Batman Robin Yaoi Infestation

The Batman and The Robin were swings on the building somewhere close to a building near gotham city. The streets were rotten, and they could only fix it using their love.

"Robin" said Batman

"Batman" said Robin

"I think your eyeballs are nice" said Batman to The Robin. "I refuse to crash love into anyone with eyeball shapes that are poor" He porked his cheek with his hand.

"I must make an admittance to a local hospital: your ass is swell", said The Robin to The Batman.. He grabbed Robin's skinny ass. It had muscles growing on it and was tight like a hole. The Batman was a hard guy after that. He pushed himself up and roughened his tongue on Robin's neck. The ass was nice.

"GIVE IT TO ME" The Robin upstarted at the Batman. He presented his ass. It was bear.

The Batman took his hot bat whip and smacked Robin hardly as he could. Lots of screaming happened. Then The Batman got an idea. He made a mental decision to strap up Robin in his cave of bats!

"Batman, no!" said Robin. He moved repeatedly. The strings touched all over Robin's ankles and his wrists. No moving happened after that.

"BATMAN NO" Batman said with a mocking. He approached Robin's ass and ensured that it was properly secured. Then the then the fucking occurred. Batman whipped out his Batman penis that was curved like batarang. He sunk it into the manhole. Robin wimped out, "NO BATMAN! WHY MUST YOU CONCEVE WITH ME?" Batman said nothing and fucked him. The hole had no ending and the penis was never dry. The fucking persisted for about 10 minutes. The ending came, and the cumming was complete.

The ass became dialated. It was the end. Batman left with a towel.