Chapter 1: Caged

Peace and equality.

Something both Autobots and Decepticons had longed for. Primus only knows how long they had wanted it. Starscream laughed at the words now. Ever since the beginning of the war, Megatron had only ever wanted power. He just used the problems Cybertron had at the time to get recruits.

The Autobot Council had discriminated against mechs born in lower class cities and Seekers of every class as far back as anyone could remember. That's why Decepticons had more soldiers than Autobots. The council had made most Seekers and mechs so desperate for basic necessities that they all went running to Megatron.

Looking back now, Starscream remembered a lot. Especially Optimus Prime. He remembered the young mech's words of freedom and life.

He was so naive.

He only knew what the council told him, never what was truly going on.

The war was over now. The Decepticons had won. And all because of a little teamwork from Megatron and Starscream. It wasn't very willing on the Seeker's half. But he had a change of spark one day.

While the Autobots and Decepticons had been battling it out on Earth, Megatron had captured Starscream and his clones.

He imprisoned the Seeker and made it a point every day to stop by…and torture him. Because of the All Spark fragment, Starscream couldn't die. He remembered being chained to the wall, his wings ripped from his back, and being in a dark rom. He endured the worst torture Megatron had ever dealt…and not just physical torture. He endured mental and emotional scaring at the Decepticon Lord's servos as well.

He was surprised he didn't go insane.

When Megatron offered him mercy, Starscream took it.

The warlord made him a deal. If he served him without question, obeyed his every command, and never made another attempt on his life, he would release the Seeker and give him his old positions as Air Commander and 2IC of the Decepticons.

Starscream agreed.

He had been broken.

Megatron removed the fragment and regenerated the Seeker's spark with it. Starscream didn't remember exactly how. But ever since then, he did any and everything he was told by Megatron. And he was rewarded for his efforts. He had one of the biggest and nicest homes on Cybertron, second only to Megatron's own estate…

He had everything he had ever wanted since he was a youngling…But this wasn't how he wanted things on Cybertron. The council murdered and the Autobots enslaved. Most of which were used as the Decepticons' pets and berthmates.

This was not the Cybertron that Starscream wanted.

But what could he do? He had given up trying to overthrow Megatron several vorns ago. Better to serve the Decepticon tyrant and be alive, than to fight him and return to that horrible room. The room where the darkness was his only companion. Where his wings were ripped from his back and he was restrained. And where Megatron came in every few mega-cycles to torture him.

However, it wasn't just fear of his well being that kept him in line.

Shortly after the Decepticons took over and they began taking Autobot slaves, Starscream took two. He didn't take them as slaves, but as his sons. He took Jetfire and Jetstorm into his care. After all, in a way, they were his sons. They had been afraid of him at first. But once they realized he wasn't going to harm them, they warmed up to him quickly…

Without him around, they would be tossed back out there and it would be a free for all. Anyone who got their servos on them first would have them. And there would be little Starscream could do to get them back.

The Seeker's thoughts wandered back to when he rejoined Megatron. While he had been imprisoned, Megatron had most enjoyed cutting Starscream's face. So, the Seeker made a mask that hid all of his features, except his optics. No Autobot had seen his face and very few Decepticons knew what lay hidden under the mask.

Starscream was looking from a glass door that led to a veranda. Red liquid was pouring down from the night sky. Acid rain.

He hated it. Hated how it stung him. How it made his system freeze up and crash. He hated everything about it.

A loud laugh followed by a cry of anger reached the Seeker's audios. He looked down the hall and saw the Jettwins running toward him. Jetstorm was ahead of his brother and had something in his servos. He was obviously making sure Jetfire didn't get it.

"Jetstorm!" Jetfire yelled at his twin. "Please to be giving it back!"

Starscream grabbed Jetstorm as he ran past and held him up to optic level. The younger flyer looked into the masked one's optics and Jetfire stopped to catch his breath.

"Jetstorm," Starscream began. "Give your brother back his toy." He sat the blue twin down and watched him, making sure he didn't try to run for it again. Jetstorm sighed dismally, knowing he had lost his game.

"I am being sorry, brother," he apologized as he handed the disk shaped object to the orange twin. Jetfire gladly took his toy back. After inspecting it, he looked at Jetstorm and concluded, "It is being fine."

Starscream chuckled. Even after four vorns of living with them, he still wasn't quite used to the twins' way of speaking.

Jetfire looked up at their caretaker and inquired, "Mr. Starscream, do you want to be playing with us outside?" His big, round optics held hope that the older flyer would answer yes.

Starscream shook his head. "Not tonight. How about tomorrow, when the acid rain clears?"

Jetfire had been crestfallen at first, but quickly perked up at the larger flyer's compromise. He nodded, a huge grin on his face. Starscream smiled behind his mask. He was still…broken seemed the best word…but the twins gave him a little bit of light.

"Good. Now, time for berth."

"Aww!" the twins whined in unison.

"But Mr. Starscream," Jetstorm moaned, "We are not being tired!"

The seeker shook his head. "Too bad…But…" he turned his back to them and continued. "We could always stay inside all day tomorrow instead of going flying."

Both twins gasped in horror then stated, "Good night Mr. Starscream!" And promptly took off.

Starscream chuckled to himself.

They were too easy sometimes.

He sighed before heading toward his own room. He didn't want to think about the past anymore. And the best way to escape his thoughts was in his recharge, where he could block them out if he chose.

The twins may have brought a little light into his life and made living on this new Cybertron easier. But he still hurt. His spark still ached. And no matter how hard the two younger flyers tired, Starscream would never mend.

He would always remain broken and caged.

However, his spark would soon be healed; everything Megatron had taken from him would be returned.

Hey guys. What started this story up is thte thought that there weren't too many stories where the Decepticons won the war. So I decided to write one. There will be eventual slash and a little action, but not for a while. I hope you like this story. Rating my go up depending on how well I write the chapter.