with her internal core. She hated how even though the prior experience had been terrifying, she had still somehow enjoyed herself more then she ought to have.

Maybe it was her cat infused genes?

"I love you, Ichigo," he stopped licking her to say, as if those words could explain what he had just done.

"I love everything about you: your smile, your anger, and your tears. But what I mean is I want these tears to be only for me -and not for him. He is a man who cannot understand them. Not like me. I know what heartache is. I can hear your want for me in here, that's why I continued even though your words said no,"

Ichigo gasped. "W-what do you mean?"

Her heart shuddered, and she felt her heart quicken as he turned his head to rest it on her bare chest, to listen. It almost felt natural to have him there, as well as kind of exciting as it brought back what he had just done moments before.

"Your heart says you crave for someone to be with someone like me," he translated the speedy beats, and smiled sheepishly. Ichigo felt herself flush at his childish game,

"You baka alien, -you're just making that up!"

"Am I?" He lifted his head back up at her, staring into her eyes openly.

A lock of his long forest green hair was loose from one of his ponytails, hugging his chin tantalizingly.

"Want to test that out then, Koneko-chan?"

Ichigo's blush deepened more -and she momentarily wondered if she was going to die from all the blushing she had been doing recently today.

Even Aoyama hadn't gotten so far as Kish was going today. And why was her lower body screaming yes, yes, yes to all this and the more? What a traitor it was! It was just too bad she couldn't buy a new one!

But as it was, she felt substance flow out from her panties, which must have been harboring there for some while. It spilled out onto her inner thigh.


This was the first time so much had come out, and it was truly a crazy amount from what she could feel. Snapping her eyes shut, and willing it to go away, she finally opened her eyes to glare at him in a serious approach.

"No, Kish I won't test it out," she started;

"Now get off me!" she finally broke off, struggling more than ever under him.

Reluctantly, almost sluggishly, Kish let her go, and Ichigo rolled over to stand on her feet.

Trying to stifle her bodies scream in protest at this sudden movement, she knocked her knees together, hopping Kish didn't see what his effects had caused.

It must have been all those eechi things he had been doing! It was not possibly just Kish's doing, any mans touch would do.

Yeah, right. Her lower body seemed to think differing things. It thumped away internally, grasping nothing but air. She knew in her bones that Aoyama's kisses and awkward caresses hadn't ever come close to causing this effect on her. Nevertheless, that wasn't what mattered now. She'd contemplate it all latter.

As long as Kish didn't see the slush, didn't know it was there, she would be in the clear. He would buy her story of no interest whatsoever in him, and…

Too late.

Kish ran his fingers up her thigh, and felt the arousal which had been dripping down and out from her inner thighs to the back of her legs; its exterior glistened on the cloudy day.

Gulping, Ichigo looked back at him to where he was sitting up now. She was getting ready to be angry with him and make her speedy escape into the bushes with her naked self until she witnessed him engulf the same fingers in which he had used to touch her go within his mouth.

For a heartbeat, Ichigo thought of nothing. Her core gave a huge jolt which racked her body from its intensity, and she gasped as it wracked her senses as well and her mind went blank. She felt like a dog in heat-, her mouth opend, and a creeping inclination to touch herself with her own hand started.

He replayed, and licked the arousal slowly now, teasing her with every flick of his tongue, as she knew her eyes were following his every move. It made her insides squirm with jealousy and her core feverishly grasp faster in desperation at the void expanse of air. She felt helpless to turn away, knowing she was biting her lip from all this desperation.

Finally, his fingers had becoming spotless, and Ichigo was about to have a sigh in relief, until she saw that instead of stopping, he had an alternatively, switched to licking up the bit of arousal that had been dripping down onto his palm. Ichigo let out a soft groan in despair. Did Kish know how this was frustrating her to no end? And why was she frustrated to begin with? She didn't know if she could control herself if he continued.



Looking back up at her while still doing this, Ichigo heated violently at the sudden attention of Kish's eyes. Her vocal chords had spoken before real readiness, so it was shocking to see him actually react to it.

"Ichigo tastes so good. Very sweet," he stopped to speak, as he smiled up at her shyly as if he were a young schoolboy having eaten his favorite dessert.

He slowly licked every crevice of his lips. Almost deliberately and painstakingly slow, until his smile turned wicked, showing his true nature,

"However," he continued carefully, as Ichigo tried to suppress another groan, "Now I want more of Koneko-chan," He came in eye contact with her enticingly. "What should I do Ichigo-Chan, hmm?"

Ichigo chocked. Her face felt like it must have been even darker crimson then her hair from the pressure in her face, and the widening devilish smile on his features didn't help to calm her. All she knew was that she had never been so embarrassed in her whole life.

"Baka!" Ichigo screamed at the top of her lungs. She gave him a whack to the head, before stomping off to figure out just where the heck she was.

Great, now she'd have to go find a bathroom and wipe away this mess, or….

See, there is other ways to make a girl turn that shade, thought Kish as he snickered aloud after she had left. She would soon learn they were not far from the old café. He lay completely back down onto the grass himself, before lifting up the same fingers which he had licked before, and contemplated her flavor. He'd definitely have to have another taste of that arousal of hers someday. It was so sweet, ripe, and slightly tangy, just like her name.

Amused slightly at this, he looked back down to see his own warming erection through his shorts. It was saluting itself like a slanted upward sundial on the cloudy day, making itself known to the whole world.

Ichigo didn't know that she had not been the only excited one today, and he felt his old inclination to touch himself. The next four months might be more evolutionary than usual for him and Ichigo. He smiled at that.

Finally taking out the wedding ring from his shorts pocket in which he had planned merely to give to Ichigo as a joke on her sixteenth birthday, he starred at it.

She would usually refuse him, and he didn't think this year would be any different, of course. But at the way things were going today, it looked like perhaps things were leaning more towards his favor - after all. And maybe just maybe Kish could really use it someday.

She would make a beautiful bride. And he could just imagine his wedding night with her. She would look all innocent at first; never showing how much she really was a tigress in the bedroom. She would pull up her dress and open her legs to him as he stuffed his size into her, and her tail would wrap around him.

Growling with pleasure at that thought, Kish pushed off his shorts halfway, and touched his member with one hand, biting his lip.

His other hand grasped the wedding ring tightly, Knowing it was going to imprint in his hand if he seized it too tightly, but he didn't care as he got lost in the pleasure in the thoughts of her. He began to slide his hand on his member, back and forth...


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