Full Summary:

Maiya Heimata knows more about fighting than any other person at the 55th precinct. She may be the new cop, but that doesn't mean she hasn't fought for her life before. So what happens when her past comes back to haunt her? Will she be able to fight back? And what's with all weapons?

Maiya Heimata:

Hi, my name is Maiya Heimata and I just started working at the 55th Precinct as the new rookie. People haven't really looked at me like I could do anything that I was asked to do. They looked at me as if I was nothing, especially Srgt. Cruz, she seemed to hate me and the fact that I was rookie doubled that hate. I couldn't help that people didn't like me. Getting this job was a step in the direction I had wanted my life to turn out like, not in the direction I was fleeing.

It was as if people seemed to see through my display of trying to act all cool and tough but not really. I was trying to make it look like I could handle anything anyone threw at me, and technically I could since I had done it before. Before I was just a normal teenager who had taken the law into her own hands when the cops in her neighborhood had murdered her parents and younger siblings in front of her face and then taken advantage of her.

Maiya knew what it meant to run from the law; what it meant to be on the other side of the law; and especially what it meant to be afraid of the law. She was going to make sure no one ever had to go through what she had gone through. In fighting as a teenager over in Brazil, Maiya knew that her past could come back and bite her in the ass whenever it wanted to. That's why she tried to stay one step ahead of it at all times.

Getting a job as a cop would ensure her that she could still get to her storage locker without any difficulties. It also meant that people would be watching her more carefully just to make sure she didn't screw her knew life up. But that didn't mean her past couldn't come back to kick her ass. Would she be able to survive this time?