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Chapter 1: Cemetery

Freddie stood over the grave, staring solemnly down at the freshly turned earth. He knew almost all of the funeral party had left over an hour ago, but Carly, Spencer, and Sam had remained behind. His three friends stood in the background silently offering their support, but saying nothing. They were all afraid to say the wrong thing and had been treating him delicately, like he would break at any moment. Even Sam had been freakishly kind to him for weeks, well, what qualified as nice for Sam. He knew that standing there was pointless. The body in the ground wasn't even his mother anymore, but it still felt wrong to leave her there all alone. He heard a rumble in the sky and a few fat drops of water fell on his head, warning him that it would rain soon like only Seattle could. Carly walked up tentatively behind him.

"Freddie," she started, unsure, "I know this is hard for you, but there is a storm coming. We should probably go."

"Five more minutes," he replied without turning around. His voice sounded strained. She opened her mouth to respond, but Spencer stopped her by shaking his head.

"Five more minutes," the older man agreed, giving Freddie's shoulder a reassuring pat. "Come on Carls, let's bring the car around."

The raven haired teen followed her brother toward the vehicle in question, only turning to look concernedly at Freddie once. A vast improvement over the last few days, which she had spent fussing over him like he was an invalid instead of in mourning. The soft crunch of the fresh grass behind him finally registered and he turned to see Sam walking his way. He was surprised to say the least, but it didn't show in his dead eyes. They stood side by side in silence for several moments before Sam finally attempted conversation.

"So this must really suck," She said, more like a statement than a question.

"Yeah," Freddie agreed. She was as poetic as always. At least some things never changed.

"I'm really sorry Freddie," Sam spoke softly.

This time he couldn't help his eyes widening in shock. Sam never said sorry to anyone, for any reason, least of all him. He looked at her expectantly, waiting for her to continue.

"It's just…," she paused, struggling for the right words. "No one should have to go through this. I mean your mom was crazy, like SUPER crazy, but she was a good person, and she always took care of you. It should have been someone else, someone who deserved it more" she snorted "hell it should have been MY mom."

She stopped there; the act of speaking from her heart had clearly drained her.

Freddie gave her the ghost of a smile, the first one he had worn since he got the call.

"Thanks Sam," he told her, sincerely, "That's really messed up, but really sweet."

Sam nodded, looking strained. "You can hit me Sam," he offered, "If you try to hold it back to much longer you could explode. I've had enough death for now."

She punched him in the arm, lightly, and gave a smile of her own. They moved a little bit closer together, he drew strength from her presence and she gave it willingly as the rain picked up.

"You know that tomorrow all the special treatment ends, right Fredweird?" Sam warned.

"I know," he nodded.

Carly and Spencer pulled up, honking once to get their attention. Piling into the car they headed back home in silence.

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