A/N I had contemplated this long and hard, about whether I should post it here as well or not, but decided at the end I should do so, for this is quite a nice short short piece that I found myself still enjoy re-reading it, even after all these time.

It was originally posted on my dA account, along with a sketch. Among all the minor characters of KOTOR and TSL universe, the stories of Arren Kae and Yusanis are the most intriguing. I often found myself wonder what was the story between these two, and this little piece was one of my...exploring result.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

A Republic hammerhead vessel had just exited the hyperdrive mode and arrived at the intended sector. The Bridge was busy. Officers and droids onboard were moving around, giving and passing orders to others. There were an awful lot of setting and re-setting that needs to be done. For a few moments, the usually quiet Bridge was buzzing with noise.

The Commander had been standing at the front of the Bridge section since they entered this sector. He hadn't spoken to anyone yet. His handsome facial feature reflected by the starlight outside and gleamed with shimmering silver as outline.

He remained starring outside the window for another minute or so before turned his sapphire eyes around and scanning the room.


A small, mid-40's officer quickly approached him. He gave the Commander a salute pose before asked: "Yes, Sir?"

"Which sector are we at?"

"Arkanis Sector, Sir" Officer Karath bowed.

"This is not the sector I had ordered the ship to go to." The Commander turned his head back to the space outside.

Officer Karath jerked his head up and glared at the Commander, his voice was thickening with panic: "That Sector is now sealed off, Sir. This is as close as we are allowed to get."

The Commander kept staring outside the window for a while. Just when Karath thought of retreating back to his duty, he opened his mouth again.

"Get me a ship." He said.

"But, Sir…."

"I am going to the Sector myself." The Commander sprang around and stepped towards the door.

"Sir, that is extremely unwise. We just received the report…" Officer Karath followed the Commander, attempting to persuade him to change his mind.

"I'VE READ THE DAMN REPORT!" The Commander halted and yelled at Karath, "….I am going there."

"Sir, there were no survivors…" Officer Karath seemed frightened by the Commander's fuming expression. He hesitated for a moment before deciding to continue his attempt to stop the Commander from leaving the ship.

The Commander shot him an angry side-glance before resumed his way towards the boarding bay, completely ignoring his words.

Suddenly, officers around him moved and grabbed him. Within seconds he was restrained on the floor.

The Commander struggled frantically. He glared at officer Karath and bellowed: "How dare you….LET GO OF ME, NOW!"

"…Forgive me, Commander Yusanis." Officer Karath replied with tears in his eyes, "You can't go there. You and I both know there won't be any point to go there now. There is nothing left."

"No….No….NO~~!" Commander Yusanis struggled to break free from all the officers for another moment before finally gave in. He collapsed on the floor and hauled. Tears were streaming down his face: "Arren…..ARREN~~~~~~~~~~!"