Peter walked down the hall, one hand on his IV stand. Neal was walking next to him. It was hopefully the day Peter was to be discharged. Elizabeth had run home to get everything ready to bring Peter home. Peter was very grateful for his doctor's orders to get up and move. He spent most of his days walking laps around that floor of the hospital. Neal would walk beside him, help him if need be, and read and talk about the case files Diana would sneak them.

Booth stayed at the hospital as well and would walk with them. He walked on Peters other side and listened to their cases.

"Ok Mortgage Fraud?" Neal asked. Peter groaned.

"Or embezzlement in an insurance company?" Neal asked. Booth shook his head.

"It's amazing you haven't shot yourself," Booth replied. Peter laughed.

"I can imagine all of this is rather dull compared to a murder investigation but at least I can appreciate my bad guys' talent without needing a psych eval." Peter said. Booth laughed and nodded.

"The extent they go to pull these heists, the artistic talents they have. Neal can paint exact replicas of anything you put in front of him and he's done crazy things to get away with it. He's likes to jump from very great heights," Peter said.

"Secretery," Neal said and shut the mortgage fraud file. Peter made a face at him as he took the file.

"And he does that," Peter said opening the file. Neal looked up with a questioning look on his face.

"What? Mortgage fraud is like pulling off duct tape, no matter what you do it's going to suck so you might as well get it over with quickly," Neal replied. Peter gave a week laugh.

"Peter!" A woman called. It was Diana, she'd just gotten off the elevator.

"Hey Diana," Peter greeted.

"Rhinehardt just arrived at the Jeffersonian to have his hand examined and the DNA was a match, there's no way he's getting out of this one," Diana smiled, handing over the paper work.

"What about for Eileen?" Peter asked.

"Peter don't worry about it, we've got the confession on record, he's going away for killing my Dad and for shooting you. It's fine," Neal said. Peter looked at him.

"Are you sure?" Peter asked. Neal nodded.

"Yes, because I know now," Neal said.

"Alright then," Peter said. Diana stepped up to Booth.

"Agent Booth, I officially take custody of Neal Caffrey, I've already called the Marshals. Your flight leaves in a little over an hour," Diana said. Booth nodded and shook her hand.

"It was great working with you, Agent Barragan," Seeley told her with a smile.

"Likewise," Diana said.

Booth reached his hand out to Peter.

"Care if I keep in touch?" Booth asked.

"You better, call anytime, you have my number right?" Peter asked. Booth nodded. Booth then offered his hand to Neal. Neal took a second but shook his hand.

"See you at the trial," Booth said and began to walk towards the elevator.

"Hey Booth," Peter called. Seeley turned around.

"How long is that coffee exhibit staying at the Jeffersonian?" Peter asked.

"Couple more months why?" Booth asked.

"I promised Neal a tour of the Jeffersonian and we never got around to it and I'm going to be off for the next couple of months. I'm also going to need an agent that's in shape incase Caffrey tries to make a break for it," Peter joked. Booth smiled.

"Absolutely and you can meet my daughter, bring Elizabeth, and I don't think Neal will be a problem ," Booth said and the door to the elevator opened for him. Booth waved good bye and stepped on.

Peter looked to Neal.

"Why won't you be a problem?" Peter asked. Neal looked up from the file he had turned to.

"Oh because Agent Booth does not like to run when he can just shoot me," Neal answered.

"A man after my own heart…who knew?" Diana replied. Neal looked up to her.

"Sounds like a good idea, maybe I'll try it next time," Peter said. Neal's mouth dropped.

"Woah! Ok one, who says there's going to be a next time, two I really don't like guns do you really have to shoot me? You've caught me three times now, and three I am so telling your girlfriend!" Neal looked up to Diana. Diana laughed and Peter shook his head.

"I thought you liked chasing me," Neal said and began to walk and read.

"Oh yeah it's a barrel of laughs let me tell yah," Peter said and they returned to the case files in Neal's hands.

Elizabeth sat on the bed next to Peter.

"I don't remember those stairs being that exhausting," Peter replied.

"Maybe you should do some of those breathing exercises?" Elizabeth asked.

"Sure, after I catch my breath," Peter replied. Elizabeth laughed.

"Can I get you anything?" Elizabeth asked.

"A good nights sleep in my own bed with my beautiful wife sleeping next to me," Peter smiled. Elizabeth smiled and got up. She kicked off her shoes and her pants before walking around the bed and getting in.

"You got it, Hun," Elizabeth said and cuddled next to him. Peter put an arm around her and was drifting when Elizabeth spoke up.

"What did Rhinehardt want?" Elizabeth asked.

"A diamond that Neal's father had," Peter answered, keeping his eyes closed.

"Did Neal have it?" Elizabeth asked.

"According to Booth and Diana, Neal said he chucked it into the Hudson years ago," Peter said, still not opening his eyes. Elizabeth lifted her head and looked to Peter.

"What did it look like?" Elizabeth asked.

"From what Neal said, it's huge and purple," Peter said, his voice becoming more distant as he was determined to sleep.

"Oh my God!" Elizabeth said and threw the covers off of her and quickly got out of the bed.

"What? El, what is it?" Peter asked, waking up at his wife's movement.

Elizabeth had gotten into their safe and pulled out her box. It was just a box of keepsakes she put in there.

"El," Peter said as Elizabeth opened the box. She pulled out a large pale purple diamond.

"Where did you get that?" Peter asked. It was a gorgeous fire cut stone that glittered in the soft light.

"Neal asked me to hold onto this for him, he said it was the last thing his father ever gave him. He said he almost threw it away once and that he wanted to keep it safe. He said that if anything bad happened to him or even if he ran, he wanted us to keep it," Elizabeth said.

"He may be retracting that statement…" Peter said.

"Maybe but not for the money," Elizabeth said. Peter looked down to the diamond.

"Supposedly if you shine a light through it, it shines tiger stripes on the walls," Peter said. Elizabeth reached into the night stand an pulled an L.E.D. flashlight from it. She turned it on and shined the light from the bottom. There was nothing.

"Really?" Elizabeth asked, moving the light at different angles.

"That's what he said. Tiger stripse that were supposed to give the illusion or were supposed to move," Peter told her. Elizabeth looked at him and sighed.

"Well, is it stolen either way?" She asked and put the light back in the drawer after turning it off.

"More than likely but there's no record of it being stolen, there's no record of it even existing," Peter said.

"So it's not really common knowledge of what it does," Elizabeth said. Peter nodded again.

"So how would Neal know? Unless he saw said he and his Dad played with gemstones," Elizabeth asked, thinking it all over.

"Like Pirates apparently, I thought that was appropriate," Peter retorted.

"Say Neal and his dad are playing pirates and they find their diamond treasure. They hold it up to inspect their bounty…what kind of light moves?" Elizabeth asked. Peter just looked at her and Elizabeth got to her feet. She walked to the fireplace, turned it on, and held the diamond before it.

"Oh wow," Peter said in awe as the light spectacle illuminated the room. It indeed looked like tiger stripes projected in every direction that swayed and moved with the dancing of the flames. Elizabeth got back into the bed and gave the diamond to Peter.

Peter held in it in his hand and held it up to the light, the stripes projected all over him and Peter thought to himself.

"Can you imagine a little Neal running through the house dressed like a pirate, looking for treasure? I bet he was adorable," Elizabeth said as she cuddled up next to Peter again.

"Oh I'm sure he was," Peter said distantly. He reached over to his night stand and grabbed his phone.

"Who are you calling?" Elizabeth asked.

"Mozzie?" Peter asked when someone picked up.

"I need you to help me find someone," Peter answered.

"Come on Peter, the Jeffersonian is huge and you're still not one hundred percent!" Neal said, pushing the wheel chair up next to Peter. Peter turned to Neal and looked like he was going to say yes.

"No," Peter said.

"Peter-," Neal started.

"How about this, you sit and I push so I can get a work out and if I get tired we still have the chair," Peter said as he grabbed the handle of the wheelchair. Neal looked down at the chair.

"Sit," Peter said and Neal sighed as he sat down. Peter began to push him and Elizabeth laughed.

"Oh Peter," Elizabeth smiled. Peter smiled at her and began to run and push the chair.

"Aaaahhhh! Peter!" Neal yelled out and hung on. Elizabeth started to run after them as they laughed.

Peter pushed Neal down the hall to the laboratory and stopped by the guards.

"Peter you ok?" Neal asked up to him.

"I'm fine, we're here to see Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan," Burke said to the guard. He escorted them back into the lab.

"Hey! Caffery…what did you do?" Booth asked when they walked through the doors.

"I tried to make Peter sit in the wheel chair," Neal said. Booth laughed and turned to the platform.

"Nice…BONES WHERE ARE YAH!" Booth yelled.

"Over here Booth!" Bones yelled from Angela's office. She came over with a bundle on her arms.

"Hey, Dr. Brennan" Burke greeted with a smile.

"Agent Burke, meet Ruth," Bones smiled as she came over and showed the baby.

"She's Beautiful, Dr. Brennan I'd like you to meet my wife, Elizabeth. El this is Doctor Brennan," Peter introduced them.

Elizabeth got introduced to the entire team before Angela and Michael joined them all in the tour of the facility. Neal was most entertained at the art they hung in the halls more than the actual exhibits. Peter and Seeley hung back as talked cases, the ladies were up front talking , and Neal floated between them charming the girls and making sure to stay in Peters sights.

They came to the Gemstone wing.

"Remember Caffery I don't run," Booth said when they entered. Neal smiled and looked back at the agents.

"Yes, Agent Booth," Caffery said and began to walked around the room and looking at the beautiful jewels on display.

"Peter that's the Hope Diamond!" Neal pointed out as he circled a case.

"That's nice, Hands!" Peter said. Neal showed his hands were completely in his pockets and he moved on to the next case.

Neal came across a display case of extravagant jewelry. Neal felt someone come up next to him. It was Elizabeth.

"Hey, Peter told me about the case and I was wanting to know…do you want it back?" El asked. Neal smiled up at her and shook his head.

"No, the only thing that's changed is how much I can fence it for. I still want to keep it safe," Neal said looking up at her. He froze when he saw something behind her.

"Neal?" El asked.

"Excuse me," Neal said and began to walk towards the main hall.

"Neal?" Peter asked as Neal began to run. Peter ran after him.

"Caffery!" Booth called and reached for his side arm.

"Booth, you can't shoot inside the museum Sweets will make you sit through more sessions!" Bones replied. Booth looked at her.

"He doesn't know that!" Booth replied as he also ran after Neal.

"Wait," Peter stopped Seeley and held his gun down.

Neal had stopped before an elderly gentleman .

"Neal," The man said. Neal couldn't say anything he just wrapped his arms around his grandfather.

"My boy, all grown up," His grandfather said. Neal took in a sudden breathe as he tried to hold back his tears.

"I'm so sorry," Neal managed. His grandfather took his face and pulled him away.

"Let me look at you boy," He said with a sweet smile and wiped his grandsons face.

"I forgave you, boy, the moment you left and I've been keeping an eye on you. I'm glad you're finally doing something good with your talents," He said. Neal smiled.

"Everything alright?" Peter asked, stepping over to them. Neal looked to Peter and before Peter could stop him, Neal hugged him.

"Neal?" Peter asked, awkwardly holding out his arms.

"Thank you," Neal said to him. Peter sighed and hugged Neal back.

"Anytime Kid," Peter said. Neal let him go.

"Grampa I'd like you to meet Agents Seeley Booth and Peter Burke. Peter's my partner. Peter, Booth, my grandfather," Neal introduced them.

"Mr. Lafferty," Peter shook his hand.

"Ah you're the suit Mozzie's been telling me about, I hear you're a good man," He said.

"Mozzie? Well I'll be damned," Peter said and looked to Neal. Neal couldn't stop smiling and introduced his to everyone. They finished touring the Jeffersonian and Mr. Lafferty came back to New York with them to stay with Neal for as long as he could.