I am deeply sorry for this, I never intended for this but I cannot continue this any longer. I have lost complete interest in this and lost my entire train of thought with it. It just seems like it would be unfair to you and a nu-sense to continue this story. I had a general idea but other than that this story had no plot what so ever. I know a few people out there enjoyed this and I am dearly sorry to those people.

However, since I don't ever want to just "kill" a story, I will be putting this up for adoption. Anyone who believes they can make something of this story (something amazing) out of what is so far please PM me and let me know, this will go to the first person so PM me quickly, I will post the new writer for this as soon as I get one and I shall post it both here and on my profile

Sorry for the disappointment and inconvenience.

.::New Writer: (none yet)::.