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Chapter 1: Selections

It is said that organisms can change and that over time they adapt to their changing environments. They evolve to allow themselves to adjust to a change that will help them survive. It is a common attribute of nature, to always be changing, because in the world today anything can change in the blink of an eye and you might not be ready when it does.

There is a saying that people can change, much like an organism can evolve. The only problem with this theory is that most high school students don't change and stick to their different conflicting personalities.

Walking down the hallway of the high school known as Minneapolis High, you see all the typical sights that you can see in almost every high school. All the major groups of kids are covered from the jock all the way down to the nerds. There is however one exception to this and that is one student known as Logan Mitchell. He wasn't your typical high school student. He had no friends and never spoke to anyone, except his teachers, when he needed to. He walked to school every day, because his dad never gave him the light of day, that is unless he was beating him. Yes, Logan Mitchell was abused by his father. It had started about a year after his mother passed away. Greg Mitchell went off the deep end when he lost his wife, he turned to drinking to ease his pain and because of that Logan felt the wrath of his drunken angry father. Deep down inside though Logan knew is father loved him, but it was covered with rage and alcohol. Logan took it upon himself to take care of his father, from cooking and cleaning to making sure he didn't drive off somewhere while completely wasted.

Logan spent every day of high school alone. He walked from his house, the full half hour it takes to get to get to the place he dreaded the most. Some days he would go without saying a single word to anyone, and to Logan those were the better days. He would sit in each class and listen intently to what was taught because his only hope was to graduate with good grades and get enough scholarships to send him to medical school. He would eat the lunch, that he makes himself at home, at a table in the corner of the cafeteria away from all the people he couldn't stand as he counted down the minutes until school was over. But sometimes it just wasn't that easy.

Not only did he have to face his angry, abusive father at home, and countless days by himself, but also the jocks who took it upon themselves to beat him on a weekly basis as well. They say it's survival of the fittest right? But they why do they find it necessary to bring down the kid who was at the bottom of the high school food chain. Did it make them feel superior? Did it make them look cool? Because to Logan it only seemed like they were insecure idiots who took out their anger and insecurities on the one person they knew they can take, and who wouldn't fight back. Don't let them fool you though because Logan is straight, and nothing they say can get to him. But deep down inside it still hurt, both physically and emotionally.

Logan is normal in most cases; it's just that he never showed it. He knew high school was going to end after four years and he wouldn't see any of those people again, and so he didn't bother getting close to any of them. There was one person he did want to get close to: Camille Brooks. She is one of the most beautiful girls Logan has ever seen and ever since he could remember he has always had a crush on her. But there was one problem; she was a cheerleader, and she would never even look in Logan's direction.

Yes this is what Logan dealt with on a daily basis, from the torture and pain he experienced at school to the neglect and abuse he felt from his own father. Sometimes Logan did wish he could be a normal kid and enjoy his teenage years while he could. But Logan knew that was never going to happen, or so he thought…

Kendall Knight was the epitome of a jock. He had all the girls falling for him and had all the guys wishing they were him. Being captain of the hockey team definitely had its perks. He has a family that loves him, from his parents to his little sister, who admires him. Yes, you can say that Kendall has the life, but sometimes Kendall just wishes he can just get away from it all. He never has any time to himself. From the moment he steps through the doors of the school he is swarmed by girls who crush over him and surrounded by his friends who constantly bug him about making plans to do things. Even when the final school bell rings he is still expected to go to the 3 hour hockey practice held four days a week.

Don't be mistaken though, Kendall loves hockey. He loves the rush he gets when skating full speed down the rink and scoring a goal. The thing is though; Kendall didn't want his life to be taken over by hockey like his father wants. His father seems to be reliving his childhood through Kendall, and no matter how hard he tries Kendall just can't get his dad to let him live his own life. He just figures that he will play hockey until he graduates, and maybe get a scholarship and them go to college and be able to do what he always wanted to do: become a biologist. Kendall is a huge nature freak, but his friends don't know that and he is afraid of what they might think if he did tell them. For now he keeps it a secret and waits until the day he can live his own life.

Being at the top and a part of the jock brigade, you would think that Kendall was the biggest bully at the school, but he's not. Quite frankly he hates seeing people get beat up and tries to avoid it. And the last thing he could do is stop it because he as a reputation to keep up and he can't let it affect his position as team captain because he is afraid of his father disowning him. Kendall just wants to please everybody and he just can't be put in a tough position, so he avoids them at all costs. As long as he doesn't see it them to him it doesn't exist. Sometimes Kendall just wished he could have a friend who likes him for him and not because he is the hockey captain and the most popular kid at school. But as of right now Kendall knew that wasn't going to happen, but he could be wrong…

The school bell rang starting yet another week at Minneapolis High, as the teenagers all filed into their first classes talking about their weekends.

Logan sat down at his seat in the front of his math class listening to all his peers around him talking about how they went to great parties or had amazing times with their friends. Logan just ignored all the noise and waited for the class to start. Right as the teacher stood up and was about to start class, the door opened and in walked Kendall.

"Sorry I'm late Mrs. Byrd. I missed the bus." Kendall said as he walked to his desk in the back of the class.

"It's fine Mr. Knight, just take your seat and we will begin."

Logan rolled his eyes when Kendall walked past him. Of course he wouldn't get in trouble for being late, because he was Mr. Popular. Logan just shook it from his mind and began taken notes, even though math came to him like a second language.

Kendall however tried as hard as he could to focus on what Mrs. Byrd was saying but he was having so much trouble. From his friends all trying to talk to him, causing him to be distracted, to the fact that he had no idea how to do anything the teacher was saying, he was lost and was desperate to figure it out. This class was bringing his GPA down and if he didn't keep his grades up then he was off the team which would not be good. He just needed to get a good grade on the next test, but that was proving to be a difficult task.

The rest of the school day was going pretty fast. It was time for Biology, so Logan walked to the classroom and took his seat, noticing that the board read: "Projects Today!" He obviously knew it meant that they were going to get assignments for a new project, so he sat and waited for class to begin so he could learn what the project was on, kind of excited to have something to work on.

Once everyone made their ways to their seats, Kendall being one of the last, the teacher started to explain what the project was going to be on.

"Okay class, as you can see we are starting a project today. The project won't be due for 3 weeks and must include a written report and a display of your choosing. It is going to be on Evolution, and you can pick any topic from that topic that you want… The project will also be done in pairs." Mr. William said, causing Logan to let out a silent groan. He hated group work above all things. It was like torture to him. Either he got someone who had no idea what they were doing or someone who made him do all the work. "Now I know you are all expecting to pick your own partners, but you won't. I will be making the selections. So when you hear who your partner is get together and talk about what you want to do."

Logan just sat and waited to hear who he was going to be partnered with. Back in his mind he was just telling himself that maybe he will get lucky and have to do it on his own so that he won't have to deal with someone annoying and stupid.

"Logan Mitchell…" Logan heard his name as he looked up quickly at Mr. William to hear who his partner was. "…and Kendall Knight."

Logan closed his eyes and cursed under his breath. Of course he would be paired with Kendall. The top jock at the school and most likely his worst enemy. Logan turned around and saw Kendall walking towards him once everyone else was with their partners.

"Hey Logan?" Kendall asked sitting down in the desk next to him.

"Yeah." Logan softly whispered while nodding his head,

"Hey I'm Kendall. I don't think we've ever talked before." Kendall said as he took out a notebook from his book bag.

Logan just nodded his head while thinking: 'Of course we never talked before, you are a jock and I'm the kid at the bottom of the food chain. The only time we've come in contact was when your team of idiots beat me up.'

"Do you have any ideas of what to do this project on?" Kendall asked.

"I was thinking of doing different evolutionary patterns of species of animals. You don't have to pretend like you're interested. I can do the project on my own." Logan said, realizing that was the most he has ever spoken before at school.

"Why would I make you do that. I actually like biology, and am pretty good at it. And I like that topic, when do you have a free period?" Kendall said.

"Right after lunch." Logan replied.

"Cool me too. Why don't we meet up in the library and figure out when we can work on the project." Kendall said, knowing that if he were to get lucky and get away from his friends after lunch that the last place they will look is the library.

"Sure." Logan said as the bell rang, telling the juniors that it was time for lunch, aka Logan's least favorite period of the day.

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