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Pride and Joy

Chapter 1: Big Red Button of DOOM!

Zim was in the lower part of his labs. He had been working hard on his next evil scheme; this plan being deemed "fool-proof" by the spontaneous and rather short invader -well- once very short. Zim had grown to an impressive size of 5ft 10", as well as his recently acquired height, Zim had also gained lean and hard muscles. Since he had begun the dreaded Hi-Skool years back it had come to his attention that he was able to gather the attention of quite a few earth females. Zim had considered using this new found knowledge to his advantage but after an awkward night of looking up human mating rituals on his base's computer, he sickeningly decided against. Of course, many of the acts looked quite pleasurable and the overall concept was quite similar to how Irken reproduction once worked before their cloning technology, it seemed that the humans were able to turn these meaningful and productive act to bond closer with one's mate and give birth to a smeet into a sick and disgusting game of filthy, regrettable, pleasure. Oh well, at the very least Zim could use his female attracting skills to get on the Dib-beast's nerves.

Ah, Dib. The filthy earth beast had still yet to submit to the imminent invasion. If anything he had grown stronger and more persistent, so the fact that Zim was able to capture his own species sexual attention and the jealousy it caused his nemesis to feel gave Zim a great boost to his already large ego and pride. It wasn't to say the Dib was not attractive, in fact it, as how the humans said, pissed him off that Dib was taller than him, standing at about 6ft. Obviously, the pig-creature had taken after his male parental unit in his height, personality wise, they couldn't be further from the same of each other. While Membrane was respectable, oblivious, and Cold hearted; Dib was creative, observant, and understanding. Where Membrane's words were final; Dib's were negotiable and open to suggestion. Where Membrane never spoke of his wife and shouted at anyone who tried to bring her up; Dib spoke openly, when asked, with a longing passion about how much he wished he could see her again and smiled kindly when she was brought into a conversation. The two were incredibly different in many ways. It seemed that the only reasons Dib was not approached by the other students at all, never mind in a manner of courting or affection of any kind was because of his paranormal tendencies that had him labeled a "freak" and "crazy" all of his life and cursed him to the life of a loner, to which he didn't seem to object nor mind. The other reason being his hell sent sister.

The Dib-Sibling, Gaz, however, had morphed from a terrifying demon spawn into an even more terrifying dark goddess. It was well known in the male locker rooms at the skool, much to Dib's protest and dismay, that she was well desired. It was also well known that she was dangerous and vicious. Though she was 2 years younger than her brother, Gaz was definitely the tougher, stronger, and more intimidating of the Membrane children. Her style had never changed, she still held the same skull necklace her mother had gifted her around her neck at all times, still held her hair in a usual razor sharp, bob cut though it now reached just past her shoulders, and still choose purple as her signature colour. The last year, was Gaz's freshman year, and she hated the people just as much as she had in Elementary. Though, in this new school she had managed to befriend two other girls who, much like her, were absolutely deadly, Mandy and Olga-or as she preferred be called Lala Vava. They had formed a sort of alliance and turned each others' once anti-social lives into something that resembled normal. Each of the young ladies hated the world and planned on forcing it to accommodate their wants. Though it was never spoken out loud but each of them knew their part. Mandy was the brains, she had a plan for every situation and thought it through thoroughly before presenting it to the others but was able to think quickly and under pressure. Gaz was the brawns, she had the strength and ferocity to intimidate and over power anyone. Lala was the beauty, she could easily keep anyone from suspecting the three of any wrong doing and simply bat her eyelashes and have the world handed to her on a silver platter by some foolish, hormonal, male (and occasional female).

All in all, minimal changes had occurred in the past six years.

Zim was standing in front of his base's large communications monitor. His hands were folded neatly and respectfully behind his back as he addressed the highest of Irken royalty on the screen before him: The Tallests. Red was staring at the screen with an extensive look of boredom and loathing on his face, his mate was in a room a few halls away and he was to be with her at the moment, upon hearing the little defect had called the ruby-eyed Tallest had become very agitated. Purple, on the other hand, looked caught off guard and mildly confused with the new plan Zim had presented to them to wipe out the race of his planets; humans, if they recalled correctly (and they usually did).

"So you see, My Tallests, all I need is-" Zim's request was cut short at the sound of a camera flash. After his initial shock had worn off Zim's eyes narrowed, fists clenched, and lekku pulled back hostilely. "The Dib…" The invader growled deep in his throat. "Excuse me, My Tallest. I'll return momentarily, it appears I have an intruder."

Red perked up and looked at the screen suddenly interested at the thought of a possible fight breaking loose before him; Purple sighed and slumped forward in his seat semi-glad that the…odd… request had been interrupted by possible entertainment.

Thirty minutes had passed and the Tallest were just about to cut the transmission, figuring that this was going to take far too long with too little to benefit them when a sudden and loud "GAH!" was shouted out and a what looked to be an adolescent boy in a trench coat and carrying a camera was flung into the room right in front of the monitor. He stood from his place on the ground as quickly as possible, adjusted his glasses, and turned to the screen to see the figures on the screen staring right at him.

"Oh wow!" he exclaimed before taking pictures. Red and Purple recognized this boy from a time before during a strange call between the two of them, this boy with the incredibly large head, and Zim's ridiculous and equally defective SIR Unit. The two paid almost no mind to the fact that the pitiful human was taking pictures, occasionally Purple would make strange faces at the camera for his own amusement.

Little time past by until Zim came charging into the room on his PAK legs screaming obscenities at the human in both Irken and English. Dib took off and Gir followed his psychotic master into the room holding a squeaking, purple moose above his head. The three ran aimlessly around the room while the Tallests watched.

About an hour later, things had begun to turn from annoying to suspenseful. Zim had long since destroyed the human's camera and the two were brawling on the ground. The two were both covered in bruises and minor scars and scrapes. It seemed that at the moment Zim had the upper hand, straddling the human while throwing a flurry of hits at his abnormally large head. Dib kicked and hit back at the alien in an effort to get him off and possibly win the quarrel.

During this mayhem, a purple haired girl barged into the lab. Her angered was apparent, almost to the point where smoke shot from her ears. The sight of her brother being pounded had her smirk and lean against the wall, her earlier rage forgotten for a brief moment to enjoy her older sibling's pain. She played with a loose string of her black, lace over shirt before straightening it back out over her purple tank top underneath and fixing her navy, black and purple skirt. Covering her legs were ripped dark purple tights which disappeared above her ankles under her favourite, black, Converse. Soon getting bored with the familiar scene she fished her Game Slave III out of her skirt pocket and began to bash the buttons.

Zim landed a kick to Dib's gut with his standard, black, invader boots; causing the 17 year olds' glasses to fly from his face and scatter across the room. The blow left him nauseous, disoriented, and blind. His Trench coat was falling from his shoulders and his shirt was being torn to shreds, the knees of his black skinny jeans were destroyed and his shoes were an obliterated mess. Blood was falling from his ears from where Zim had cruelly decided to rip out a couple piercings with his teeth.

Zim picked the human boy up and held him in the air. Leather clad hand clutching his windpipe, not enough to choke him but enough to make him gasp. Zim didn't exactly look amazing at the moment either. His left lekku was sprained and bent painfully, his PAK was scratched and dented, and one of his sharp canines were knocked out. His pink and black striped top had some of its clasps torn off on the front revealing jade green chest under his lighter pink neck cover one of his sleeves were ripped completely off, his tight, black pants were dirty and torn just as Dib's were and his normally well kept boots were very scuffed.

Without thinking, as per usual, Zim slammed the boy down with all of his force, right onto his control panel. Dib's back smacked down a red button the size of both of his fists put together.

Sirens began to blare through the lab and the three beings there all look around in confusion, while Gir continues to run wildly, and the Tallests perk their lekku in interest to the loud sound.

Zim released Dib trying to see what could possibly be happening when he looks to the computer panel that his arch foe had just been pushed up against he finds an experimental button flashing.

"INSOLENT FOOL BOY!" Zim shooted, pointing an accusing finger at Dib. "You have doomed us all! That button was untested and is meant to send the beings around it to a planet of pure DOOM!"

Zim started to panic! He tried to disable his invention. The Tallest watched on, hoping perhaps they would finally be rid of Zim once and for all. Dib and Gaz attempted to escape from the base but it was no use; the program initiated lock down and they were all trapped and doomed! Finally, giving up with disabling the teleporters that would send them to their deaths with only 10 seconds left on the large countdown clock he settled for changing the location. Too rushed to read the description f each location Zim chose the first one to appear on the touch screen at his hands.

As soon as that was done an incredible bright light filled the lab before Each and every one of the witnesses to this madness blacked out.

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Smeets = Irken babies
Lekku = Zim's antennae
Mate = An Irken's significant other, Irkens will stay loyal to this person until they die (usually in war)