"Alright!" said the Doctor, swinging the door open, to address the group of wide-eyed high school students who were still just barely getting over the fact that aliens were invading their Glee Club.

But he was cut off.

"Doctor… Um sorry, what was it?" asked Rachel, standing up from her seat with an authority that she didn't have.

With an air of exasperation, he replied, "You know what… Smith. Doctor Smith."

"Doctor Smith, I feel as though our teammate and good friend Mercedes, having done no wrong, should be allowed to exit the… erm… Police Box."

"Yeah," agreed Mike, "She's been in there for a few minutes and we've not heard a word out of it."

"She could have fainted out of fear! Or worse, she might have hit her head on the wall… she could be running out of air! For all we know, she's suffocated in that little box!"

All heads turned in the direction of the uncharacteristically high pitched and ironically concerned voice coming from the mouth of Santana Lopez.

"Mister Doctor Smith, sir?" called Finn, apprehensively.

"Yes…?" he replied, just as slowly.

"I don't think that's Santana."

Every eye was on Santana, waitihg for a response. After a few awkward moments, she siged, and slumped in her seat.

"Alright. I got the character wrong. I'll just try again."

Then, a red light grew from her mouth, and flashed in front of everybody. When I dimmed, Santana was back in her rightful character.

"What the [BEEP]! What the [BEEP] was that all about! Who was that [BEEP] inside my [BEEP]ing mind?"

"Good!" cried the Doctor, grabbing Santana by the wrists and hoisting her to her feet.

"HEY! What-!" she cried, as she was dragged across the room.

"And, into the TARDIS you go!" the Doctor announced, throwing open the door.

"What the… Holy [BEEP!" she cried, as she got a glimpse of the interior of the TARDIS. However, her shouting was cut off as the Doctor shoved her inside and closed the doors behind her. He turned back to the Glee Club, staring at him in more concerned than gorrified.

"Okay…" he said, feeling slightly awkward under their stares. "First up… Tina. Step into my office. You know, like a doctor's office? And I'm the Doctor….. Just come on."

Tina looked shocked her name was called, but walked over to the other room, anyway.