Title: "As I Lie Sleeping"

Author's Note: Kathryn's POV

Many people who know me would not believe me, but my favourite time of day is those first few moments before you're truly awake. Those around me enjoy the end of a hard days work, I savour the beginning.

In those fleeting moments I can muse about my life. I think about my husband, Chakotay, who I know is lying next to me, watching, thinking I am asleep. I think about my family and home on Earth. I think about my family and home here on Voyager. But mostly I think about the precious being lying in bed in the room attaching ours, my daughter, our daughter. She has filled the past three years of my life with an unbelievable amount of happiness that I hope she will someday discover herself.

When I start to think of my baby, it's hard to stop. She's every little bit her mother's daughter, while still managing to be daddy's angel. Chakotay sure got his wish when he said he wanted a little girl just like her mother, but I think that he is beginning to regret that wish. Robin has a knack for putting her little foot down when things aren't going her way and she gets a big kick out of sitting in "Mommy's Boss Chair", however I think it makes Harry a little jealous.

I have everything I need, my life is perfect, or as near perfect as one can get in life. I realise this every minute of every day, especially as I lie sleeping.

The End