Hello readers, I have once again attempted writing in an effort to get my creative juices flowing. But seeing as how I don't have the time to be committed to a full fledged story yet, I am easing into it with 100 situation drabbles, starring none other than my favourite non-canon couple Tomoyo and Eriol. These drabbles are going to be mostly AU as I enjoy throwing Tomoyo and Eriol into weird situations and alternate realities. If you're reading, I would very much appreciate a review!


013. Death

He glided through the cobblestone streets, observing the few people milling around despite the late hour but with eyes glazed over and unseeing. In another lifetime, he might have stopped to appreciate the old architecture of the townhouses or marvelled wondrously at the creeping vines surrounding the doors and windows. Vaguely, he remembered that such things used to interest him, perhaps he had been an architect? Or a builder? It had been such a long time ago, soon he knew he would pass by this way again and not even give his surroundings the little thought he still did now.

Shaking his head, and inwardly reminding himself he had more pressing matters to take care of, he did a quick sweep of the general area and soon found what he was looking for. The tell tale black glow on a door. Ignoring the whore who was leaning against a lone street lamp, he stepped around her to the door behind and pushed it slowly open.

Ah, a brothel. It has been a while since he last visited such a place. Eyeing the seedy clientele who were in various states of undress and lounged across the salon, he narrowed his eyes, searching for the person he was to collect. Not noticing anything other than the usual debauchery, he spotted a little stairwell off to the side of the salon and glided over, easily ascending the steps in search for his delivery.

He was greeted by a little wooden door at the top and his senses tingled in the way they usually did when he was near a job. Smirking and feeling rather satisfied with himself, he leaned against the door and let himself into the small, musky room. The only furniture was a thin bed roll in the middle of the floor and upon it, sat a girl with hair as black as the night. She looked up at his entrance and he halted momentarily for it was the first time, in a long time, his presence had been acknowledged. The girl said nothing, but her eyes stared piercingly at him and he found himself waiting with bated breath for her to speak. Finally after a few minutes had passed with nothing but silence in between them, he let out a breath and glided closer to her, convinced that the girl couldn't actually see him.

Which was why he nearly tripped over his non-existent feet (or at least, he thinks they are non-existent, just like the rest of him.) when the girl spoke, "Who are you?"

He quickly looked at her and frowned, "You can see me?"

Her answering nod rendered him speechless for a few more seconds. Inhaling deeply in and out to regulate his breathing and gather his thoughts, for he had never encountered such a situation before, he gingerly sat down next to the girl on the bed roll.

"They never told me that something like this would happen." He looked directly at the girl next to him, noting the strange colouring of her eyes.

"Something like what would happen?" The girl replied, cocking her head in question, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to speak to a stranger who had invaded her bedroom at quite an ungodly hour in the night.

"This." He said, gesturing uselessly between them. At the girl's puzzled expression, he tried to clarify, "You are not suppose to be able to see me."

"Oh," came the girl's answer.

He frowned, ruffling his hair exasperatedly, trying to find an explanation (a gesture which he used to do much in his lifetime, although that memory was gone from him now), haltingly he said, "I am not human."

The girl beside him blinked. Then said, "My name is Tomoyo," and stretched out her hand in a handshake.

He turned to her, a little disbelieving, but stretched out his own to grasp hers. (His gentlemanly upbringing would not leave him despite the centuries of decidedly ungentlemanly work he had been doing.) Her hands were pale and jaundiced and he realised with a start that so was the rest of her.

"You're sick." He told her flatly, still holding on to her hand.

"I... yes." She replied back, the corners of her mouth curling up into a barely there smile. He saw the sparkle in her eye though, she was amused.

"Why is it that you can see me?" He asked again, "Touch me?" And he threaded their fingers together.

Tomoyo looked down at their joined hands and whispered lowly, "I don't know."

Suddenly there was a loud banging on the door and they both jumped, turning wide eyes towards the doorway. "Tomoyo! Get down there at once! The crowd is getting rowdy!" Then the sound of heavy footsteps retreating away.

Letting out a little sigh, Tomoyo pulled away from the mysterious stranger, "I have to go."

But before she could lift herself off her bed roll, she felt the warm hands catch her own again and the stranger said, "You can't. I have you now."

Feeling the strength drain out of her, she fell back onto the bed roll, and looked directly into midnight blue eyes, "Are you going to take me away?"

The mouth of the stranger curled up into a delicious smile and raising her hand up to his lips, he murmured against them, "Yes. I am going to take you away. My name is Eriol."

She felt her eyes slowly close although all she wanted was to take in the stranger with the midnight blue eyes in front of her, promising the one and only thing she had ever wanted in her life.

"I am Death."

And she knew no more.