Tempting Pleasure 3

By: Take-Me-Away-to-Paradise

Discrestion: This is to naughty for little kiddies.

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Chapter 3: Tight Spot

Kish stared into the sky as he articulated clouds. There was no hiding it, He was annoyed.

Ichigo had said she had just wanted some time to think about things, but she had basically just ignored him the past three days. Even after he had gone through the trouble to get to that island for them alone, near Jamaica, and had also put up with her talking a little about that damned human, Ayoyama.

No, that wasn't it. He was just annoyed because he just didn't know how much more he could physically restrain himself anymore. He could still think about that kiss, about licking and sucking on her breasts, and tasting her down there. It had made him unimaginably horny the past three days with that memory implanted in his mind firmly. She had been so wet and calling out his name. Her smell had intoxicated him, with it's smell of salt and her own pheromones He wanted to lick and kiss her everywhere, he wanted every piece of hers to be his, even her soul.

"Ughh! I am so pissed!" He commented on his once again boner. When she finally did make up her decision to be with him, Kish was going to make her suffer just as much as he was in now!

Kish began to smirk, a a brilliant idea came across his mind. He could't believe he hadn't thought about this before.

"You just wait, little kitty. I got a big surprise for you.' and he teleported away to start his plan.

Ichigo felt a chill rush through her spine suddenly as she was sorting papers. Sitting back down in her office chair, she noticed it was near closing time. A couple days ago, she couldn't believe it that she had actually gotten that job as a sales representative. She had been so happy.

"Eh, heheh." Ichigo laughed nervously out loud. They had actually called her up for another position in the business She was now going to be the secretary. Someone who helped the different customers, directed where calls should go as well as other little things.

In a way it reminded her of being a waitress, but there was a lot more sitting involved.

"Ok, that wraps up today!" said Ayumi as she came into the room. The lady slumped into one of the waiting room seats and kicked off her shoes, being very unreserved. She flapped her hand in the air, beckoning to Ichigo who went over to stand in front of Ms. Ayumi.

"Good work today, girly. I just knew you would fit my style here, Hehe."

Apparently Ayumi was not as stern as Ichigo had initially thought in their first meeting. She was actually very nice and easy going. At least when it didn't come to work.

Ichigo gave a cheery smile back to , feeling proud.

"Oh it was nothing, but thank you so much Mam!"

Ayumi gave a warm smile back to Momomiya before it turned into a serious frown. "But you should know again, tomorrow is going be the big meeting, so I really can't have any mistakes." Her eyebrows furrowed in concern as she stared at the carpeted floor. "Mr. Ashida is very strict and will not accept anything less then perfection tomorrow. He has been known to fire people suddenly, no matter which position. "

Ichigo looked at Ayumi with concern. She was of course worried about losing her job if she somehow didn't meet Mr. Ashida's expectations, but she imagined Ayumi had it rougher.

Ichigo was supposed to be there, in case she was needed during the meeting. Aparentlly there was going to be a lot of different head corporations interested in the products, as well as Mr. Ashida was going to be there.

A sense of tension filled the waiting room, as Ichigo struggled to think of what to say, but Ayumi broke out with a smile.

"Well I'm sure it will be just fine. I'll see you tomorrow, kiddo!" and with that, Ichigo was sent out to go home.

At arriving to her house, she saw on the dinner table that mom and dad wouldn't be home.

To Ichigo...

Hey honey! We're leaving a note here to say that we're actually going on a couples trip! I won the prize buying some radishes at the supermarket today.

Isn't that just soo exciting?

Anyway, we'll be gone for one week, so take care

Love ya- heart heart heart

Mom and Dad

P.s. Dad says not to bring any boys over to the house, hehe!

"Well I think you broke that rule quickly," Kish commented, reading the note over Ichigo's shoulder. Ichigo jumped in surprise, her cat tail coming out in spiky clumps. She spun around to see Kish. He was wearing a black school outfit, with two of the top buttons open and exposing a little of his neck and some of his collarbone. He looked really sexy. In a naughty student sort of way.

Ichigo blushed, "Kish, what are you wearing,"

She had finally decided to speak to him again. It had been three days already, but she was still feeling embarrassed, not to mention just seeing him made her insides feel funny.

Kish evilly smirked with one of his canines poking out, he took a few steps to her side, and sat down on the kitchen table with one of his legs crossed over, facing her. He looked like he really could rule the world.

"Finally chatting with me now, huh kitty cat?" his golden eyes peered strongly into Ichigo's, making shivers go up and down her spine. He was really being dangerous to look at her like that. What if animal control took over her and she started doing stuff that would make her so embarrassed she would want to die latter? Not like she hadn't done some of that before.

Kish looked away from her, breaking their intense eye connection as he titled his head up to the side, avoiding her yearning eyes, as if he didn't care.

"You're a very bad kitty, Koneko-chan. Leaving me wondering, if you really want me or not. I feel so heartbroken, and it's making my heart burn so much for you."

Ichigo gulped. His hands went up to his open collar and tugged it down, he looked so rugged and yet so attractive. She couldn't believe how stupid she was being over Kish. But after those 2 nights, and that connection, she couldn't help but start to really like him.

She tried to find her voice, but was shocked when Kish then expelled his shirt, showing his evenly toned chest in the light. Her mouth dropped open and she could swear that she may be having a nosebleed. She wiped her nose just to make sure.

"K-Kish, what are you doing?"

Kish wanted to grin , but refrained to keep acting the part. "Oh Kitty, I just started getting so hot is all, I wonder what I should do, hm?" he looked into her eyes all Innocent.

Ichigo tried to hold on the table for support.

Damn it, where was her fight? Her will was supposed to be stronger then this! Not a weakling.

Kish gracefully extended his arm and hand out, as he tilted her chin up to look into him. She was still transfixed on him, her eyes unmoving as they once again dreamily stared at his.

Kish licked his upper lip in anticipation as he bent his head down for the kiss. She was hungry for him as their kiss on the lips quickly became a tongue kiss. Her tongue rolled around his and she selfishly took a hold of him as she found her insides burn again in want.

It must of been the animal genes which had still resided inside her a little. She let him go all the way back on the table until she crawled on top herself, only breaking the kiss for a few seconds. Kish had his hands then rubbing up and down her back before closeing his eyes. Ichigo closed her eyes, and sank her hands to his broad bare chest. She knew she must be blushing like mad but kissing Kish was driving her insane with want. She couldn't get the feelings these kisses with him were now giving.

Gingerly now, going down her back, Kish's hands then began at her butt and started to rub and squeeze. Ichigo hissed in a breath as he continued to massage. His hands felt big and strong, and it made her feel something altogether new. She never knew it could feel this good. She tilted her head up at the feeling as he continued. That's when he rasped "take off your bottoms" Ichigo opened her eyes and blushed deeper. For all she knew she could majorly wet by now. What they had just done had just done, felt so incredibly good.

"Iie, it's to embarrassing " she blushed. Kish looked up at her with pleading eyes glowing like a sunset. She gulped as she sat up on her knees and undid her skirt. Kish's eyes stared at her panties, making Ichigo's insides give a little twist. She remembered when his tongue had been there, and she almost wanted to feel that again.

Kish smiled up at her, making Ichigo's heart melt, but that was before he asked her for the next request.

"Now, take off your panties. You've been bad by ignoring me." Ichigo felt her body tingle, her mind started to make her feel guilty.

She didn't know why she had avoided Kish the last three days. Except for the embarrassing Maybe it had something to do with being Aoyama-san's girl for so long? She had let what her and Kish had done together break the line, those days.

Slowly clambering down from the table, and Kish propping him self upright on her forearms, Ichigo began to push down her panties. She took her legs out of each hole, and she bent down to toss them over to the side before looking back up at Kish. He was staring at her seriously. Ichigo avoided his eye contact, and bit her lip in worry.

"You look very pretty kitty," She could hear him say, which made her blush harder.

"Well, Kish, are you happy now?" Asked Ichigo in a mix of embarrassment and being flustered. She expected him to say yes, and be his normal perverted self.

"Not really." said Kish. Ichigo looked back at him, in angered disbelief, but there was actually no Kish there.

"Kish?" Ichigo was freaked out. Did Kish actually leave after her saying that? Or not being happy with her? She might cry.


Ichigo suddenly felt a cool metallic band embrace her whole waist and privates, almost like panties.

"W-What?" Ichigo spun around to see Kish standing behind her. He held a victorious grin on his face. Ichigo looked down at her lower abdomen to see what she was actually in.

It was a weird kind of weird thin metallic material, but surprisingly it was not heavy. It fit on her snugly, and try as she might she couldn't find anything to undo it, or get it off.

She looked back at Kish in disbelief.

"Kish, what is this?

Kish laughed in glee as he circled around Ichigo. "This, Little Kitty Cat, is a device I made just for you. Do you like it?"

Ichigo's mouth fell open.

"W-well take it off, I don't want it!"

Kish gave her a sly grin, stopping at where she stood and not going around in a circle anymore.

"And what makes you think I will obey you, hmm?

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