A Promise of Salvation makes me stay

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Title borrowed from The Holy Hour – The Cure

Pairings: VxW

A/N: series of drabbles (100 words, not counting the title or song lyrics used). Inter-connected ones will be marked or posted in one chapter. Feedback is highly appreciated!

Face to Face

Face to Face

In a dry and

waterless place

He's dreamed and dreaded that moment so often now, it's more of a certainty than anything else. Fear, Anger, Doubt, fighting for dominance, while he'll stand there, here. Staring into the unblinking, merciless eyes of his brother, whose gaze will knife its way into his very soul, catch, unravel and spread. But he can't give in, without these emotions, what's left to distinguish the two of them?

Maybe, if Vash is quick, neither of them will ever find out.

Come on, take me away

Come on, take me home

Home again


A/N: Lyrics taken from The Unforgettble Fire - U2