Chapter Five: Official's Visit

It was already few weeks after the last mission in the Arlem region. In that time the battalion was just doing some regular patrols. Godwin was teaching about Kalvland and its current situation and he was also showing the battalion's equipment to the cadets. Most of the students were very interested in the M33 submachine gun (German MP40 look alike.), for the cadets the weapon had a very strange shape. The cadets also thought that the weapon was just too accurate to be a submachine gun. But this day something odd was going to happen.

Meanwhile Godwin was just walking past the R&D building as he saw a Class G tank diving out of the building. The tank drove next to Godwin and stopped, and then Lavinia Lane pooped out of the hatch.

"Hi Lavinia, what are you doing?" asked Godwin.

Lavinia turned around and looked at Godwin in surprise. Then she said "Oh hi Godwin, well I'm just taking the tank out for a routine drive. I want to check that everything is working, you never know when it's the next mission."

"Yeah you're right, good thinking." Godwin replied.

"Thanks and what are you doing here anyway?" asked Lavinia.

"Well I just have some free time and I was heading to the R&D building. I wanted to ask you if I can use some of your stuff to upgrade my M33." Godwin said.

"Oh, well I don't know if you can upgrade your M33 with the stuff I got, but you can go and have a look maybe you'll find something." Lavinia replied.

"Thanks, I'll go have a look." Godwin said. Then left and headed for the R&D building. While Lavinia drove off in her light tank.

Godwin entered the R&D and headed straight for the small arms section. There were many weapons and upgrades for them, including sights, scopes, flamethrowers and such things. Godwin placed his M33 on a workshop table, and he then took a grenade launcher and a scope. He was then measuring attachments and he was trying to work out which one would be the best or which would be the easiest and quickest to modify. He was also trying to pick the scope with the shortest zoom as he didn't want a sniper rifle but something that could help him aim better.

After three and a half hour of work, he was finally done. His M33 had now an under barrel grenade launcher and a scope with an x1 zoom, which was just enough for mid-range combat. After that he was just making his way back to his room, but he heard the bell toll and suddenly stopped. Godwin looked up at the tower then looked back down and saw Lavinia again this time running to the R&D.

Godwin realised that something is going to happen he then run to his room instead. He got in his room and got on the radio and called for Zak. Zak's voice could be heard in the radio, he was saying "What's up Godwin?"

"Zak I want you and a six techincals in front of Lanseal, like for yesterday." Godwin said.

"Godwin what's going on?" asked Zak.

"I don't know but I have a hunch that something bad is going to happen." Godwin replied.

Few minutes later Godwin heard that someone was running down the hall as well. The minute later he turned around he saw Carl running in. Carl just stopped and said "Godwin we got to go, I heard that a Gallian government official will be travelling down south and Class G is appointed as escort."

"Damn I knew that something is going to happen." He then looked through the window and said "I already called for a six vehicle patrol we will follow them and if something bad is going to happen we will cover them."

Carl just nodded in agreement and walked out. Godwin then changed in to his battle dress, which took some time and then Godwin left for the main gate. Godwin was walking slowly, few minutes later he was joined by Carl. Carl was still looking forward and walking alongside Godwin, he then asked "So what's the plan Godwin?"

Godwin explained the whole plan to Carl. As the duo moved to the main gate they could see the Class G moving along next to them. Godwin and Carl just waved and then saluted, saying good luck in their own way. The Class returned the salute and moved on.

"Are you sure our troops in enough to support them?" asked Carl with a worrying face.

"Well… nope. But you will help me bring the cavalry along." Godwin replied.

"C-c-cavalry, what do you mean?" asked Carl.

"Well you are going to help me bring class A along." Godwin smiled and then added "You are a Gallian officer while I'm just a foreigner and Darcsen to them. As you can see they while not listen to me, despite my rank as a Major."

"Alright, so what are we waiting for?" asked Carl once more.

"I'm waiting for my men; I don't know what you are waiting for. Go get class A Carl." Godwin said, putting on an evil smile on his face.

Carl left and started heading back. Carl was pretty annoyed, but he understood that they would have to call for back up themselves sooner or later. I took him some time getting to the Class A's homeroom. When he walked in he saw that the lesson wasn't on and that everyone was just minding their own business. Carl stood in front of the class; he then took a deep breath and said "Any one volunteers to go on a special mission?"

The class just stood still and turned facing Carl. Carl looked around but no one answered, then he turned for the door, just when he was about make his way out, a female voice answered "Sir wait, what is that mission about?"

Carl smiled and turned facing the girl with pink hair and said "As you know Class G just left on its own, so I and my friend think that the Rebels are up to something. We need you to back us and them up, are you up for it soldiers?"

"Alright sir, we will be ready if called but it will take us some time to get there. So you will be on your own sir." The girl with pink hair replied.

While Carl was off talking to the Class A, Godwin was waiting for Zak to arrive. Few minutes later Godwin could see a vehicle far in the distance going at a high speed, he thought to himself "That's about time you show up."

Another few minutes, and the technical stopped in front of Godwin. Zak jumped out of the passenger's seat and stood up straight and gave Godwin a salute. Godwin saluted back and walked up to the fellow officer, and said "Finally you're here."

"Hey I took me some time picking the volunteers, any way I also…" he paused and walked over to the back of the vehicle. He then opened a box and pulled out a new weapon (Sturmgewehr 52 look alike.) then added "I also thought we would need those since it only that many of us."

"Nice an M-37 battle rifle, I thought they are still prototype?" asked Godwin.

"Well you see I took few of them before we left. I kind of guess we going to need them at some point didn't know that it will happen so quickly." Zak replied and the put up an evil smile.

"For once you used your brain, any ways thanks for bringing those along." Godwin said.

Zak passed the M-37 battle rifles to every man in the squad, living one still in the box. Then Godwin saw Carl walking his way with one hand in the air holding a thumb up. Godwin smiled and grabbed the last rifle in the boxed, then made few steps towards Carl and tossed the rifles to him. Carl cached the rifle and looked at it in surprise. Then made his last few steps towards the two officers, and then asked "What is this for?"

"A little present from both of us. It's an M-37 battle rifle which is a newly developed weapon." Godwin said. Zak added "It's a prototype so this gun will be used in combat for the first time. It's chambered with our standard 6.5mm bullets which have a high ballistic coefficients and sectional density which gives the bullet a great stability in flight, resistant to wind deflection and has an excellent penetration."

"I wonder how you know all that stuff, when it's a prototype rifle." Asked Carl, then added "But thanks anyway."

"My pleasure and I also know so much because our standard service rifle uses the same type of bullet." Zak replied and smiled afterwards.

"Ok we have no time to waist, get in the vehicles!" Godwin ordered, both officers nodded and got in the vehicles.

The squad was now on the move, they were heading behind Class G. The thing they knew for sure was that they were heading to the Leanbluff Forest. But they knew if an official is coming down south, that meant he or she is coming from Randgriz, and there is only one way through the forest from Randgriz. There were also few other roads joining with it, some made cross roads others didn't.

Few minutes of driving they got to a second cross road. Godwin then told Zak and Carl that if something will happen they should take three vehicles and move forward to worn Class G, while he will stay here and hold this position with the remaining force. Seconds after the conversation the whole unit heard a loud explosion, not far from here.

Zak and Carl without waiting for Godwin's order got in to the vehicle and drove to where they could see a large smoke column. Godwin prepared the defense of the cross road, with the tehnicals covering the roads and troops behind them. From two other roads rebels started to appear, there were many of them, lancers, engineers, scouts and lots of shocktroopers. Godwin was looking at the approaching troops, he had his arm up ready to give the order to fire, but he was waiting for the enemy to get closer. Few seconds later the enemy was close enough, Godwin gave the order to attack.

He's men opened fire at the upcoming enemies, the machine gunners who fired the 20mm guns from the technicals, were not even aiming, as long as their gun were pointing at the enemy and see troops get ripped to shreds, they were pretty happy.

Godwin was firing in short bursts, taking enemies down one by one. He was thinking "Keep on coming I might beat my last score of 721 enemies killed." He also had a wide smile on his face every time he saw more and more of those bustards falling down to the ground.

After a few minutes of a heavy gun fight, the rebels started to retreat. Godwin took a deep breath and sat down on the ground, leaning against the vehicle. One of his soldiers asked "Sir, are they retreating?" Godwin just looked up at the soldier and replied "No trooper, they are only regrouping to reengage so be on your gourd." The soldier just nodded and walked off.

Godwin grabbed his radio and said "Zak how you doing out there."

"Well we drove straight in to the rebel forces, it's like hell here never saw so much activity. That government official must be someone important. Anyway I think that Class G is about half a klick away from our location." Zak Replied.

"That's good to know. Keep on going." Godwin said.

"Alright Godwin, I wish your sister was here I would call for Air Force." Zak said.

"Yeah same, Devils would do the job, you know what I mean. Alright I'm out, got more of those bustards coming." Godwin replied, then putting his radio away.

Godwin got up on his feet and prepared to fire at the new upcoming wave of enemies. Godwin waited but he didn't know what was coming at him. Suddenly an armored soldier with a lance and a shield appeared and his body out line glowing blue. Godwin was surprised to see someone with a blue out line. He was thinking "I thought those monsters died out like few hundred years ago on our island. Never knew that I would see one of them alive. God I wish the Sea Lion squadron was here." He then placed his rifle on his back and took out a long hunting knife that he carried into combat. Then he thought "If the Sea Lions were right and that stupid book I read was right. I have to be fast and quick to take him down, and his most exposed area is throat." He got up and started running, he tilted his body forward to run faster and be a smaller target.

The armored soldier didn't expect a soldier to run at him, it took him few seconds to react. Then he started firing beams of blue light in Godwin's direction. Godwin dogged them and run in a zig-zag, few last steps and he jumped on to the armored soldier. Literally he pulled his helmet of and stubbed the armored soldier straight in the middle of his throat. As Godwin did that, he thought to himself "He looks just like a normal man; he doesn't have any gray hair. I miss taken him, or people here somehow managed to create a technology with similar power to that of those monsters." Godwin jumped off pulling his knife out from the guy's throat at the same time. He then just slowly walked towards his men.

Godwin then took his radio and said "Zak watch out they have fake valkyrias deployed." All Godwin could hear was gun fire. The Zak replied "Thanks… for… Telling! I'm in a middle of killing one." Godwin then changed the frequency and said "Papa-Golf-Bravo, this is Foxtrot-Romeo-Golf do you copy?"

Seconds later a soldier replied "This is Papa-Golf-Bravo, we copy, Foxtrot-Romeo-Golf, what's the situation."

"This is Major Kritz, I want you to send a message back to the fleet saying: Fake Victor-Alfa-Bravo are here. Got it?"

"Sir, yes sir, will do Sir. Out." The soldier replied. Godwin then changed his frequency back and then put back his radio.

He then said to his man "I know you all know this from history lessons but on this continent we have some fake valkyrias or even real valkyrias. I have sent a message back to Kalvland so we should have the Sea Lions here in two weeks. But for now we are on our own."

Meanwhile Zak finally reached the Class G which was being pinned down alongside the armored car. Class G was surprised to see Zak and the other Kalvlandian troops here. Zak's men were firing at the Rebles while Zak was showing Avan to move behind the cover, of suppressing fire. Part of the Class joined Zak's men holding the Rebels back while the other half moved along with the armored car.

Zak and his men were slowly moving back behind, still firing at any appearing rebels. Zak knew that they can't move at this pace for a long time they were too exposed, also the fake valkyrias proved to be a great threat to them. They were hard to kill due to their armor and that they were very resistant to damage, the only real way of killing them now was by going close and personal.

Zak was firing his M-37 in short bursts, he wasn't even aiming he just sprayed and prayed. As long as the Rebels had some distance from them, he was happy. He was just walking backwards.

A young female shocktrooper who was walking next to him asked "Sir, how long do we have to keep them at bay like this?"

Zak not even looking at the girl replied "Well for as long as possible, but soon we will have to speed up the pace." Then Zak stopped firing and said to the squad "Alright every one, two smoke grenades and we are pulling out, alright?"

Everyone just replied with a "Yes Sir." Few seconds later two smoke grenades were thrown, a deep gray smoke appeared in seconds. As more and more of the smoke appeared, the squad turned back and started running south heading for Avan and possibly Godwin.

Zak was running really fast alongside his men, all of his men were scared and worried, he could see it in their eyes.

After a few minutes of running they started to see the armored car and the rest of Class G. After a few minute sprints, they rejoined Avan's men and the armored car.

"Well it's good to see you made It." said Zak while running alongside Avan.

"You to sir, did you see any more of does Valkyrias?" asked Avan.

"Well not really there was lots of shocktroopers and scouts, but that's about it. Why?" replied Zak.

"At the start of the battle there were more of them, more than we killed so far." Avan said.

"Oh, well soon we will probably find out where they went." replied Zak.

"Hold the line guys, kill as many and don't let the though!" said Godwin firing his battle rifle.

Godwin's men were firing all they had at the wave after wave of rebel forces. Godwin was about to reload, got his hand to his ammo belt and felt nothing. Then he got his head up and shouted "Low on ammo, someone throw me a clip!"

Few seconds later one of the soldiers through him a 30 round magazine. Godwin picked up and reloaded his rifle. Aimed and started firing again. One of his soldiers shouted "Sir we are running low on ammo. We can't keep it up for too long." Godwin shouted to a nearby soldier with a radio on his back "You Radioman give Class A a signal. We need help ASAP!" The radioman stopped firing, placed his rifle next to him and got his radio.

Few minutes later of the fire fight, the rebels started retreating again. This was another such a pause in the fighting. Godwin sat down and shouted "Everyone ok!"

"Sir, Private Parson and Corporal Roco are both dead." One of the soldiers replied.

"How long is the ammunition going to last?" Godwin replied.

"Well we have few clips each so I suppose for another few minutes of battle, Sir." The same soldier replied.

"Does everyone have a side arm?" asked Godwin.

"Yes sir, Captain Zak ordered as to take one before we left." The soldier replied.

Godwin nodded and then started to think "Zak he saved my ass a dozen of times, but were the hell is he now?" Godwin was checking that every man had the same amount of ammunition and if they were alright.

Most of the soldiers just nodded when Godwin asked them if they were alright. Godwin knew they were lying but he also knew that they were tired from the ongoing battle; they were also scared of death. They already seen two of their brothers in arms fall in battle; they were thinking who's going to end up dead next.

Godwin then sat back down and got a cigarette out of his chest pocket. He then got out a lighter and lit the cigarette. Then he was just sitting there and smocking.

Fifteen minutes later he thought to himself "Artillery support would do the job here; we could use the artillery fire as a shield. But we only have does MORTARS!" Godwin got himself up on his feet and said to the radioman "Call Lieutenant Xavier Remington and tell him to send his mortar squad to position just outside of the forest. Tell him to set up position about half a klick from the south west road." The radioman just nodded and started to execute the order.

Godwin walked around and started to hit himself in the head thinking "Why didn't I think of that in the first place."

One of the soldier at a rank of a Staff Sargent walked up and asked "Sir what's wrong?"

Godwin stopped hitting himself and said "Why didn't I think about those mortars in the first place. If I wasn't so slow Parson and Roco would still live. Do you understand Julian?"

"Sir, we are both veterans from the last war, we fought together on Yoko. Even Captain Zak couldn't think about everything so don't get hard on yourself like that." S. Sargent Julian replied.

"Well your right. But still they could have been still alive." Godwin said.

"Sir all of our friends would be still alive if not that bloody war of 1934, did not start. So get yourself together and led those men like a commander should!" S. Sargent Julian replied with and angry voice.

Godwin got himself together and replied "Go point, I've lost two soldiers on this mission. Not going to lose any more!"

Godwin got back to his position, and started to prepare for the next skirmish with the rebels.

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