One Screw Left Over

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Face facts. When the doctor has a companion- eg. Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy, Rory?- the episodes are much funnier and exciting. But they always seem to keep him right...

The doctor is walking through a huge building. It's a factory, so naturally it is filled with huge machines. You can see cogs turning and hear the loud noises from a distance. Yes, definitely a factory. The floor was cleaner than most factories, so it wasn't surprising when he saw the screw lying on the floor. It wasn't tiny; about the size of his thumb, which gave him the impression that it was important... people don't just leave these things around as decoration.

Maybe it was a screw factory. It could just be a runaway screw that had been dropped. He checked the machine that was spilling out whatever the factory was making. On closer inspection... he found crayons. Not too close though. They were deadly looking flying 10mph grey crayons that were landing in a basket to be shipped out to the next part of the factory. It was all done by robots and computers. This was the future; the only people were probably the maintenance men and women waiting in the staff room eating donuts.

But there was no obvious sign from wear the screw came from.

Obviously whatever it came from doesn't need it. So he put it in his pocket and went back to the T.A.R.D.I.S. For a moment he thought of turning it in, but it didn't seem the bother of the questions of how he got in, and anyway, what's the worst that could happen. Mutant Giant Crayons? Not likely.

*Hours later after the doctor left, and 80,000 grey crayons later not counting the other 103 different colours*

"All staff to report to sector 9G, emergency, Task- Find missing screw, important, machine 52 going to collapse," the megaphone screeched.

No one had taken it seriously when they first heard the task.

Surely there's a spare screw some were.

Everyone was searching the ground; no luck. It couldn't have just disappeared though. Nobody can get in to take it; no one can get out to run away with it. We don't just leave the gates unlocked. And who would take a screw?

A large groaning sound came from the machine.

"This is just a disaster!" The boss said

"Maybe it could still run, I mean, one screw? It's hardly enough to-" the boss's secretary started.

The groan turned into a crash- the machine had become a pile of metal, but the crayon dispenser was still churning out crayons. Apparently she'd spoken too soon.

It was like an impossible nightmare.

The building was turning into a grey sea at an amazing rate...

"Evacuate!" Someone had pressed the emergency button. Red lights were flashing and sirens were wailing.

Everyone ran as far as they could... They got in spaceships and moved to a new planet... earth. It was blue and green, and lots of eager people to buy their crayons...

Which was pretty random. It even confused the Daleks!

That's how planet 90865 got renamed – the Crayon Planet...

The legend of the second Impossible Planet

From space it used to be a fuchsia coloured planet.

Now it's totally grey.

And anyone who hid from it underground

Will never see the light of day...

*The Doctor returns the next day*

"I could have sworn it was purple yesterday. I wonder what idiot could have caused that to happen?" The Doctor mused.

"Are you sure that you didn't do anything, sweetie?" River questioned.

"Totally sure, in fact I'd bet my TARDIS for a day that it wasn't me." The Doctor continued, oblivious.

"Really?" River hacked into the CCTV and the scene from yesterday came up on the screen.


River did an evil sort of laugh and started to fly the TARDIS...

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