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Bustopher Jones

"So today we start Bustopher Jones," Aiki remarked as she and Mori sat down at the hosts' lunch table. "I can't wait to see you in a fat suit," she smirked over at her lightly blushing boyfriend.

"Shush," he mumbled as the hosts laughed. "I'm not wearing a fat suit."

"Yes you are!" Tori said. "If you can wear that huge shaggy coat for Old Deut, you can wear a fat suit."

"Too bad so sad, you're wearing it," Ayame commanded. "We'll force you into it if we have too."

"Our girlfriends are awesome," Kaoru and Hikaru said simultaneously, high-fiving each other.

"We know," the girls chorused before laughing.

"Ah, why are we laughing?" Tamaki asked as he and Haruhi made their way over to the table. The side of the table that was previously laughing fell silent. All that was heard was Kyouyas's notebook scribbling and Honey's eating of cake.

"Nothing, Tamaki. You wouldn't get it," Aiki said cooly. Mori put a hand on her shoulder as Tori looked at her in surprise. Was she really so mad about everything that happened?

"Aiki-chan?" she said cautiously, reaching out to touch the other's shoulder. "You okay?"

"Yeah, peachy. I just don't want you talking to him," she said, wrapping her arm around Tori's waist in an impromptu hug.


"He hurt you. Do you want him to get away with it?" the redhead asked.

"I… I guess not…"

"Then let him suffer for a few days. The silent treatment is always best."

"Okay… okay. I trust you Aiki-chan," the blonde decided, going back to eating her lunch peacefully.

Beside her, Kaoru frowned. Tori had always been easily manipulated, and this time was apparently no different… he'd have to talk to her later…


"Alright girls," Aiki said as she clutched the fat suit. Mori was currently walking backstage, unaware of the three girls plotting to ambush him. "One… two… three…. NOW!"

With a war cry, Tori launched herself onto the third year's back, effectively knocking him to the ground.

"Hn?" Mori grunted in surprise. "Tori?"

"Aya-chan, pin his legs down!" Tori exclaimed as the second year hurried forward. "I'll get his shirt off!"


None too gently, the first year blonde used all her strength to pull up the host's shirt. "Make this easier on yourself and cooperate, Mori-senpai!"

"No!" he said as he struggled. "M'not wearing that thing!"


While the two struggled, a certain pair auburn-haired twins strolled backstage in search of their girlfriends.

"Erm… Tori-chan?" Kaoru asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Hi Kao-chan! Don't mind us!" she grunted as she managed to pull the shirt higher. "I swear I will bite through this Mori-senpai!"

"I feel like I should just walk away, but… Hika! Camera!" Kaoru called.

"Nooooooo!" Mori yelled.

"On it Kao," Hikaru said as he pulled out his camera and snapped some pictures. Ayame and Tori froze in a thumbs-up position momentarily before fighting with the third year again.

"Finally!" Tori crowed as she held the (now mangled) shirt in the air. "Aiki-chan, now!"

"Flip him over, girls," the redhead ordered as she brandished the fat suit. "Sweetie, this is for your own good."

"Why can't Bustopher Jones be skinny?"

"Because it just doesn't work that way baby. Stay still," Aiki cooed as she fastened the suit on. "There!"

"Hika, picture?" Kaoru asked.

"Already ahead of you," Hikaru snickered as the girls smiled cheesily at the camera, Mori looking absolutely miserable. At the last minute, the younger twin jumped into the picture, effectively photo-bombing.

"Alright, you guys. We have to start practice now," Haruhi, who had been standing there for the entire exchange, said amusedly. The others obediently filed onstage to do warm-ups, giggling over Mori's look of distinct discomfort.


"Alright, go home. We're as good as we're gonna get," Haruhi said, smiling. "Good job, guys! I'm so proud!"

"Remember to meet us at front you two," the twins said simultaneously.

"Oh yeah… we'll be a few minutes!" Tori said before grabbing her sister's hand and dragging her to the dressing room. "Aya-chan, Aiki-chan, quick! I need to figure out an outfit and do my hair and-"

"Calm down Tori-chan," Ayame smirked. "We got this."

Within five minutes, Tori had been completely made-over: her hair was put up into an artfully messy bun, her makeup was soft, and she wore a soft pink strapless sundress.

"Perfect!" Aiki exclaimed, glomping the blonde first year. "You're ready!"

"You guys are the best friends ever," Tori bubbled, checking herself in the mirror. "I'm going to go meet him, come out when you're done Aya!"

"I should be just a few minutes," the brunette replied, already at the mirror.

As Tori walked out the door, she never felt more confident.

It was performance day yet again. The hosts were milling around, laughing at Mori in his fat suit and chatting.

"Are you ready?" Kaoru asked his girlfriend, smiling and taking her hand.

"You bet. I love singing," she replied, smiling widely. This time, her, Ayame, and Aiki sang in a trio as Mori strutted around stage.

It was one of the funnest songs to sing, she had to admit.

Slowly, the fangirls and fanboys started to trickle in. As Tori scampered backstage, she could see Myuki take a front row seat, probably so she could wave and try to distract the blonde.

The pale brunette never failed to amuse her.

Overall, the performance was a success. Everyone loved the tan third year, and though he dared not admit it, he rather liked the attention.

Among the shower of roses, Tori and Kaoru kissed. Their makeup smeared all over their faces, but they hardly cared.

It was perfect.

"I love you," Kaoru whispered.

"I… I love you too."

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