Title: How Far Are You Willing To Go

Pairing: Lois/Clark

Rating: PG-13 if it changes I'll let you know

Genre: Historical AU

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Summary: A woman in favor of a King can be a dangerous thing.

AN: I know that summary is probably horrible, I'll revise it at some point lol! Just to put it out there the Clark in this story is sort of completely between Clark Luthor and Kal but has a little bit of Clark Kent in him, he is feared and intimidating, but he's not completely corrupt and unredeemable. The idea for this story is actually a mix of a lot of different influences. I'm going to post chapter 1 and see what everyone's reactions are before I continue!

Chapter 1

The palace was dark and quiet, the sun had set long ago and the passing of the full moon left the sky dark and vacant. The glow of the torches flame cast a warm gold color attempting to warm the stone cold castle walls. The servants that were awake and keeping busy were quiet as mice, knowing better than to create any noise in the night. The only person who would dare make a peep was whoever was warming the King's bed that night. But if one paid attention and listened carefully they could maybe hear the faint whispers of three men.

"Why do we continue to try?" One hushed.

"Because it's the right thing to do." Another spoke.

"One day Luthor and Zod's council will overstep a boundary and the King will see what they really mean to do." A third rasped.

"And how long will that be Lord Bruce?" The first man retorted. "How long do we wait while our council falls on deaf ears while the King listens to council that is given to him by two men who only care about themselves?"

"Olsen!" The young blond Lord halted the others near outburst. "We need to steer this ship carefully. If the lion figures out what we're trying to do he'll have our heads. Or have you forgotten our friend Bartholomew?"

"What do you suggest then Lord Oliver?" Lord Jimmy questioned.

Oliver was about to open his mouth when a piercing scream of female terror echoed through the thick walls followed by silence. The three men all looked up slowly towards the sound, Jimmy sighed and shook his head while Bruce and Oliver showed little reaction.

"The only thing the King likes more than his friends Zod and Luthor is his women." Oliver spoke unaffected.

"And we know what the King does when he tires of his playthings." Bruce looked toward Jimmy.

Lord Jimmy paused, "What… what are you suggesting?"

Bruce looked toward Oliver and nodded before turning to lean on the wooden table in the far corner of the room leaving him in darkness. Oliver began to explain. "Lord Bruce and I were contemplating perhaps it's time we try an unorthodox tactic. Perhaps we place a woman in the King's way, we mold her and teach her all the things he likes, we make her his perfect mate. And when she gains his trust she can coo in his ear little subtle hints and he will subconsciously sweeten to our ideas."

"A woman that could soften the heart of King Clark does not exist." Jimmy shook his head skeptically.

"She does, we just need to find her." Oliver spoke confidently.

"She would need to be a brave woman. You do realize we are playing Russian roulette with an innocent woman's life." Jimmy warned.

"Which is why she would have to be the perfect woman. We will scour the world if we have to." Oliver spoke defiantly.

She was thankful that the summer was coming to a close, it had been an unbearably hot season. When one works on a pig farm heat was not a welcome commodity. She rose from her bed of hay, brushed the dust off her ratted dress and quickly grabbed the bucket of feed. It was a rule of the farm, the pigs ate before the servants. It certainly wasn't the life she dreamt about when she was a child but she was fed, housed and clothed once a year.

After the pigs were fed the young woman began walking towards the back of the home, hoping to get a small breakfast from the cooks.

"Lois!" A male voice called out brightly. "Lois!"

She spun on her heels and turned towards him. Matthew was the stable boy on the farm. When Lois first started working there he immediately was drawn to her. His affections were new to Lois, she was not expecting them, but he was a very nice man. "What is it Matthew?"

"Good morning." He smiled happily.

"Good morning." Lois replied before turning to continue her walk.

"Wait! Hey, shouldn't we talk about it?" Matthew asked.

"Talk about what?" Lois replied exasperated.

"Last night." Matthew brushed his black hair off his face.

"There's nothing to talk about Matthew." Lois turned and began to run towards the house hoping he would not follow her, thankfully he didn't.

Lois turned the corner and opened the back door to the kitchens. She smiled at the head cook. "Any extra food this morning?"

"None today Miss Lane, the mistress of the house is big with child and has been eating non stop." The cook frowned. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay." Lois managed a smile, even though she hadn't eaten in a day. She made her way back to the vegetable garden to pick anything that was ready for eating. It was then that Lois became numb, her routine was the same each and every day, if she started her day with some food in her belly it was bearable, but not on an empty stomach.

The sun beat down upon her relentlessly, no clouds chose to grace the sky that day. She wiped away the beads of sweat that collected on her forehead with the brown cloth of her dress. Lois picked the last of the carrots and stood up when a set of strong masculine arms wrapped around her. "You've been hiding from me."

Lois shrugged her way out of the unwanted embrace. The only man that would have the audacity to touch her in such a way was the master of the house. Whenever his wife was big with child he began to advance on Lois. "Sir, please I just want to be left to do my work."

He stroked his beard in a contemplating manner. "One day I will break you Lois Lane. You can be sure of that."

Lois sighed in relief as he turned to walk away, but once he heard the soft sound he turned and quickly connected his hand forcefully to Lois' face which caused her to fall to the ground grasping her face gently. She refused to cry, she wouldn't allow him to see her cry. "That is for disrespecting and refusing your master."

Finally he turned and walked away disappearing from sight. He had never struck Lois before, he had been rough with her, locked her in the stables, refused to feed her, all that had been done but never this. That did it for Lois, she quickly picked herself up off the ground and walked back to the stables forgetting all about the recently picked vegetables. "Matthew!"

The young man appeared almost immediately at the desperation in her voice. "Saddle me up a horse Matthew. I've worked my last day in this dreadful place."

"Lois, you can't. They'll hunt you down…" Matthew stammered.

"Let them, at least I'll die knowing I tried to make my life better." Lois spoke bravely. "Now saddle a horse."

Matthew nodded and did as she asked, and he did not speak until Lois was mounted on top of the best horse in the stable, a young lively silver colt. "Lois please, for the love I bear for you, don't do this."

"You know I care about you Matthew, but as a dear friend, I can never return the feelings you have for me. And I must go." With that Lois gently kicked the colt and began a gallop away from the life she had known since she was twelve years old. She didn't know what was to come, but anything was better than the life she was leading.

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