Chapter 2

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Zerg – Overmind/Naruto talking

Zerg – Cerebrate talking

Zerg – Normal/Human/disguised voices (Naruto or the Cerebrates talking in a more human voice, they will speak like this when they have to interact with the Terrans) talking

Zerg - Thoughts


The 'bar scene' as the Terrans liked to call it was not something Naruto enjoyed. There were tons of reasons why he didn't like places that served alcohol and crammed Terrans into small, claustrophobia inducing, spaces. Everyone was too loud, too violent and too fucking close. It took Sarah's calming presence as well as his millennia long experience of micro-managing the Zerg Swarm from across the universe to stem his rage and the quell the urge to grab his bottle of… something… and shove it down the throat of the Terran behind him. The Overmind actually felt a sense of accomplishment in that thought. He felt a hand on his own and looked up to Sarah's green eyes.

"Are you alright?" was all she said as she took the bottle away from his grip. The bottle was severely cracked and leaked fluids. The Queen of Blades placed the bottle on the counter, letting the bartender take it away without question. The bar was frequented with soldiers from the nearby base so a broken bottle was the least of their worries.

"Honestly my dear," started Naruto while using his Terran voice, "I hope these were the places you avoided when you were on their side! A lady such as you should not associate with such…" A nearby by Marine let out a roaring belch as he passed the couple by, "scum"

Kerrigan laughed at his expressions as she took a sip from her own bottle. She didn't really mind going to places such as these. Hanging out with Raynor and Nova-who was a bit of a tomboy- desensitized her to such locations and later found that she enjoyed herself in bars. "Oh come on dad, this place isn't so bad. Plus you were the one who said that I could pick the place to meet with the Cerebrates." The Overmind wanted to argue with his youngest but one of the waitresses approached and informed them that a private booth was now available for their use. They didn't have to wait long as the Cerebrates, in human form, entered the bar. Their mere presence silenced the building as they ogled at how beautiful the three women were.

To the left side was a petite woman with fair skin, grey eyes and raven colored hair styled in a pixie cut. She wore dark jeans, stiletto heels and a sleeveless turtle neck shirt. She was the shortest in the group and was of Asian descent. This woman was Zasz, leader of the Garm Brood and the smartest of the Cerebrates.

To the right was the second tallest of the trio. She had long, platinum blonde hair and a pale complexion. She wore a black sundress that contrasted with her pale skin and red eyes. She was Auza, leader of the Incubus Brood and the most bloodthirsty of Cerebrates.

The woman at the center was the tallest of them all and was even taller than some of the marines in the bar. She stood out the most with her height, her exotic tanned skin and golden eyes. Her attributes were no laughing matter either as every male creature in the bar was openly looking at her large 'assets'. Her pink hair reached the middle of her back and had no style to it. She wore a tan trench coat over a black turtleneck dress. Her long legs were defined by the heeled boots she wore. The goddess was named Tiamat, leader to her own brood and the right hand of the Overmind.

The crowd parted for the three ladies as they made their way to Naruto and Sarah. Tiamat gave a respectful bow to her father, thus her example was followed by the other two. "Forgive our tardiness father, but these human bodies were difficult to move the first time." Naruto smiled and motioned for them to take a seat which forced Sarah to move closer to Naruto. She noted that Auza narrowed her eyes at her actions. So as not to break their cover, they ordered a round of drinks for the table before the Overmind spoke to them.

"Welcome to Moria my children. I have called you here for two reasons; the first is a field test for your new bodies out on the battlefield. The second is because of the mineral rich environment this planet has. I want this planet under Zerg control by the end of the week and I want to see the three of you fight in battle." Naruto looked at his bottle before dumping the contents on the floor. "With the significant increase of resources, Abathur will be able to hasten his completion of the Leviathan."

"Father," Sarah spoke up, "Forgive me for my arrogance, but who is this Abathur?" Auza scoffed at the question before she spoke.

"Of course such an underdeveloped brain such as yours could not even remember something as basic as whom the great Abathur is! He is our chief geneticist and the smartest of our siblings! You disrespect him by not remembering his name, filthy little"

"Thank you for informing your sister Auza."The Overmind stepped in before claws could be unleashed and their cover was blown. "Tiamat, what have you found out about this planet?"

Without missing a beat, the exotic beauty spoke, "Moria contains at least four billion Terrans. They have sixteen major settlements and eighty six minor settlements. The planet has only one space platform with minimal military presence. This planet is controlled by what the Terrans call the 'Kel-Morian Combine'. Moria is their capital world." She said this without an ounce of feeling and didn't even blink. Sarah was reminded of the Adjutants the Terrans used with how Tiamat spoke.

"But the Kel-Morians have a very militaristic culture." interjected Zasz into the conversation, "Do not be surprised that the civilians would have some form of military training." Zasz took a sip from her beer and instantly spat it out, spraying it on a passing Marine. "Did I just consume Terran refuse?"

"Auza, what strategies will you implement?"

"Disable the Space platform and crash it into the capitol. Since it supplies energy to the other major settlements and those major settlements supply energy to the minor settlements they would be dealt with in one stroke, we would take over the planet with minimal losses." While Zasz' voice was quiet and shy-like, Auza's voice was husky as if she was aroused. Sarah would ask Naruto later why they were female in the first place after they left the bar.

"Tiamat, any other suggestions?"

"The strategy is sufficient, but I would like to have forces at the ready when the power is cut."


She looked at Naruto for awhile before replying, "I suggest that we protect our orbit. The Terran Dominion has forces to spare and we don't want the whole armada bearing down on us. Once we secure the settlements I suggest we spawn Spore Cannons for each settlement. They wouldn't suspect it since they haven't encountered that kind of structure yet." Naruto was silent for a moment as he went through the scenario in his mind. A million possibilities were thought of in the span of a second and were solved in the next.

"This will suffice" There was a pulse of Psionic energy from the group of Zerg hybrids before an alarm echoed throughout the entire city. Everyone scrambled out of the bar as an adjutant's voice blared to life.


"Long live the Zerg Swarm!"


Jim Raynor didn't know what he should have expected when the Raiders responded to the distress call. He didn't expect that it was the Kel-Morian combine asking for help. He didn't expect to find Moria's orbit littered with bodies and spaceship parts. He didn't expect to not find the Space Platform at where it should have been. Most of all, he didn't expect giant globs of acid to assault the Hyperion from the planet's surface.

"When did the Zerg get orbital defense?" Matt Horner, the Hyperion's captain and Raynor's second in command, exclaimed as he was sent crashing down to the neo-steel floor. "Everybody to their stations, concentrate all power to the shields!" The crew stared at awe as a glob of corrosive acid passed by their viewport. Matt turned to Raynor, wearing his armor, and ran to him. "Jim we need to get rid of those cannons if we wanna stay alive! Call on your best men and we'll drop you from orbit. Get rid of them before we get killed!"

Raynor rushed out of the bridge with Nova and quickly enlisted twelve marines and an SCV to help him prepare a forward base on Moria. None of them said a word as they were launched out of the ship and quickly descended on the planet. With speed and heat on their side, they cut a clean path through countless Mutalisks. Raynor peeked out of the small reinforced window of his drop pod and saw what Moria looked like for the first time.

The whole planet was at war. As far as the eye could see battles were being waged. The land was covered in Creep and the towering skyscrapers were getting covered in them as well. In the center of the city, where the city hall should have been, was a Hive. It stood prominently over the rest of the man-made structures. Terrans and Zerg filled the streets; all of them were locked in battle. The city, overall, was severely damaged. Half of it was covered by the remains of the Space Platform and the other half was up in flames. Up in the buildings, Marines lined the windows with makeshift barricades to gun down passing by guardians. Down in the streets, Zerglings were easily mowing down the Terran forces. Even the Siege Tank's Arclite Cannons couldn't handle the sheer volume of the Zerg forces.

Time seemed to move in fast forward as soon as he looked away from the window. Jim thought that they had reached the ground way too quickly for his tastes, but he quickly cleared his head and ordered the SCV to work on building a Command Center.

A sniper round found its way into the SCV pilot's head and his vehicle exploded with the second round. There was no time to panic as everyone dove behind the drop pods for cover.

"Well, well, well! Look what the Hydralisk dragged in; a whole lotta traitors just for Sarah!" the former ghost chambered another round as she centered her sights on an unsuspecting Marine. "BOOM! Headshot!" She laughed maniacally as she ordered two dozen Zerglings to rush their position. Jim and the rest of the Marines toppled the drop pods for more cover while Nova was instructed to cloak and flank the shooter.

A few close calls with a few dozen Zerglings got Nova a clear shot at their shooter, but what she saw was the last person she expected to see.


The Overmind always liked the calm silence found in space. The reduced sensory stimulus helped with concentrating and he took advantage of it as he sat down on the rubbery floor that was the Overlords stomach. His apprentice of sorts sat a few feet in front of him also assuming a meditative position. He had taught her that this was a good way to help psychics in grasping the full potential of their abilities and it was true, but the Overmind wasn't doing this to do that. He wasn't an amateur. What he was doing right now was quelling the thousands of minds that screamed at him from within his own. Sadly the merging of the millions of Terrans to make a body for itself had the nasty side effect of bombarding him with memories that was not his own. But through the storm of memories one intrigued him especially. The only annoyance was that he had to find it again.

"This is…"


"You didn't have to…"


"This is our land!"


"I am your father"


"I won't lose!"

There. Isolate the strand…

The Overmind didn't have to concentrate too hard once he found the memory again. All he had to do was latch onto it and it would be easy enough to manipulate. His surroundings melted away to reveal a lush forest filled with animals and plant life that looked quite exotic. In the field he found himself ran a stream in the middle, where it connected to a large river. The Overmind followed the river down to a waterfall. What stood out were the amazing statues that bordered the water fall.

Two statues as tall as one of his Ultralisk stood like sentries facing each other, clearly marking the separation of the land where the river split it. As the Overmind got closer to the pieces of art, he could faintly hear the sounds of a battle.

Two humans were fighting one another with powers he had never seen the likes of. The Overmind thought of the possibilities such powers could benefit the swarm! The memory played on even if the Zerg patriarch wasn't paying it any attention.

As suspected a few seconds later, giant and fleshy sacks crashed down onto the planet. Zerg's of all kinds poured out of them and used modified poison sacs in their bodies to coat the whole planet with its paralytic properties and harvest the humans for his human-like body.

The Overmind, using his high intellect could already think of what he could use the powers with to help better his hive and his children.

Especially with the energy constructs known to the extinct shinobi's as Bijuu.

Oh yes, he could think of many things to use them for.