Harry was in shock. He sat in the bed he had been led to and just stared off into the distance. Somewhere in his mind he had registered it was Ginny tugging on his hand earlier. He hadn't even really paid attention to where she was leading him he just followed her. He knew she wouldn't steer him wrong. Nothing and no one else could have moved him. He still wasn't aware yet of anything. But his mind was drawn out of its shock when the door to the hospital slammed open.

Remus Lupin and Kingsley Shacklebolt ran full speed into the room and only skidded to a stop at Harry's bed. They had barely stopped when Harry said, "He's dead, Snape did it."

Kingsley had thrown up a privacy shield as he had crossed the room so no one else heard their conversation, "What happened?"

"We were so close." Harry shook his head.

"Close to what?" Remus asked. All he knew was that Dumbledore had asked for extra protection for the school for tonight and hadn't even told them why. He had taken Harry up to the Astronomy tower to do something and the next thing he hears is that Dumbledore is dead.

"Finishing the war." Harry said, "We only have three left and he would have been able to help me. Now I'm alone."

"I need to know what happened on the tower tonight." Kingsley stated with some remorse.

"We finally found the last one. It was here of all places. It was the easiest to retrieve, Gringotts was the hardest one. Now all but three of them are gone. Destroyed. But the last three I have to do on my own." Harry was still staring at the far wall.

"What three? Harry!" Remus demanded, "Look at me."

Harry slowly turned his face from the far wall to look at Remus, "What happened?"

"We were in the astronomy tower destroying them when Draco Malfoy let the Death Eaters into the castle." Harry answered, "He was supposed to kill Dumbledore but he couldn't do it. I guess he's not a murderer, but Snape is. He came a few minutes after Malfoy and when it was proven that he couldn't do the job Snape did it then they all left."

"How could they kill him? He should have been able to fight them all off." Remus was confused.

"He petrified me. That was his last spell. He froze me under the invisibility cloak so I wouldn't fight them and die. Malfoy was able to disarm him because he was protecting me." Harry's eyes were glassy but the tears didn't fall.

"Then what happened." Kingsley hated making the boy relive the last few horrifying hours.

"Malfoy couldn't kill him so when Snape arrived he did it." Harry said, "Then they all left. It took me a few moments to realize I wasn't still frozen then I went after them. I was able to disarm Malfoy near the gate but he picked his wand back up and apparated away with the rest of the Death Eaters."

"What were you destroying?" Remus was trying to understand what had been happening on that tower before the Death Eaters arrived.

"Horcruxes." Harry stated. Remus didn't know what they were so Kingsley explained. Harry continued his story like he hadn't been interrupted, "This year Dumbledore had been teaching me about Voldemort and helping me learn how to destroy him. Voldemort made Horcruxes out of a Diary, a Ring, a Locket, a Cup and a diadem. We had found them all and destroyed them. I thought all we had left was the piece of soul in his body. But then he told me about two more. Now I have to destroy them on my own."

Poppy stopped the questioning and gave Harry a dreamless sleep potion and he fell blissfully into a deep sleep. Kingsley left to make his report and Remus conjured a chair and sat by Harry's bed.

For Harry the rest of his time at school was a blur. In fact the first time he came out of his of his stupor was on the way back to the Dursley's. His uncle was muttering about him being ungrateful and the freaks trying to tell him how to run his house. It took Harry a moment to realize what had gotten his attention. But when he realized what it was he felt more awake than he had since the incident on the tower. Harry tried to appear relaxed when he turned to his uncle.

"Uncle Vernon if you want to live to see tomorrow keep driving like you are." Harry talked softly but Vernon heard every word, "We are being followed by the bad guys. I'm going to send for help just keep driving normally. Dudley do you have a pen and paper?" Harry quickly penned a note to Remus and then handed it to Hedwig who clamped it in her beak, "At the next red light I'm going to get out of the car with Hedwig. She'll fly off for help and I'll try to lure them away from you. Once I'm out just get home as quickly as possible. Hedwig after you deliver this to Remus go to Ginny and stay with her until I come to get you."

Just as they stopped for the red light the car next to them was hit with a spell. Harry threw open his door and let Hedwig fly off and he ran in the opposite direction. It worked just as he had planned, all the Death Eaters followed him while the Dursley's and Hedwig got away.

Harry was able to keep dodging them for about twenty minutes. He estimated that there were about ten of them trying to catch him. They finally cornered him in an alley when they blocked each end. He knew they were planning on taking him to Voldemort because none of them were using unforgivables. He wanted to apparate out of the alley but he couldn't defend himself and concentrate on apparating at the same time, he was too new at apparating to chance an unplanned jump. Harry fought with everything he had taking down several of them before they were able to get him with a stunner.


"He's not doing very well is he?" Remus asked the three teens watching Harry leave.

"He's still in shock." Hermione said, "He shouldn't have to go back to the Dursley's. He needs us to help him get over this."

"He didn't even say goodbye." Ginny looked perplexed.

"He's not there." Ron said, "He's still on the tower watching Dumbledore fall. He dreams about it every night. I've tried to talk to him about it but when he wakes up he just goes back to staring at the wall. I don't think it means he doesn't like you he just is having a difficult time dealing with this."

"I know but I thought us saying goodbye would trigger something in him. He always hates to go back to his relatives and I thought that would kind of wake him up." Ginny stated, "But it didn't even phase him."

"It may take something much bigger than that to wake him up." Remus said, "He told me he'd been having lessons with Dumbledore and what they contained. I keep going over our conversation and I'm certain I'm missing something. I think there is more to this than we know."

The group was slowly making its way through the station. Harry was long gone by the time they reached the exit. As they were getting ready to leave Ginny looked up and said, "Is that Hedwig?" Sure enough the owl swooped down to Remus and dropped the paper in its beak then landed on Ginny's shoulder.

"Death Eaters are following the car." Remus turned to Tonks as she turned and ran for the nearest alley. Kingsley was close at her heals, "At least he's awake now. Go on to the Burrow. He'll want to know you are all safe."

Remus made the Weasley's and Hermione a portkey and they were whisked away.

-Harry's POV—

Harry woke up for a moment to a dark place before he slipped back into unconsciousness. Sometime later he woke again. He was in considerable pain so he opened his eyes expecting the hospital but found he was still in the dark place he had glimpsed before. "Death Eaters." He thought, "I guess I was captured." soon he slipped back into peaceful oblivion.

The next time he awoke he was being dragged down a hall and thrown in the middle of a room. No one touched him so he stirred and began to stand.

"Are you ready to join me?" a voice hissed.

It took Harry a moment to find the source when he did he let off a short laugh, "Not bloody likely Tom."

"Do not use that name." Voldemort ordered in a soft hissing voice.

"Would you rather I use Moldyshorts." Harry scoffed.

"Bring in his friends." the order was again soft and hissing.

Harry stood in horror as Ron, Hermione and Ginny were roughly shoved into the room. His only thought was I have no wand and no way to protect them. He started towards them but was stopped by several sets of hands holding him back.

"Kill the mudblood." Voldemort said gleefully. Hermione fell dead to the ground at the hand of Lucius Malfoy, "Joing me and I will let the two pure bloods go."

Harry's anger overwhelmed him and he screamed, "Never!" as his magic blasted those holding onto him. He started throwing wandless cutting curses at everyone in the room. Many were unable to move away fast enough. When he noticed Nagini moving across the floor towards him he directed three curses her way. Pieces of the snake were scattered across the room.

"KILL THEM ALL!" Voldemort screamed as he drew his wand.

Killing curses hit Ginny and Ron before Harry's spell reached Belletrix and Rodolfus. His rage exploded and several more were killed including Lucius Malfoy who was starting to send a killing curse his way. Severus Snape was the next to fall when his torture curse didn't slow Harry down. When Voldemort's green spell started across the room towards him he spread his arms as if reaching for the curse he was ready to die. He woke some time later and started to sit up. He noticed Voldemort doing the same. It gave him the energy to jump up and run towards the monster, grabbing a silver knife off the floor near the pieces of Belletrix's body as he went. Voldemort turned towards him just in time to have the silver knife shoved into his heart.

"You were mortal for a moment." Harry said, "Now you're just dead."

Voldemort gurgled for a moment then fell back limp. Harry stood over the body and spit on it. He looked around and knew he had won but he didn't feel victorious. In fact he felt as dead as the three bodies of his friends that were across the room. He moved the bodies to a table and shut each of their eyes.

"I'm sorry I wasn't fast enough." Harry stated unable to feel emotions at the moment, "I should never have tried to have friends. I'm so sorry." he held out his hand and called "Accio my wand."

All the wands in the immediate vicinity jumped at him including the one in Voldemort's hand. His own wand show up a few seconds later. As he looked at the wands on the floor around him one stood out. It was Dumbledore's wand Harry was sure. He decided Voldemort must have raided the tomb after the funeral. He picked it up ready to put it on the table when he felt as if the wand was willing him to keep it. He put his own wand in his pocket and used Dumbledore's to send a patronus to Remus. He gave him the information on his current location, including the fact that Voldemort was dead. Then he picked up a piece of wood to make a portkey.


"What are you studying?" Ron asked.

"Portkey coordinates for places I want to visit." Harry replied.


"If I get the chance to go somewhere I want to know where I'm going." Harry grinned, "I don't want to give them a chance to change their mind and make me stay."

"What brought this on?" Ron was curious.

"I got a lesson last night from Remus on making emergency portkeys." Harry replied, "He told me to make a list of ten places and memorize the coordinates."

"Good idea." Ron conceded, "Do me a favor and use it if you need to."

"I will." Harry grinned at his protective friend.

-End Flashback—

"I wish I would have thought to do this back in that alley." Harry thought. Then he muttered the phrase to make a portkey and just before it activated he was tackled from behind. When the portkey stopped he landed with a thump and rolled away from the person who had tagged along. He jumped to his feet with Dumbledore's wand still in his grasp.

Draco Malfoy was pointing his wand at Harry and yelled, "You murdered my father!"

"No, I just kept him from killing me." Harry said calmly, "He was the one throwing killing curses."

"I will avenge my father." he continued to yell, Harry decided he must have lost his mind.

"I won't fight you." Harry dropped his wand arm.

"You will fight and you will lose." Draco screamed.

"No." Harry calmly faced his enemy.

Draco yelled the killing curse, Harry stepped to the side and it hit the ground behind him. The curse had torn a scream from one of the female bystanders which unfortunately got Draco's attention.

"You can run, but they can't." Draco drawled

Several in the crowd gasped and many moved to get away. A small child fell into the street knocked from its mother's grip. Draco grinned maliciously and stepped toward it and started to yell the Killing curse. Harry quickly sent a silent cutting curse at Draco with Dumbledore's wand and summoned the child to him with his other hand. He caught the child as the several more women screamed. He turned to bodily block any spell being sent his and the child's way. Harry was completely spent by this time and was just able to set the child on its feet before he crumpled to the ground.

Unknown to Harry his cutting curse was overpowered using Dumbledore's wand and Draco had stumbled. Draco's corpse fell to the ground, his wand arm landed beside it still extended as if to catch its fall and his head rolled a few feet away.

The crowd was frozen in shock and horror. One woman pushed her way through and approached the child. First she clutched the child then turned to the man who had protected her. She took in his battered and bruised appearance and yelled, "He needs a healer."

Another man stepped from the still shocked crowd and a few others left to get help. The man waved his wand and said, "I'm an EMT. I can't do more than some diagnostics and possibly stabilize him until help arrives. Ok his vitals are weak but not close to death. Broken ribs and wrist. Multiple cuts and bruises. Several dark curses I don't know and a few I do. Blood loss, concussion, punctured lung. I don't know how he was standing let alone fighting." He continued the list as help arrived.

"What's going on." One of the police officers that arrived asked. The entire crowd started talking at once.

Another officer was looking at the mess that was a body of a blond teen. It was an obvious cutting curse with a lot of power behind it. As there was no one near that body he moved towards the small group that was surrounding another body. The group was a man, a woman and a child. The man was working on stabilizing the person so the officer waved to the medical crew that had just arrived.

"I'm Sergeant Craft can you tell me what happened." the officer asked.

The woman was holding the child tightly and appeared to be very shaken. She didn't seem to be in any shape to answer questions yet. The man was busy with the injured man so he didn't respond either. When the medical crew arrived they took over and the man stepped back beside the police officer.

"This one's the good guy. The other tried to kill the girl. Both of them should be seen at the hospital too." He said indicated the woman and child.

When all the patients were whisked away the man turned to the officer and told him what he had seen. The team of officers took statements from all the witnesses and helped the coroner clean up the other mess and get it to the morgue. When Sergeant Craft was done at the scene he apparated to the Hospital.

Addressing the woman with the child he said, "Hello, I'm Sergeant Craft."

"Officer." she nodded her greeting.

"Do you feel up to answering a few questions?" he asked.

"If you could wait for a little while I'd appreciate it. A friend is coming to pick up Emily and take her home. I'm Elizabeth Mayfield and Emily is my daughter."

"The good man saved me from the bad man." Emily looked at the officer with wide eyes, "Mommy said he won't hurt me again."

"Your Mommy is right." the sergeant assured the girl, "The bad man is gone."


"Elizabeth, Emily!" a woman called from down the hall.

"Mary thank goodness you're here." Elizabeth hugged the older woman, "Can you take her home. I need to answer questions and I want to make sure the young man is ok."

"Of course dear." Mary patted her arm, "Were either of you hurt?"

"No." Elizabeth answered, "Here is a dreamless potion for Emily. Do you mind taking her to our house?"

"Not at all." Mary said.

Emily hugged her mother, "It's ok Mommy, I'm not scared. The nice man will be ok too. Don't stay too long we have school tomorrow."