This was going to be a oneshot, but then I realized how ridiculously long it would be, so here's chapter one (more of an intro, it gets better). Updates will be fast, because I already have the next 10 chapters written out.

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"After all this time?"

I see her again. The girl with the hair like fire, and the skin like milk. The one with magic, who is unfortunately accompanied by her horse-like, cruel sister. But I couldn't have finally met her today anyway. Her looking so beautiful in her light blue sundress with black leggings, and me wearing too-short jeans, and a shirt so ugly I have to cover it with my father's huge coat. Not a good way to meet the girl of your dreams, so I stay behind the bush I'm watching from. I haven't been able to get any new clothing in awhile, with my father out of work, and always yelling at my mom. She has little time for me because of this abuse. Lately, all they've done is fight. They fight so much my mothers magic is weakening. But at least father no longer has time to hurt me like he does my mom.

I'm glad I looked back at the girl at this thought, or I would have missed seeing the redhead, flying higher than possible on the muggle swing, do an amazing dismount in an arc through the air, her hair billowing around her, and a fiery look of joy on her face. I watch with glee as she lands lightly on her toes, reminding me of how a young doe steps, as if not even touching the ground. Her sister is now yelling at her, like a common muggle would do, with such an ugly hatred for magic, which I find quite beautiful. This girl embodies magic, she glows with it, letting its beauty out through her. She giggles, showing off her white teeth, that are normally covered by her soft, pink lips. I wish I could go to her, to see her form words with those soft lips up close.
The girl comes closer to me, running like a deer,. I hold my breath, thinking she has spotted me. But she has spotted a lily, just five feet from my bush, lying on the ground. She has a mischievous look. She waits until her sister comes into view, before making the petals open and close like the fluttering of wings. Her eyes show pure wonder and joy, and my heart starts fluttering.
"Stop it!" her sister shrieks like a banshee. The moment is over, the light is gone from her face, and my heart aches to make her happy again.
"It's not hurting you." But she drops it anyway, starting to gaze around the park, bored of her sister's criticism.
"It's not right, Lily" Her name is Lily! It fits her, the paleness of a white Lily's petals matching her skin, but the brightness of orange and pink one's matching her soul. The other sister has a look of longing on her face. "How do you do it?" I can't take it anymore, the stupidity of the sister. How else but magic? Surely their parents have AT LEAST explained and demonstrated this? I step out from behind my bush.

"It's obvious isn't it?" I regret coming out immediately. Not because of her sister's reaction of screaming and running away. No, that was enjoyable. But I startled Lily, and I see her eyeing my over sized coat and hair in need of a trim. Last time I'd wanted a haircut I had foolishly asked my father, who was drunk. He ended up cutting of all of my hair.
"What's obvious?" Strange, she can't be as dense as her sister, surely she must know what she does is magic. Unless...but no, she can't be on. I attempt to enlighten her.
"You''re a witch." I whisper so her sister will wonder what I've said. But instead of joy on her face, she looks annoyed.
"That's not a very nice thing to say to someone. " She marches off, crushing my heart with every step. I try to explain, running after her. She must believe me, she must. Even if she is muggle born, I try to explain.
"You are a witch!" I've been watching you for awhile." I go red when her eyes widen at this. Her green captivating I almost forget what I'm doing. "My mum's a witch too, and I'm a wizard." Her sister laughs, a sound like a horse braying, but in a higher pitch. I swear it could shatter glass. And then this girl dares mock me and my family! They live at Spinner's End! I almost retort, but I catch myself.
"Why have you been spying on us?" She sneers.
"I haven't been!" I've been...observing! "I wouldn't spy on you anyways, you're a" I put as much venom and contempt into this word as possible, knowing she won't know what it means, "muggle!"

"Lily, come on, we're leaving." Lily sees her sisters expression, and gives an over the top glare at me, making sure her sister sees. She does a dramatic exit with her sister, looking over her shoulder back at me. She mouths "wait." For Lily, I'd wait all night.

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