FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth walked into the main lab of the Jeffersonian Institute with a stretcher being pushed by two assistants following behind him. On the stretcher was a closed body bag that was bound for an examination table.

"Bones, where are yah!" Booth shouted.

"Over here Booth, You ever look before shouting?" Dr. Temperance Brennan asked from atop the forensic platform.

"Nah, shouting's quicker. How you feeling?" Booth asked, swiping his card and walking onto the platform.

"Pregnant but fine," Temperance replied. Booth laughed with his usual smile.

"Well I have something to distract you," He said turning her around in her chair.

"It's a John Doe found in the basement of a historical residence that the historical society is renovating. The house apparently has a shady enough history that the Historical Society is pressing for an ID and the FBI wants to comply for a little good publicity. Seeing as you're the best and since we don't have any hot cases they sent it to me," Booth said as the assistants moved the body bag over to the table.

Bones stood up and put on a pair of gloves.

"Just because the FBI wants to look good-" Bones started.

"I know, I know, You won't fix your findings. No one's asking you too. Can Ang at least have the skull first?" Booth asked.

"If there isn't any flesh," Bones said and unzipped the bag. She picked up a dust covered skull.

"Male, Caucasian, late twenties, early thirties. Put on some gloves and you can take it to Angela," Bones said.

"Yeah, no, ANG! WHERE ARE YAH!" Booth shouted. It didn't take long for a rather upset artist to come storming up to the forensic platform.

"Seeley Joseph Booth, I just got that baby to sleep and if you wake him up I will take your gun and shoot you with it!" Angela said as she poked the FBI agent in the chest.

"Sorry, Ang, How was I supposed to know? Doesn't the Jeffersonian have a daycare program?" Booth whispered and rubbed his chest.

"What do you want?" Angela asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Jeez you're nails are sharp! I need you to ID him, a sketch, a scan, I don't care just send me his picture as soon as possible," Booth answered her and pointed to the John Doe.

"Alright, don't wake my baby," Angela said.

"I will never wake that child," Booth said and headed for the exit.

Angela looked down at the skull.

"A little harsh Ang, Would you really shoot Booth for waking up the baby?" Bones asked as she investigated the contents of the rest of the bag. The skeleton was still in a suit, a rather nice Italian suit.

"No…not shoot him, pistol whip him maybe but not shoot him," Angela said.

"Hodgins needs to come get these clothes and swab for particulates," Bones said.

"And I need my sketch pad. You stay here with your bones, do you want me to get Wendel up here to help you too?" Angela asked.

"Yes, that would be very convenient thank you," Bones said.

"No Problem Sweetie," Angela said and left the platform.

Angela grabbed her sketch book, baby monitor, husband, and intern before returning to the platform and placing the skull on its own little pedestal.

"Very strong features, I bet you're a real cutie," Angela said and began sketching. Hodgins and Wendel helped get the bones and clothes out of the body bag.

Bones pulled a small photograph from the hand and held it up.

"Ang," Bones said, holding it out to her. Hodgins, whom was already wearing gloves, took it and held to where Angela could see.

"It looks like a family portrait. I'll run it through the computer when I'm done with this," She said and Hodgins kissed her before putting the photograph in an evidence bag.

"There's something in the suit," Wendel said and reached in. He pulled out a handful of diamonds one of theme was huge.

"Oh wow," Hodgins said, handing Wendel an evidence jar. Wendel poured them in and checked for more as he pulled out bones to lie on the table. Once he was satisfied there weren't any more he handed the jar over to Hodgins.

"Jack, are those real?" Angela asked. Hodgins held up the evidence jar and screwed on the cap.

"I'll find out. Now I'm really curious what happened to this guy," Jack said and continued to gather evidence.

Over the next half hour Angela sketched from the skull while Wendel and Brennan separated evidence and documented the characteristics of the bones.

"There are striations down C2, C3, and C4. All along the ventral side," Bones said. Wendel looked up from the bone in his hands.

"Those are the bones the diamonds were lying amongst, could it be from them?" Wendel asked.

"Possibly…" Bones trailed off.

"Any idea what happened to his teeth?" Angela asked. Bones looked over. The front teeth were missing large chips.

"I'll take a closer look when you're done," Bones said.

"Well I'm done and I was wrong he wasn't cute, he was gorgeous," Angela said turning the pad towards them to reveal and very debonair looking young man with sharp, clean features, and deep eyes.

"Very nice Angela, that needs to get to Booth," Bones said, smiling at her friend. Angela got of her chair and scanned it from the platform. After she scanned it and emailed it, Angela hung it over John Does table.

It was only a matter of time before Booth returned with a file in hand.

"We got a hit from the Criminal Database and we have a bit of a problem," Booth said. Bones looked up from the remains, she had just kept going across the body and decided to come back to the head when she was done.

"What?" Bones asked.

"His name was Neil Caffery. He was an art thief and one of the best forgers in the world," Booth said laying down his file.

"What's the problem?" Bones asked.

"He was an FBI consultant, pretty much the white collar version of you," Booth said. Bones stood up, she could tell it bothered him.

"Did he have a partner?" Bones asked.

"Yeah, I sent the information to him. I'm sure he'll be down here soon enough. I need every little detail you can get on this one Bones," Booth said. Bones nodded as Booth turned and left the platform.

~*~*~*~*~New York City, Federal Bureau of Investigation Building, White Collar Crime Unit~*~*~*~*~*~

FBI Special Agent Peter Burke sipped his coffee as he entered the office. He paused when he felt eyes on him. He saw Jones and Diana sitting at their desks. Jones looked sullen and Diana was not making eye contact. Peter noticed her eyes were red and puffy. She quickly reached up to wipe her eyes. Peter was suddenly regretting having called a half day. They had just closed a huge case and Peter got Hughes to Ok a late start so they could sleep in, no one had to be in until after lunch.

"What's wrong with her?" Peter asked Jones. Jones took a deep breath and was about to speak when Hughes beat him to it.

"Burke!" Hughes said and motioned for Peter to come to him. No fingers, just an open handed gesture.

"Oh, never got that one before," Peter said and walked up to his boss.

"Sit down Burke," Hughes said monotone as they came into Hughes' office.

"Am I in trouble?" Peter asked.

"No, Peter…this isn't going to be easy to say, but It's about Caffery," Hughes said.

"Oh Jeez, what did he do now?" Peter asked.

"FBI in D.C.-"

"How the hell did he get to-"Peter started. Hughes raised his hand and cut him off.

"They found a body and…" Hughes trailed off.

"It's Neal," Hughes said. Peter sat there for a minute before taking a breath.

"I just saw him on- are they sure it's him? What happened?" Peter asked, suddenly finding it hard to breathe.

"The investigation just started, We don't have all the details, but they did a facial reconstruction," Hughes said and turned the computer monitor to Peter. Peter leaned forward and drew in a breathe when he saw the drawing.

"Oh my God, Neal," Peter got to his feet. He put a fist to his mouth and paced.

"I want in on this! I'm going to D.C." Peter practically growled.

"Already authorized! The Agent that contacted us is Agent Booth. He's D.C.'s lead murder investigator. I've already had him checked out. They assure me, you couldn't find a better agent on this," Hughes said. Peter said nothing and headed for the door.

A skinny chisel-faced young man stepped off the elevator ready to report for work and unbeknownst to him, confuse the hell out of everyone. Neal walked in the doors with a smile on his face and his fedora characteristically perched on his brow. He paused and awkwardly held his smile as he gazed around at his co-workers.

"Yikes, who died?" Caffery asked. Jones and Diana looked over to him, pure shock written on their faces.

"Uh, you did," Jones answered as Diana jumped forward and hugged Neal.

"Didn't think I'd ever be so happy to see a convict!" Diana said into his chest as her grip tightened.

"Aw, Diana…what's going on?" Neal asked, hugging her back.


"What did I do?" Neal yelled defensively. Peter stopped in his tracks wide eyed.

"Neal," Peter said, he made a face and looked back at Hughes office confused.

"Get up here," Peter said and went back into Hughes office. Hughes seemed just as confused as the rest of them.

"What's going on?" Neal asked as he came in.

"FBI in D.C. found a body, they had a sketch artist draw from the skull, and it's you," Peter said, showing him the rendering.

"Oh Wow, that's creepy," Neal said, getting up and getting closer to the monitor.

"Alright, Burke, get to the bottom of this and take Caffery with you," Hughes said.

"Let's go to D.C.," Peter said and held the door for Neal.

"You were really pissed when you thought I was dead, It was kind of scary" Caffery said as they walked down the steps.

"Yeah, I wanted to know how you could have gotten to D.C. without your anklet going off," Peter covered. They walked through the doors and to the elevators.

"Right, my anklet. Admit it you were upset when you thought I was dead," Neal beamed at Peter.

"Fine, yes the thought of having lost my partner rattled me…a lot," Peter admitted once inside the elevator.

"For once I was actually happy to see that damn hat!"

"Aww Peter!" Neal said and hugged the FBI agent.

"Ahh, get off of me!" Peter protested as the doors closed.