Last sunset

What if this storm ends?

And I don't see you

As you are now

Ever again.

The perfect halo

Of gold hair and lightning

Sets you off against

The planet's last dance


Vash turns, fingers just closing the last straps on his coat, body already turned towards the door. He eyes Wolfwood curiously. Wolfwood's sitting hunched over on the bed, smoking, with his back to him. "Stay," he says again. Whispers, almost. As if he's admitting something terrible. Something sad.

Drawn back, Vash moves to stand in front of him, blocking the sunset.

The priest stares up at him. Desperation? Vash has the sudden notion that he's running through prayers in his head.

"Stay. As you are."

But it's leaving time – thunder in the distance. It's ending.

A/N: Lyrics taken from the song "The Lightning Strike" by Snow Patrol.