Happy Tears

It was a sunny day in June and in Greece life was going on as it usually did. People were working all over or shopping. Some were even out at different cafes with friends or lovers.

It was the something extraordinary happened. It started to rain drops of what seemed like pure gold from the skies. The Greeks looked up, trying to capture the falling gold, only to learn that it became regular water while hitting the ground or something else.

They looked up at the skies in confusion, never seeing anything like it.

Stella that was outside with some friends giggled happily saying, "This is a very good sign."

"How do you figure?" a boy named Costas said.

"Because these are happy tears considering they are in pure gold. Something wonderful must have happened up at mount Olympus," she said, dancing happily around, trying to capture the falling god. And unlike the others some small pieces of gold landed in her hands.

The others just looked at her shaking their heads of the overjoyed girl.

Stella was right as up at Mount Olympus it was a very happy day. Today no one were arguing, they were all standing in awwwe outside Hera and Zeus's castle waiting for the good news.

It was then a proud Zeus came out declaring, "It's a girl, we got a girl and she's beautiful."

"And the mother?" asked Persephone, worried about her sister-in-law.

"She's a bit tired, other than that she's good, Hebe and Athena is with her as we speak," said Zeus.

"So is it possible to see the little girl or is it too soon?" asked Hades, looking at his brother with curiosity.

"If you wait I will check with Hera," said Zeus, going back inside, leaving the curious crowd on his front step.

As he entered their chamber, Hera was trying to lead the little one to her breast for the first time. Zeus stopped, smiling by this vision, it was just so beautiful. Spite the fact that his wife was still a mess after the long birth she still looked so stunning beautiful.

"Hera," he spoke in a soft tone to get her attention.

"Yes, my King," she said, looking up at him with very tired eyes.

"The other's they are outside and want to see her, can I show her please," he said, looking at her. His eyes were shining with excitement.

"You can when she is done with eating, just make sure to bring her back," said Hera with a smile. She yawned tiredly, noticing the little one letting go of her nipple. She smiled, carefully burping her, before she handed her to Athena that stood close by.

Athena carried the little goddess towards her father; he lifted her up and looked at her saying, "You'll be the most beautiful of all."

"Ehm," he heard Hera and Athena said.

"If you don't count your mother, she's the most beautiful of all and your big sister, she's pretty stunning as well," he said and smiled at Hera adding, "Try to rest a little, I will be right back with her."

Athena walked back to Hera saying, "You really trust father with something that tiny."

"Of course, he handled all of you just fine," said Hera with a sigh of satisfaction, closing her eyes to rest.

Outside the castle the mighty Zeus was holding up the newest member of his family saying, "Isn't she just amazing."

"She truly is beautiful, you've outdone yourself this time," said Hades and patted him on the back.

"Yes, I must say Thena was stunning, but as is she, but in a very different way, she'll look just like her mother when she gets older I'm sure," said Poseidon, looking down at the little girl.

Athena sighed heavily, all children looked like their parents, only she only had a father, he created her, and sometimes she would have liked to have a mother from the start. A woman she could slightly look like. Not that she didn't look at Hera as a mother, but it hadn't always been that way. She remembered when she was very young and Hera didn't want anything to do with her at all, she didn't even want her in the house playing with her children. In times it had changed and now she was as any other children to her.

"Little one, are you okay?" Zeus asked, looking at his daughter's puzzled face.

"Fine, just wished that I had a mother as well," Athena answered, looking into her father's ocean blue eyes.

"I can understand that, but Hera do really love you as if you should been her own," said Zeus.

"I know…I know, mind if I go for a walk?" she asked him, looking over at Hades and Persephone that were now holding and talking babyish to the little girl.

"No, you are free to come and go as you wish without asking my permission, you know that," he said, smiling warmly at her.

"I know daddy, see you later," she said, giving him a peck on the cheek, before Apparating down to earth.

"So what are we going to call her?" Zeus asked when he in time returned to his wife.

"I don't know, but she sure is a little ray of sunshine," said Hera, looking at the little girl sleeping peacefully in Zeus arms.

"I know she is," he agreed, giving her a loving gaze.

"What about Ilios?" Hera questioned.

"Ilios, I can go for that," said Zeus with a smile.

"That settles it then, any idea where Athena is?" Hera asked, as she hadn't seen her since she left with Zeus and she liked having her around.

"She wanted to go for a walk, she was a little upset," her husband admitted.

"Really why?" asked Hera, thinking she might be jealous of her younger sibling.

"Because she doesn't have a mother," said Zeus with a heavy sigh.

"I see, I better find out little one," said Hera, very slowly getting up from bed.

"You really think you are strong enough to leave the castle?" he asked, looking at her with worried eyes.

"I'll be fine, please look after Ilios," said Hera, giving him a peck on the cheek, and with that she was gone.

Hera found her daughter at the beach where she had cried her heart out when she lost her unborn son or daughter. She always wondered what that one had become. She never told Zeus that she was the reason of that, as she just couldn't take it. Not then.

The older Goddess slowly walked over to the younger, saying, "Mind if I sit down?"

"No, please," said Athena, not caring to look up at her.

"So I hear you are upset as you don't have a birthmother, am I right?" asked Hera, looking at her with concerned eyes.

"Yes," said Athena, without elaborating on that.

"Little one, listen to me. I may not have been crazy about you in the beginning, but there never was a moment when I did not consider you one of my own. You may not know this but every night when you were little I used to walk into your room and watch you sleep for hours, I didn't want you to have nightmares. I may have come to you after checking on the ones I gave birth to, but I also stayed with you longer. If you started to whimper or twist or turn, I sat down next to you and whispered soothing words to make you calm down. I never left until you were completely at peace. I taught you what was right and wrong, that you didn't solve things with fights, to share with your siblings, to have an interest for learning and to care for others. To me you were always a daughter and I wouldn't have it any other way," Hera said in a soft tone.

Athena looked at Hera with great amazement, tears of happiness streaming from her eyes. She never knew that she cared so deeply for her. She did remember how she thought her some of those things still she never knew Hera loved her that much. She leaned against her mother, letting herself be held as she cried. Hera simply let her, as a smile graced her lips.

When the younger Goddess tears stopped she whispered, "We should probably get back, in case the youngest needs you."

"I would think Zeus can cover it for some time still, right now I wish to spend time with my little warrior," Hera whispered.

"Oh mum, I love you so much," Athena whispered hugging her tightly. And for the second time that day rain of gold was falling over Greece as Hera's tears of happiness again started to fall. Never before had she felt so lucky, she truly had it all, a loving husband, a good home, good friends and a bunch of children that loved her. Who cared if she had given birth to one of them, she still loved her to bits and she knew that was mutual and that was all that mattered.

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