Rachel stepped back to admire her work. She had taken it upon herself to make sure her musical genius was recognized. She decided to decorate one wall of the choir room in gold stars and red carpet snapshots. And pictures of her. Baby pictures, glamour shots, the whole nine years. It was a Rachel's very own Wall of Berry. She couldn't wait to show her fellow glee-clubbers.

When the members of the club entered the choir room, each had a different reaction:

"What a disaster."

"Hell to the no!"

"Berry, what did you do?"

"It looks like a Rachel Berry shrine."

However, all reactions were negative. This made Rachel rather upset.

"Look, you guys!" she said to her club, "I know it seems crazy, but in ten years when I'm a huge celebrity, people will come from all around to see this wall!"

"Rachel…" said Mr. Schuester, trying to be firm, yet not cross, "I'm… proud of all your hard work, but this is too much. It needs to come down."

Rachel's mouth hung open in distressed outrage, but her reply never came, for, before she could say anything, the room was shaken vigorously, as if by an earthquake. Actually, it was more like an explosion. In one instant, everyone was tossed out of their chairs, the lights flickered out, windows were shattered, and the sound of crumbling bricks could be heard.

"What's going on, Mr. Shue?" asked Tina, when all was still.

He stood up slowly, and replied, "I think… We've just been bombed."

The students began to fret, and talk amongst themselves, scared and worried.

The lights had gone out, the only light coming from the windows. Mr. Schue went to the door. He opened it slowly, to find it barred by rubble from the ruined school. He checked every entrance or exit from the room, to find them all useless. They were trapped.

This was when the realization of the incident sunk in. They'd be attacked! The students began to wail in fear and sob in terror. But the loudest cry was from Rachel Berry. She stood facing one wall, surrounded by fragments of pictures and paper and glitter, blown off the wall by the blast. The Wall of Berry had been destroyed.

Her cries were drowned out, when a loud wooshing sound filled the dim room. The glee club members looked around, tears drying, fear turning into fascination. Then, Kurt noticed something bizarre.

"You guys…" he started, "Look."

Instantly, heads turned to the far side of the room. And the students and their teacher gazed upon the shocking sight of a strange, blue phone box.

Their wonder and confusion grew, as a man in a tweed jacket and a bowtie stepped from the box, and said, "Oh, hello. I'm the Doctor."