The throes of Mental Power, or Do it for your Health

A flash of fire, then he drags in the first breath of poison.

Vash scowls, then decides it's finally enough. He fixes the priest with his Ultra Hard Stare Of Absolute Mental Power. A heartbeat later, he blinks in surprise.

" 'If Vash ever kisses me, I'll stop smoking, period' ?! Seriously?"

The priest sputters, tries to say something, ends up coughing.

Smoking really is bad for people,Vash thinks.

"Well, don't be a coward then and kiss me already! Do it for your health!"

In desperation, Wolfwood throws a cat at him, then starts running.

Unromantic bastard, Vash thinks.

A/N: There you have it. This happens, when I try to write fluff: Crack. o.O