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So Good

I woke up slowly and didn't even bother to brace for the phalanx of pain that stormed my gates. Waking up miserable was getting to be pretty routine at this point. I silently applauded myself for my ability to adjust to these completely off the wall situations. I was an unstoppable force of nature, if drug lords and guns couldn't bring me down nothing could.

"What else ya got? Bring it you big bearded bastard!"

Fortuitously it was at that exact moment that I noticed a pressure on my chest. Opening my eyes, I peered downward at the offensive weight, ready for anything…except what I found. I looked down and my eyes swept over the nearly endless expanse of curvaceous flesh laid out before me. My internal dialogue went something like this.

"Ohsweetmotherofgod! That's a Sam on me. A shirtless Sam, against my shirtlessness. Where are my pants? What happened to all the oxygen in this room? Breathe Freddie, breathe. Ok, priority one: don't freak out. Priority two: REALLY don't freak out."

I imagine that someday, in hindsight, I will be a little ashamed of myself for how I reacted to waking up half naked in a scenario ripped straight from one of…ahem…alone time fantasies, but that day was not today. I had seemingly skipped two bases, dove headfirst into the deep-end and scored a touchdown. Damnit! I was so flustered even my sports metaphors weren't making any sense.

Come on Freddie you're being ridiculous. You don't even know what happened, and the last thing you want is to look like an idiot in front of what may very well be the most beautiful creature you've ever laid eyes on.

I had finally managed to drop my heart rate back down to a nonlethal level when a bird just outside the window gave a particularly load shriek, causing Sam to stir in her sleep. Every delicious inch of her undulated against me as she shifted herself in the bed, tightening the arm around my torso and pulling her body flush against my side. My heart rate tripled and it was pumping all of the blood in my body to one very specific place. I was getting lightheaded. Nothing was that soft, it just wasn't possible. It felt like electricity was dancing across my skin everywhere she was touching me. My whole right side started to tingle and the sensation traveled up my body to my brain, making it hard to think straight.

Everything in the room started to get a little hazy. It was like my entire thought process tunneled until there was nothing, but Sam. Why had I been so panicked a minute ago? Only an idiot would be worried about something this unbelievably fantastic. I wiggled my body a little bit, weary of my gunshot wound, so that I scooted down the comforter until I was face to face with the beautiful woman next to me. My face had become inadvertently buried in her golden tresses and I breathed deeply, taking in the wonderful smell that just seemed to emanate from her naturally. Good fucking god she was beautiful, especially in her sleep. All the stress and worry that she experienced during the day just melted right off leaving nothing behind but the personification of perfection. She was…gorgeous? Radiant? Awe inspiring? Bewitching? Exquisite? None of the adjectives I could summon seemed strong enough to describe what she inspired in me. I would have to invent a new word for it, she was just so…Sam.

I leaned in toward her ear, the air getting headier with each passing second, by the time I got to it I could barely piece together a sentence.

"Sam", I whispered. She didn't budge so I tried again a little louder. "Sam"…still nothing. I smiled a bit to myself before giving it a third attempt. "Samaaaantha."

She woke with a grimace and a groan, as I had predicted. No one called her Samantha and got away with it.

Her response came in a whisper, "You know that doesn't sound half bad when you say it."

I grinned from ear-to-ear and considered saying it a second time just to push my luck, but decided against it. I didn't want to do anything that had even a slight possibility of ruining the moment. Instead I leaned forward until my lips brushed against her ear whispering so that my breath would tickle her neck.

"Good morning," I told her. And for the first time in a while it actually was.

Being with Sam was always incredible for more reasons than I could keep track of, but my favorite by far was the feeling of "rightness" I got whenever she was around. It was like the trumpets could sound, signaling judgment day and the end of time itself and somehow as long as we were together everything would be ok. Corny I know, but hey, that's love.

"Yes it really is," she mumbled, mirroring my own thoughts.

She burrowed deeper into the mattress and my arms, until her head was resting on my chest. She gingerly placed a kiss on the gauze covering my shoulder before laying her head over my heart. The two of us just laid there for a few minutes, enjoying a comfortable silence and the relative peace of the moment. It was like the eye of the raging shit-storm that had become our lives in the last 48 hours.

"What are you thinking?" I asked, breaking the silence.

"That I'm really glad this thing is still working," she tapped my chest over my heart to emphasize her point. "It was really touch-and-go there for a bit babe. I was worried."

"Worried!" I asked, my voice laden with mock incredulity. "A mere bullet cannot stop the mighty Fredward Benson! I was merely feigning injury to confuse our opponents."

She grunted her irritation and looked up into my eyes.

"If you weren't already injured I would hit you right now." Her tone left no doubt how serious she was.

I could feel my mouth twisting up into a roguish smirk and tried in vain to fight it. The bigger my smile got the more her frown deepened. I tried to stop myself, I really did, but she was so goddamn cute when she was pissed at me. I was terrified and endeared at the same time…it was a seriously weird sensation.

"It's not funny jackass. You almost died." The pain in her voice cut my mirth like a knife.

Her eyes were tearing up and she lowered her head back to my chest to hide it. I had just been so relieved to be alive when I woke up that I completely forgot that Sam had been through just as much as I had. More by some estimations. I had been so out of it I could barely remember half of what had gone down, but I was sickeningly sure that she remembered every detail. I knew she wasn't really angry at or blaming me, she was just upset, but I still felt like a tool. She had tensed up a little bit, but she hadn't pulled away. I wasn't sure if that was progress or Sam just being classically unwilling to move once she was comfortable. I took advantage of her position on my chest by running my fingers through her hair. It was just as soft and luxurious as the rest of her and I reveled in the feel. With each pass of my fingers over her scalp she relaxed a minute amount until she was almost purring under my ministrations.

"Babe?" I questioned softly.

All I got back was a muffled, "Hmmm?"

"What happened? Where are we?" They were questions I didn't want to ask, but I knew that I needed to.

Sam heaved a huge sigh. "You just couldn't be like every other guy on the planet and be satisfied that there is a hot, scantily clad, willing girl in your bed could you nerd? You just have to ruin the moment."

My eyes bugged out of my head and my face turned to her so fast I almost gave myself whiplash.

"Wait! Willing?" My voice cracked on the second word. Oh yeah, I'm a lady killer.

"Nope!" she exclaimed "You went asking questions so now I'm going to answer them. Maybe next time a girl makes it painfully obvious she wants your hands on her naughty bits you will pay attention."

I wanted to cry a little bit, but I wouldn't give her the satisfaction. This was all part of the dance. Sam and I would circle each other for hours, sometimes days, the tempo slowly rising until one or both of us surrendered to our urges. Back when we couldn't express ourselves how we wanted it almost always culminated in a fight. I was painfully curious how it would all end now that we were on to each other…literally and figuratively.

"If I were like every other guy on the planet you wouldn't like me so much." I was faking a level of confidence I wasn't feeling.

I had never wanted to give into her so badly. I had never wanted to get into her so badly. Shit, I was losing blood that I needed to pay attention to what she was saying. It was being rapidly redirected to a part of me that was far more interested in how great her ass looked in the matching lacy red number she was wearing. I had never really thought of Sam as girly, but I was starting to find out she was all woman.

"Eyes up here," she said, snapping her fingers under my nose and gesturing towards her face.

"I made my choice!" I replied, only half in jest. I squinted even more intently at the cleavage she had just revealed by turning to face me.

She laughed one of the first real, unburdened laughs I had heard from her in days. I smiled in return as she pulled the blanket up, covering herself completely. I frowned and made a depressed noise in the back of my throat. She just shook her head at my antics.

"If I'm talking, you're paying attention," she said. I opened my mouth but she cut off my retort. "You're going to pay attention to what I'm saying. Not all this," she gestured down her body, "fabulous as it may be."

"Alright fine," I acquiesced, "but let's at least get comfortable. Turn over and let me into that blanket."

She surrendered to my demand and I snuggled up behind her, spooning against her back and marveling at how well the two of fit together.

"Alright god, I'll admit it. This was worth being shot, but don't think this means we're cool."

She sighed before speaking. "I'm not sure where to start. What do you remember?"

"Hmmmm…" I pondered aloud. "Pretty much everything after Akhmin got there, but before we got here. In fact most of the car ride is a little hazy, but I assume that wasn't too eventful. So I guess start from the beginning and then skip to the end."

"Wel,l we were out on the balcony and I was rocking your world-" I cut her off before she could finish.

"Oh trust me," I told her, trailing kisses down her neck, "I definitely remember that part. My world is still suffering from aftershocks."

She gave a soft moan of approval that set my heart racing and brought that numbing tingle back. The girl was like a drug, I couldn't ever get enough and there were a few adverse side effects to having her, but I still planned on being addicted by the day's end.

"It's reeaaaally hard to focus on telling a story when you're doing that," she said. Her voice was hoarse with what I hoped was lust and she tilted her head back to expose more of her neck to me. I decided took full advantage of what I was given, switching to nibbling lightly on her earlobe.

"I could stop if it would help," I offered. I stopped my exploration, but left my mouth poised over her skin enticingly, hoping that the feeling of my breath on her neck would drive her insane.

"Don't stop…" she pleaded.

Holy fucking mother of god. Sam never pleaded. And if she did it was for things like bacon or the answers to our math homework. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was working, so I decided to keep it up.

"Keep talking," I commanded. That's right, I commanded Samantha Pucket. And that's not even the best part. She listened. I was a god amongst men.

"We got to the MMmmmelevator and when it Ahhrrived on our floor there were already two guys on it. They had guns and-ohmygod!" her sentence got largely incoherent for a bit at that point.

I had found a curious dip where her neck met her jaw and had decided to investigate more closely. Judging by how abruptly her recount had ended I assumed she approved. I could feel her pulse under my lips and suckled on the spot in question eliciting a moan from Sam that set my body on fire. I tamped the flames down forcibly, barely managing to keep myself under control. I wasn't ready to relinquish my hold over her. The game wasn't over, she hadn't given in yet.

She reigned herself in a bit and continued more calmly, but her voice sounded strained almost tortured. "You must have noticed the picture of you they had just before I did."

One of her arms snaked back and buried a hand in my hair. She gripped the brown locks tightly, pulling me forcibly against her and using my hair like reigns to guide my eager mouth wherever she wanted it. As my biting grew more insistent so did her tugs, my scalp started to tingle from her sharp, demanding yanks. It just added to the long list of things currently overwhelming my senses, Sam was filling my entire world, seeping into every crack and cranny until there wasn't room for anything else. She had started rotating her hips, grinding her deific ass against my groin. Something primal welled up inside me and took control for a moment. I growled, low and insistent, biting her neck hard enough to bruise her otherwise perfect skin. She moaned in a way that made the blood course through my veins so quickly I thought my heart might burst. It was a declaration of passion that transcended anything she could have conveyed with mere words. She continued the story, but if I'm honest I wasn't listening anymore.

"They realized that you were the-," her breath hitched as my hand burned a trail up the smooth plane of her stomach, cutting off her air and her sentence simultaneously. "-The person they were looking for and they pulled their guns to shoot us."

I have no idea who I became in those moments. I mean I was still myself, but I wasn't. I was self assured in a way I had never been before, I was nimble and judging by the noises she was making I was good. There weren't many places my hands hadn't been at this point so I made a return journey. My hands roamed over her shoulders and down her arms, kneading as they went, the air in the room got so heavy it took a lot of effort to breathe it. Every inch of her looked carved from alabaster, beautiful and powerful like the masterpiece carving of some ancient Greek goddess, but this goddess was real and she was mine. My hands continued their massaging strokes down her back and I decided to let my mouth follow as I went. Giving little love nips then smoothing them over with eager fingers. She shuddered and released a breath she must have been holding for a long time.

"You pushed me out of the way to save me," she whispered, but with none of the lust that her previous words had carried.

She had gone still, not rigid or rejecting, just…quiet. I fought through the fog that was clouding my brain, I was now concerned for her and in need of her in equal measure, but the gentleman in me won out and I wrapped my arms protectively around her. She squirmed around until she was facing me, looking me dead in the eyes. Her face was a jumbled pile of raw emotion, affection, anger, fear and above all incredulity.

"You could have died," she said.

"Yup," I agreed.

"But you didn't care," she accused.

"Nope," I confirmed.

"Why?" she asked.

I shrugged. The answer didn't come easily at first. I mulled the thought over for a bit, trying to figure out what the answer was and how best to convey it.

"I'm not sure," I told her honestly.

She waited patiently for me to continue. I tried very hard not to focus on the feeling of her lace clad breasts pressed against my chest or her incredible eyes mere inches from my face. I was pretty successful…ok 60/40.

"I guess," I paused again, trying to force my scattered thoughts into something cohesive, "I guess that in the spur of the moment I realized I had time to save me or you. I just decided that it was more important to me that you were safe than it was that I not get shot. I guess I figured I could die happy as long as you were ok." I finished with a sheepish smile and scanned her face for a reaction, there were a couple tense, sickening seconds where she remained unsettling still and then, all at once, she came alive.

Her passion rose up in her like a tidal wave and I was the rocks that it broke against. Grounding her, dispersing the sensations that had come over her, but still in the midst of the storm myself. I couldn't breathe, I didn't want to, or rather I didn't want air, I wanted her and from the way she was forcing her body against mine the feeling seemed mutual. She was breathing my air, stealing it for herself, taking me into her veins, possessing me and I gave myself to it, wanting nothing more than for this continue. To be hers, to be us.

The frantic movements of her mouth against mine traveled down the side of my mouth, along my jawline and continued down, her tongue laving across my chest soft in contrast to the hard nips she delivered directly afterward. I had never felt so completely flummoxed…probably because I had never even thought to use the word before. What the fuck was she doing to my mind? My breath hitched as her teeth grazed across my nipple. The attention stopped long enough for her to mutter something about me being the sexiest idiot who ever lived before her downward journey continued. I quickly did some math in my head and realized that at this rate she was going to be in my crotch region right, about…oh mother of god. I felt her lips moving across my skin just above the waistline of my boxers and my head flew back against the pillows.

I wanted desperately to see what she was going to do next but I couldn't seem to open my damn eyes. Evidently that wasn't going to work for Sam. She stopped what she was doing, I could still feel her hot breath against my skin and her fingers hooked in the waistband of my underwear, poised to tug them downwards. I regained a facsimile of my composure and cracked an eyelid to look down at her. Her Cheshire grin underlined the most pleased eyes I had even seen grace her face.

I said something sexy like "Wha-!" and her smile grew.

"Just wanted to make sure you knew who was down here before I kept going," she said. Her voice so laden with sultry I felt it drip off her lips and crawl up my spine, making me shiver slightly.

"As if I could forget," I sighed, but there was one nagging thought in the back of mind that I couldn't let go. "Sam…," I started lamely as usual, "you know you don't have to do this to thank me for saving you or…or whatever."

I averted my eyes from hers, embarrassed and praying to god that she wouldn't actually stop. Nails dug sharply into the soft skin of my lower stomach and I cried out in pain, turning my gaze back toward the forest of golden curls and mischief hovering over my now seriously painful and barely constrained erection.

"I'm not doing this to thank you Freddie, I'm doing this because I want to TASTE you."

That. Was. Fucking. It.

My mind shut down in a flash of light leading to a blank slate. Like an old TV turning off in a dark room. For an indiscernible amount of time that I'm sure was nowhere near as long as I would have liked it to be I had no thoughts, my world was absolutely dominated by the things she was making me feel.

Her hands finally started to tug that final cloth barrier downward, off my leg and out of the way. It only occurred to me later to maybe be embarrassed about her staring so intently at my rigidity, now only inches from her face, but all I could think about was the feeling of her breath against my already hot skin and the way her smile grew when I started to twitch. She looked like nothing quite so much as a lithe jungle cat about to pounce on some small helpless creature it had been toying with relentlessly and the comparison wasn't far off at all. Time slowed as she leaned forward, closing what was left of the gap, and gave me one long, languid lick from base to tip.

I hissed and moaned and fought back the sudden urge to propose to this amazing creature and she watched, amused, as all of it played across my face. I was breathing heavily when I felt her hand reach mine and give it a comforting squeeze before placing it in her hair. She caught my eyes and smiled as she bent back down over me.

"Better hold on stud, we're just getting started," she warned.

I managed to find my words long enough to croak out , "Have I mentioned you're amazing?"

She noised a smile, finding it hard to actually perform one with the head of my cock held delicately in-between her soft, mind blowing lips. Well, maybe not mind blowing if you catch my drift. I feel it's worth mentioning that I wasn't this witty at the time. Sam was doing her damndest to reduce me to a pile of squealing, pleasure hazed goo and succeeding with almost no effort.

She applied suction, her cheeks going concave, and then agonizingly slowly she slid down the length of me. I could feel every delicious millimeter of her lips sliding over the iron-like hardness of my erection. I'm not huge, so objectively the process can't have lasted long, but I spent an eternity watching in rapt attention as inch after inch of cock slipped past that tight pink ring and into the molten warmth of her mouth. I knew from casual conversation in the past that Samantha Pucket just so happened to have no gag reflex, but in no way prepared me for the sensation of my cock-head hitting the back of her throat as her nose buried itself in the curls at the base of my shaft.

Her eye's rose to meet mine, as I groaned so fucking loud I idly hoped that this safe house didn't have any neighbors. She looked quite pleased with herself and the waves of pure sultry seduction rolling off of her only served to turn me on more. I gripped my handful of her hair tighter as my breathing quickened and when she moaned in satisfaction at the feeling of me tugging her golden girls my eyes rolled back in my head and I forced what would have likely been a scream back down.

"Do that again," I pleaded, my voice raw and heavy.

But she didn't, instead she pressed her tongue against the bottom of my shaft as she drew her head back up, a little more quickly this time, and released me with an audible pop. Her breathing was heavy, matching mine.

"Girl's gotta breathe," she smiled, "but that will definitely happen again."

She went slower this time, but the effect wasn't any less great. She laved my cock with her tongue, the sensation at once smooth and rough, dragging across the silken skin and leaving fire in its wake. She was driving me to the edge of insanity, I was standing on the goddamn brink and I knew what awaited me over the cliff. She lapped the underside of the head and I grunted in renewed pleasure, barely keeping myself from exploding, she noticed my reaction an returned to the spot, flicking her tongue back and forth while she pumped the rest of me with her hand.

"Sam…," I tried to warn her, but properly constructed sentences were dependent on a functioning brain. "I'm…huh-I'm, fuckingodamnwoman."

Sam looked at my face, ecstasy and torment warring over my features and got the message I was trying to convey clearly…and that's when she ended me.

"Cum for me Freddie," she said moving her mouth around the end of my cock, "momma wants it."

I held of long enough for her to form a tight seal around me and start to suck before I lost my tenuous grip on sanity and shot every conscious nerve, anxiety, stressful thought and ounce of consciousness I had out of my rock hard dick and into her waiting mouth. With a guttural cry that sat somewhere between a growl and a scream, my back arched, shoving me further into her mouth and causing her to choke slightly, some of my seed spilling out of her mouth and onto her chest. The surprised and mildly chagrined look on her face was the last thing I saw before my whole body gave out and I collapsed back onto the mattress.

I'm not sure that I blacked out so much as I shorted out…or maybe it's the same thing, hell if I know. All I do know is everything went blank for a few seconds. When my eyes started working again I was greeted with the sight of Sam scooping an errant white glob up off one of her breasts with one finger and placing it into her mouth and I almost passed out again. This woman was going to be the death of me. I groaned aloud, it was really all I had at the moment. I was still incapable of processing everything that had just happened. The sensations and implications were so overwhelming I wasn't convinced I would ever be able to process them.

I lay there breathing heavily for several long minutes, trying to gather the pieces of my mind back together after she had shattered it so effortlessly. She was patient with me, stretching out sanguinely and snuggling up against my side. She lay her head on my chest and watched me curiously, clearly pleased with herself. She had just given me the single greatest experience of my young life and she knew it. I had heard about how the time spent after such an act could be awkward between the two people involved, but I didn't have the wherewithal to be embarrassed and I had never seen Sam feel awkward in her life.

"Are you real?" I finally managed to rasp out. I needed some water bad and judging by the incredibly sexy, puffy and chapped state of her lips she did too, but it could wait.

She laughed, "For your sake I hope so cause if you imagined all of this, you need some serious help."

I grinned a little, the endorphins kicking in and laughed along with her. I wrapped one arm around her possessively drawing her closer against me and she accepted it with no resistance. A fact that was, in and of itself, astounding.

"I tried to warn you about well…ya know," I said gesturing down towards my crotch "boom." I finished lamely with an indicative hand gesture. I had just had an earth shaking orgasm in her mouth not five minutes previously and I couldn't even say it out loud.

"I know," she assured me, looking purposefully into my eyes, "that WAS a thank you." She kissed me lightly on the cheek. "So don't get used to it."

"Remind me to get shot more often," I said with a small laugh. I was stupid happy, borderline giddy.

"I think if every guys girlfriend swallowed when they were heroic chivalry wouldn't be dead" she said the entire ridiculous sentence with complete solemnity and I couldn't help but laugh again. Not because I thought it was funny or that she was kidding, quite the opposite. She meant every word and that was so mind boggling awesome how could I not laugh? I was just feeling too damn good.

"So…," I started, leering at her with the weirdest look I could conjure, "girlfriend, huh?"

Her mouth opened to retort, but hung loosely, a few shocked and incoherent noises spilling from it as she tried to think of what to say. I reached forward, and pushed her flapping chin up, closing her mouth. I let my hand trail up her face to her cheek and stroked the side of her face lightly with my thumb while I leaned in and kissed her gently.

"It's fine Sam," I assured her with a smile, "I've kind of always wanted you to be my girlfriend. Don't freak out."

"Sam Pucket doesn't 'Freak Out' Fredweird," she deflected, looking away from me, but leaving my hand on her cheek. I turned her face back towards mine.

"No, but I think sometimes Samantha Pucket does." My words were gentle. It was heavy stuff, and unexplored territory for the two of us. I was pretty sure she didn't yet realize how well I understood her and I wasn't sure how far I could push inside her barriers before there was serious backlash. She wanted to argue, I could see it on her face, she was fighting her natural responses internally, but my Sam must have won out because without a word she turned around and snuggled up against me. I knew that was just as much to hide her blushing face as anything else so I sat there in comfortable silence with her, a small grin across my face. It was a small victory, but it meant the world.

I knew I needed to lighten the mood before all of the "emotional crap", as Sam would have put it, became too much for her.

"Two questions," I said into her golden mane.

"Shoot," she said. Glad for the distraction from her own thoughts.

"Where the hell did you learn to do…THAT…" I asked more meekly than intended. Yea, smooth Freddie. B.J. Smoove. Judging by the number of sexual encounters I wanted to have with her in the near future I needed to get a LOT more comfortable talking about it.

"I dunno," she said shrugging nonchalantly "porn I guess."

"You guess?" I deadpanned.

"Well momma had to take care of herself since no one else was," she elbowed me in the gut for emphasis like all sexual frustrations since the dawn of puberty were somehow my fault.

"What kind of porn?" I ventured.

She responded with another, sharper, elbow to my ribs.

"We'll circle back around to that one," I joked.

"What was the second question?" she asked.

I noticed she had started unconsciously rubbing her ass against my crotch, likely seeking her release. I leaned in closer to her ear, my breath hot on her ear and ground my hips forward into her.

"When is it my turn to thank you?"

She had flipped around in an instant, crushing her lips furiously against mine.

"I thought you'd never ask," she hissed breathlessly. "Right fucking now."

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