AU. Slightly twinect Yaoi. Sora/Roxas.


Sora didn't like this room at all. Everything in this room was plain white. White walls, white ceiling, white curtains, white furniture, white bed sheets…Sora didn't like this room because he didn't like how lifeless the room made him feel.

His pale twin brother was sitting on the white bed, looking happy to see him again. Sora didn't like to see his brother in that white patient gown, but he grinned anyway, because, to him, nothing mattered more than keeping his sick brother happy.

"Roxas, how're you feeling today?" He sat down on the seat next to his brother's bed, taking out things he brought with him from a paper bag.

"Good. I thought you'd never come again." His brother grinned back, obviously in a good (a.k.a. teasing) mood.

"What? You know I won't abandon my dear Rox here alone!" Sora eagerly defended himself. The blond teen only chuckled at his brother's predictable reaction.

"Yeah yeah, of course I know how much Sora loves me." The teasing tone in his blond twin's voice made Sora's grin spread wider, he reached out to ruffle the younger's golden spiky hair in revenge. But then he sighed.

"Sorry Rox, I couldn't come earlier. I should come more often. I want to be at your side as much as I can but work's busy these days…"

"I know Sora. It's okay. I know you're busy. You have your own life to live. At least you still come to visit me. I'm happy enough…"

"What are you talking about! You're my brother! Don't speak like you are…"

"But I am your burden." Roxas cut him short, didn't let him to finish what he intended to protest about. The blond's grin turned into a weak smile.

"No, you are not." Sadness overcame Sora. He didn't want to hear his brother saying words like that, it made him feel his heart was clenched by an invisible hand.

"I know I am a burden to everyone. That's probably why Ven and Vani stopped visiting me." The blond said with a now blank expression, though he didn't sound particularly sad or disappointed, it only made Sora's heart clenching more painfully.

"Nah…it's not like they don't want to visit, y'know, it's just…"

He tried to come up with some excuse for their two elder brothers, but lying to Roxas was one of the least things he wanted to do in this world. In fact, he didn't understand either why their elder brothers become so reluctant to come to see their youngest sick brother. It wasn't like Roxas had much time left anyway, the disease was incurable…Were his brothers just unable to face the fact that he was dying? He didn't understand. He had already accepted the fact that his twin, the person closest to him in all universes, his Other, was leaving this world, leaving them. If anyone, he would be the last person of wanting to accept this cruel reality, but he did accept their inevitable fate nevertheless. No matter how much his heart was being torn apart by this grief inside, outside, Sora just wanted to put up the best of him to make Roxas stay happy, so that when the day came, he would leave without any regret…

"It's okay Sora, I don't really care. As long as you're here, I don't need anybody else." Seeing his brother seemingly getting depressed, the blond teen quickly flashed Sora a grin, resumed his previous cheerful mood.

"Yeah that's right! You have me! Look what I bring to you this time." The brunet man also went back to his usual self, showing his brother a piece of black machine in excitement, in hopes to light up the atmosphere.

"You really bought me a PS VITA?" The younger teen yelped in happiness, quickly took the machine and started to examine the brand-new machine with excitement.

"Of course brother, I'll get you anything you want." Seeing the sickly pale cheeks of his younger twin turning a bit rosy because of the happiness, Sora couldn't help but get closer to kiss the forehead of his brother gently.

"Thank you Sora." Feeling the gesture, Roxas put down the machine and lifted his head up to kiss the brunet man back. He lightly kissed the man on the lips and tried to quickly get away, however the other man didn't let him go so easily. Sora immediately captured the younger's lips with his own. The butterfly kiss soon turned into a passionate one. Not until the blond moaned slightly did Sora release him.

"I should be able to come more often since next month. The ship is about to be finished." Sora got on to the bed, collected Roxas in his arms, holding the younger closer to him. He didn't stop kissing the blond's forehead and cheeks lovingly while whispering his promise, "Once Uncle Cid and I finish this gummi ship project, we're gonna make huge money out of this one. With that money, I can buy the best medicine in the world for you, maybe we can even find a cure! Who knows? I'm not gonna give up. Once I get the money, we'll be able to save you, Rox! Everything's gonna be fine, trust me, you're gonna be fine…"

"Sora, you've worked too hard." The blond teen's expression saddened as he listening to his brother's incoherent mumble, "Don't stress yourself out…I don't care if we can find the cure, you know it doesn't exist for real…I just want to be with you.

"I just…hope you can come more often so we can spend more time together…" Knowing he was contradicting himself from before, Roxas whispered his real wish in a tiny voice. He buried his face into the elder's broad chest as he sighed, didn't know whether he really wanted the other to listen to his wish or not.

"I will, Roxas, I will. From next month, I promise, as soon as the ship is finished, I'm gonna ask Cid for a long vacation. Then I can be with you as much as we want. I won't leave you alone anymore. I won't let you feel lonely anymore."

The blond teen didn't say anything back. He only slightly shook his head in Sora's arms, his face turning deadly pale once again.

"Sora, what happened to your face?" Roxas asked in surprise. The blond boy was obviously worrying sick about him.

"Oh this? Nah, nothing really." The brunet man grinned despite the corner of his mouth was badly ripped and it still kinda hurt like shit whenever he smiled.

"Someone beat you. Who did it?"

When his younger twin was being serious, he could be pretty scary, just like now. Sora winced a little but eventually decided to tell the truth.

"It's Vani. Man, I don't know what's his problem. I just asked him and Ven to come to see you. You miss them so much don't you? But then he just punched me on my face. He freaking punched me! He almost beat the crap out of me. Seriously, what the hell is his problem?" The brunet man whined angrily while rubbing his still bruised cheeks.

"…You asked them to come visit me, what did they say then?" The look on the blond boy's face softened, or, if Sora read it correctly, saddened.

"They…said something strange. Ven didn't beat me, well, of course he'd never do such thing, but he kinda scolded me, saying something like I've lost my mind again and I should sober up. I dunno, they just become strange every time I mention that they should visit you more often. They can't treat you as if you are dead already! I don't get them!

"I guess Vani might just had a bad day, dang, but still, no need to beat me, we aren't kids anymore. He said something like he had to beat some sense into me. Gee, they are the one who should be more sensible. I couldn't stand them treating you like you don't exist anymore, so I fought back, heheh, Vani is in no better condition than me. You should see his face -"

"Sora…what did they say about me?"

"Huh? Umm, some nonsense stuff. You don't need to know."

"Tell me."

"…Well, okay, they said you are…"Paused, Sora took a deep breath, then continued reluctantly, "They said you were dead already, I should let you go and move on. What the hell? How could they say shit like that while you're still here suffering from sickness every day and still waiting for those ass brothers to come visit you? What kind of family are they? ! I know you've been sick for a long time but you're still alive! They can't just get rid of you because they get tired!

"You know what, Rox? Just forget about them. I'm the only one in this world truly care for you and love you. No one else understands how important you are to me. Don't feel sad about them not coming to see you anymore. They treated you like a dead person and treated me like a deluded psycho, they aren't worthy to be our brothers anymore."



"Maybe you should listen to them."

"What?! Hey, don't let their words drag you down. I don't care what they say, you shouldn't care either."


"Roxas, I love you. I'll never leave you behind no matter what."

"But Sora…"

"Plus, I still have promises to keep remember? I'll make up for you once the ship is sold."

"Sora, I love you too. But they are right…"

"Hey Rox, how about I take you to the summer festival once you feel a bit better. You always want to see the festival don't you?"

"…that I am dead."

"Shh, don't speak nonsense."

The brunet man didn't allow the blond teen to continue. He embraced the boy tightly, sealed the other's lips with his own.

"My Roxas will never die. Never, ever."

Trembling uncontrollably in Sora's arms, the blond teen's face turned deadly pale once again.


A/N: If you didn't catch the hints, Roxas is dead and Sora is a deluded psycho. First non-fluffy in Yotsuko 20 theme (though Ven and Vani didn't get mentioned much). The idea is inspired by a Hong Kong TV drama called 'Master of Play'. I'm always into this kind of psychological stuff but I'm not particularly happy with this one. Might do another one in the future. Review please? If you're confused, I'm happy to explain more in details.