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Non-AU. Set after KH2, before KH3. Mild Yaoi. VanVen. Implied Soroku. Words: 646.


He's here again.

Ventus watches the brunet Keyblade wielder chatting cheerfully with his Nobody from a distance. Both boys are sitting on the top of a station tower. This place has once again changed into a small town. Though Ventus has never been to the real Twilight Town, he knows this is Roxas' hometown.

Roxas only wakes up whenever Sora is here.

Ventus smiles, as he sees a small but definitely sincere smile appeared on the blond boy's face. The young Keyblade hero must have told the Nobody some funny things again.

Sora's bright grin is contagious. So is his light.

The light shining in that pair of cerulean eyes reminds Ventus of the blue sky. He misses the blue sky outside. He doesn't even remember when the last time that he saw the real sky was. But whenever Sora comes here, he sees the sky.

Standing in the darkness, Ventus keeps watching them. They don't know he is here. But it doesn't matter. He feels happy for them. He knows the reason why the keyblade hero keeps coming back to this place. He wishes that blond boy who shares the identical face with him would figure it out soon as well. He wishes the Nobody boy could smile more often.

The orange sky painted by the sunset is nostalgic. Just like Roxas.

That's right, the color of sky is not always blue. The sky can be in many different colors. If Sora was the blue sunny day sky, Roxas would be the orange twilight sky. And he would be the night sky - the raven color of his hair matches the metaphor perfectly.

Ventus chuckles a bit at his own thoughts. He is still intrigued by the fact he shares the exact same face with Sora. Their appearances are the proof of their unbreakable connections to each other.

"Stalking them again, Ventus?" A low voice whispers near Ventus' ears. A pair of strong arms wraps his body from behind.

"Yeah…like you can say that." Ventus chuckles again, speaking of the devil…

"Hmph, what's so funny?" Fine, it is true he used to be a 'stalker' stalking Ventus in every world, so what?

"Nothing. I was just thinking about the skies." Ventus leans back into the raven teen's embrace even more, enjoying the contact with his Other. "I'm thinking, you are like the night sky, Vanitas. Mmmm, the starless one to be precise."

"Huh?" Obviously confused is Vanitas, "What's that come from?"

"'Coz you're the opposite of Sora, the blue sunny sky." Ventus grins playfully, doesn't care whether it makes much sense to his Other.

"Hmph, then you would be the starry sky." Vanitas scoffs, now it's Ventus' turn getting confused.

"Why's that?"

"'Coz you like the stars don't you? And you were always sleeping."

"Yeah…I was." Ventus' grin turns into a weaker smile, "And I still am."

"Idiot. What's with that sad face? You know the kid is gonna wake you up sooner or later. He means it."

"No, he will wake us up." Ventus corrects Vanitas, grinning again. That's right, Sora always keeps his promise.

"Whatever." Vanitas shrugged. As long as he won't be separated from his Other again, he's content. He likes the peace he obtained here, within the kid's heart, together with his Light. No more X-blade, no more pains, no more negativity, no more emptiness, no more desperation. He has already got his salvation. (1)

Turning around to face the raven teen, Ventus wraps his arms around Vanitas' neck, hugging him tightly.

"I'm sorry, Vanitas. I won't leave you alone any more."


Yes, one day, Sora will wake them up, and they will be together forever.

They will wait for him. Wait for Sora.

Even though the sky is indeed colorful, when you say the word 'sky', it's always the cerulean blue people first think of.

One Sky. One Destiny.

A/N: so how do you guys like it? I personally love the sky metaphor a lot - four boys represent four different kinds of skies. Ventus may be a hard one. I think him as starry sky here. But what do you guys think he should be?

(1) If you wonder why Vanitas thinks the way he does in this story, please check out my profile and click DARK MEMORY – The Truth of Vanitas Behind the Game. It's a translated summary of Vanitas' back story from the official Japanese BbS novel. If you've read that, you'll understand. xD

oh yeah, I think every KH fans knows that "Sora" in Japanese means "Sky" right? xD