Chapter 15: Epilogue

1 year later

Kendall anxiously stood by his car looking towards his new home. Well not exactly his "home", but where he will live for about 4 more years. He had been accepted to Minnesota State University majoring in biology. He had finally had things go right, well it was difficult after Logan left.

They hadn't talked much when Logan left, which made it difficult for Kendall. But it wasn't all bad, Kendall managed to make new friends and get by during his senior year, but not seeing or talking to Logan had brought his spirits down a bit. A few months after Logan he had finally called Kendall and they had gotten in touch. Kendall found out that he moved across the state, and that his foster family was really great. It sounded like Logan had been happy finally, and Kendall couldn't help but be happy for his friend.

Logan had mentioned about looking into colleges and that he was counting down the days until he turned 18 and went off to school. As great as his new family was, it never really felt like his own home. Kendall avoided bringing up a certain topic about his father, the news spread pretty fast, and he knew that Logan would still be upset about it. Part of Kendall believed that the new news about Greg Mitchell was his fault as well. Apparently a month after Greg was sent to jail, he had suffered from a heart attack and unfortunately passed away. Kendall attended the funeral, with very few people there, and saw Logan very briefly. Their encounter at the funeral wasn't the best, but what is to expect at a funeral. They were able to talk a bit afterwards, Logan mentioned talking to Camille for a couple weeks, until they broke up from being too far away, and Kendall had tried again to tell Logan how truly sorry he was for everything. All Logan could do was accept the apology, but still not ready to forgive him just yet, and that was the last time they saw each other.

Kendall stood in the parking lot as his mom and Katie pulled up in the spot next to him, ready to help him move into his dorm. He was excited, terrified and scared to see what college had in store for him, but it was an adventure he was ready to take.

"Are you all set honey?" Mrs. Knight said as she got out of her car.

"Yea, I have my room key, and all my stuff. I just need to move my stuff in," Kendall said, opening his car trunk and grabbing some bags and boxes.

Kendall walked onto the campus and saw many other students moving in and observed the large beautiful campus he walked through. Looking at his paper, he double checked what dorm he was in before heading inside and locating his room.

"Here it is, room 202," Kendall said, as he opened the door and walked into a small hallway which held three doors; one leading to a bathroom, while the other two leading to bedrooms. He can hear talking coming from behind the first door, which had two name tags on the front, one said "JD" the other "CG". Looking at the other door, all he saw was his initials before his suitemates came from out of their room.

"Hey, are you our new suitemate?" The taller guy asked.

"I think so, I'm Kendall," he said as he put his stuff outside his room and shook their hands. Mrs. Knight and Katie went into his room and started to unpack.

"Nice to meet you Kendall, I'm James," The taller guy said shaking Kendall's hand.

"I'm Carlos," the other guys said shaking Kendall's hand as well.

"What are your majors?" Kendall asked, not sure what to say in this situation.

"I'm Architectural Design," James said.

"I am Theater Arts. What about you?" Carlos asked.

"I'm a Biology major, but I want to focus mainly on Zoology," Kendall replied.

"What's Zoology?" Carlos asked, honestly confused by the word.

"It's the study of animals. I've really grown to love them, especially after I did a project in my high school biology class. So I want to have a career studying them," Kendall said.

"Wow, that's cool… We were thinking of getting some food when our other roommate came. Do you want to come?" James said.

"Yeah, sure. I just need to unpack first," Kendall said.

"Sure, take your time. We were just going to scope out the dorm, see where all the cute girls live," Carlos said, with a huge grin on his face before they left.

Kendall walked into his empty room and saw Katie and his mom unpacking some clothes and books. He couldn't believe he was about to start college, and a new phase in his life.

Kendall hugged Katie as he stood by the car, ready to say goodbye. He could already tell his mom was crying. Once he Katie broke the hug she quickly jumped in the car, probably to hide the fact that she was sad. Kendall kept trying to tell her that he would still come home, and he wasn't leaving forever, but the idea of him moving away still made her upset.

"Please be safe sweetie. Call me as often as you can and study hard," Mrs. Knight said tearfully as Kendall hugged her goodbye.

"I know mom, I'll be fine. You don't have to worry about me anymore," Kendall said, never breaking the hug knowing his mom wanted it to last as long as possible, as did he.

"Kendall, I'm your mom, I'm always going to worry about you," Mrs. Knight said as he stepped back from the hug to look into her son's eyes.

"I know, but I thought I'd see if it would help… I'll call you tomorrow," Kendall said as Mrs. Knight reluctantly got in the car.

"Okay," Mrs. Knight said pulling away as she and Katie waved goodbye.

Kendall made his way back to his dorm room and did not even realize that someone else was in there until he entered his room. He only saw his back as he pulled clothes from bag.

"Oh, hey, you must be my roommate… LM," Kendall said as he looked at the nametag on the door for the first time.

"And you must be KK," A familiar voice said as Kendall's roommate turned around.

"Holy shit! Logan!" Kendall said as he rushed over to give his old friend a hug. "You're my roommate?"

"I guess so, what are the odds that this could happen?" Logan asked with a wide smile to match Kendall's.

"I have no clue, I suck at math," Kendall said with a laugh. "We have some major catching up to do. How have you been?"

"I've been good. It was really difficult to manage at first but my foster family was great. The school they put me in was amazing, everyone there was so nice. It almost crushed me when I left, but no matter how great they were I knew it wasn't exactly home. I had planned on coming here for a long time for the pre-med program, and I received several scholarships, and now here I am. What about you, are you here on a hockey scholarship?" Logan asked jokingly.

"Nope, all on my own for biology/zoology. I haven't played hockey since that whole fiasco. My parents got a divorce, and I haven't seen my dad in a while, but good riddance I say, he just screwed us all over," Kendall said.

"Well you should talk to him, I know I would. Maybe forgiveness is the only way," Logan said, looking down at his hands in his lap.

"Logan, I know I've said it a lot, but I really am sorry for everything," Kendall said.

"I know and I forgive you. I've had a lot of time to think about it and you really have nothing to be sorry about. You were doing the right thing, and at the time I just couldn't see that, so I'm the one who should be sorry for treating you like crap," Logan admitted.

"So are we cool?" Kendall asked.

"Of course we are, and now we get to experience the college life as friends once again, and roommates," Logan said.

"Yup, hey are you hungry? I promised our other roommates we would have lunch with them," Kendall said.

"Sure," Logan said as the duo headed out to begin the new phase of their lives.

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