Silence reigned in the shock filled room. Only three people had been expecting just this kind of entry and Ron was busy trying to hide his laughter and Hermione was taking Teddy from Remus' grasp. Kingsley was chuckling out loud but he stood and addressed the young girl reaching out a hand to her, "Hello Emily Maria Potter, I'm Kingsley Shacklebolt."

"Hello." she shook his hand, "I know who you are. Daddy told me you're the nice mister."

"That's Minister baby." Harry corrected.

"That's what I said mister." she replied, "Aunt Miney who's that baby?"

Hermione turned, "This is Teddy Lupin. I picked him up so Remus wouldn't accidentally drop him. He's had a bit of a shock."


"He wasn't expecting to see your Daddy here today." Hermione grinned, "He also wasn't expecting you. It's a surprise."

"I love surprises." Emily laughed, "Daddy let me down I want to see the baby."

Harry obliged and watched as she carefully reached towards the infant, "Congratulation Moony, you too Tonks."

"Thanks Harry." Tonks was getting over her shock, "Care to tell me how you have a five year old calling you Daddy?"

"Long story that's best told when she's in bed." Harry said.

The Emily pipped up from next to Teddy, "I'm dopted. Mummy died and asked Daddy to dopt me."

"Ohhhh." the long drawn out word came from all corners of the room.

"Did you plan this or did it just work out as a great prank?" Fred asked.

"Half and half." Harry grinned, "She's a natural."

Remus finally was able to stand up. He pulled Harry into a hug. Laughing he said, "Good to see you."

"Good to see you too." Harry said, "But you're squishing me."

"It's his wolf strength Daddy." Emily called from over her shoulder, "Don't you remember you taught us about that." Remus almost choked at her declaration so Harry asked her to tell him about her friend that's like him, "Michael is one of my best friends. He got bit over the summer and now he has to be careful because he can hug harder that I can. He doesn't want to hurt me so he gives very light hugs. He was our show and tell one day."

"So you taught them about werewolves?" Remus asked in astonishment.

"Had to." Harry replied, "His Mum came that day to help out. He'd missed about a month of school after the bite. She wanted them to know they didn't have to be afraid of him and that he in turn needed to learn about his new strengths and weaknesses. All in all it was a weird show and tell but it worked for the best for everyone."

"I'm confused." Bill stated.

"Harry is a kindergarten teacher." Ginny explained. When faced with blank looks she clarified, "He teaches at a magical primary school. He taught five year olds."

"No way." George yelled.

"Again a long story that is best told when Em is in bed." Harry stated.

Again Emily gave her version of the details, "A bad man tried to hurt me and Daddy saved me. Mummy had him sub for our teacher when she had Sam." Harry chuckled at the confusion she had just caused. But she wasn't finished, "Daddy always says the story is for after my bedtime if he thinks it's something I don't want to talk about or I shouldn't hear. That was a scary time but I know my Daddy will always save me so I'm not scared anymore."

"What's tell and show?" Bill asked accidentally mixing the order.

"That's show and tell silly." Emily answered, "It's when you bring in something new. You show it and tell about it. Michael had a new scar and he told us he was bitten by a werewolf."

Remus sat down hard in his chair and Harry put a hand on his shoulder, "They aren't treated the same in America. He'll go to school and be moved to a safe place each full moon. They know about wolfsbane but they won't give it to someone so young. The government provides it to all registered werewolves. Unregistered wolves are generally the ones who want to hurt someone. If anyone is found providing wolfsbane to an unregistered wolf they are arrested. Any wolves that try to hurt others are terminated. But they don't have the problem with jobs that you have here. We could learn a lot from their way of doing things."

"I'll look into that Harry." Kingsley stated.

It was almost time for dinner and the Burrow's kitchen was just too small for the gathering. Kingsley and Arthur set up warming charms around the garden and Fred and George set up the tables. When they all sat down to eat Harry fixed Emily's plate. He didn't notice several pair of eyes watching him. He patiently explained what each new food was and he had her try a bit of everything. It wasn't until he was finished getting her going that he fixed his own plate. Ginny was smiling fondly while the rest of the group was nearly in awe. When he started eating he noticed it was quiet and they were all staring at him.

"What?" he asked.

"You're really good with her." Molly said.

"He's had practice." Emily said, "The food is really good Grandma. Daddy was right you're a better cook then even he is. I thought he was the best." Molly glowed more from the name than the compliment.

"I see, you only love me for my pancakes." Harry acted huffy.

"That and your pizza ordering skills." Emily laughed at the face he was making.

"What's pizza?" Bill asked.

"It's wonderful." Ron chimed in and described the food, "Even muggles in England have it. We're denied so much by not moving in the muggle world. Harry, what were those biscuits I liked?"

"Oreos." he replied.

"I had to teach Uncle Ron how to eat them." Emily stated, "He just wanted to shove the whole thing in his mouth. We worked hard to get him eating them the proper way."

"She's right." Ron grinned, "I think we went through six bags trying to teach me the right way."

Chuckles rose around the table. Emily was the highlight of the dinner and the visiting time afterwards. At Emily's bed time Hermione volunteered to tuck her in and read her a story so that Harry could catch the others up on what his life had been like the last few months.

"First of all how did you end up in a town called Quebec Petit?" Kingsley asked.

"Remus taught me how to make emergency portkeys and as a home work assignment he made me memorize ten places. When picking out the ten places I decided to make them places I would like to visit." Harry said, "I was looking for a town in the mountains of America. Evidentially a Canadian from Quebec had moved to America and founded the town. He named it after his home town of Quebec. It's small and out of the way."

"Little Quebec." Arthur nodded, "So what happened when you got there?"

The next morning Molly was in the kitchen preparing breakfast when she heard someone coming down the stairs. Thump. Thump. Thump. She looked up as the noise got closer. She chuckled when Emily's legs came into view. Both feet landed on the step, she paused for a second and then jumped to the next step with a thump. When she got down the stairs far enough for Molly to see her face it was covered in a very large grin.

"What are you doing?" Molly asked laughing.

"Jumping!" Emily exclaimed as she hopped to the next step. When she reached the bottom she skipped to the table, "What's for breakfast Grandma?"

Molly beamed at the little girl and asked, "What would you like?"

"Any things fine." she replied. Fred and George picked that moment to enter the kitchen, "Morning Uncle Twins."

"Morning." the responded together, "How are you today?"

"I'm fine, why don't you have snow here yet?" she inquired.

"It's not time yet." George answered.

"Yes it is." She sang her response.

"No it's not." Fred sang back and stuck his tongue out at her.

She stuck her tongue out back at him and said, "It is. We've had snow for months. You're behind."

"How could you have had snow for months?" George asked.

"Because she lived in the mountains." Hermione responded crossly, "Morning all."

"Months?" Fred asked.

"The first snow fall comes in either late August or early September at least that's what they told us." Hermione stated, "The town she's from sits at about nine thousand feet. We sit at about nine hundred feet."

"Told you so." Emily stuck her tongue out again, "Aunt Miney always knows the right answer. Uncle Ron said so."

"He would know." Fred chuckled at Hermione's embarrassment.

"Where's Ms. Ginny?" Emily asked Hermione.

"She's getting ready." Hermione answered, "Is your Daddy still sleeping?"

"Yes, he said the time change is killing him." Emily answered, "But he was just teasing, nothing can hurt my Daddy."

"I'm curious." Molly looked at Emily, "Why don't you call Ginny your Aunt?"

Hermione grinned widely waiting for the girl to drop that particular bomb on the Weasley's that were present. She wasn't disappointed.

"To confusing." Emily replied concentrating on her breakfast.

"Why is it confusing?" George asked when it was clear she wasn't going to say anymore.

"Because!" Emily emphasized.

"Because why?" Fred prodded.

"Ms. Abby told me if I want it to happen I can't talk about it all the time." Emily said.

"This isn't all the time. We just asked once." Fred said, "Maybe we can help."

"Nope. Daddy has to do it." Emily stated.

"What does he have to do?" George asked.

"Marry Ms. Ginny." Emily exclaimed in exasperation.

"Oh. Does he know you want that?" Molly asked.

"Yes I told them a long time ago." Emily said, "I keep waiting and waiting but Ms. Abby said I have to be patient and let them figure it out themselves. But they better hurry I'm getting really tired of waiting. I want my new Mommy."

Fred and George were rubbing their hands together gleefully. They started whispering to each other while breakfast continued.

"May I be excused?" Emily asked when she was done.

"Of course dear." Molly replied, "Go wash up and get dressed."

Once the girl was out of hearing range Hermione noisily plopped her fork on the table. Fred and George looked up at her and shivered at the glare on her face.

"You two had better not mess this up." she scolded them, "If you tease them too much or prank them they'll slow down. I don't know about you but I don't want to see that little girl go through any more disappointment. This is just a warning but remember, I'll back it up. Do anything to mess this up and you will be sorry."

"Well said dear." Molly agreed, "I back you one hundred percent and I will help you dish out whatever punishment you can think up."

"Blimey." Fred and George glanced at each other. Being double teamed by those two was downright scary. It would certainly put a damper on their plans.

"We'll be good." Fred said

"Promise, just don't hurt us." George shuddered.

"You can tease them about normal things." Hermione relented, "Just not about that."

"You are too generous." Fred grumbled.

"You forgot kind and beautiful." George added.




"And I'll be the death of you if you don't behave." Hermione interrupted.

"I think it's time for work brother mine." George said standing. He grabbed Fred's arm and hauled him up. They left as quick as they could.

"I'm so glad you're here dear." Molly was chuckling, "They never seem to listen to anyone else."

"I just have a hold over them." Hermione smiled sweetly, "If they have trouble with a product I have been known to make suggestions that have helped them out. They're not willing to give up a source of help like that."

"Always good to have leverage dear." Molly went back to cooking.

"Morning." Ginny called as she reached the kitchen.

"Aren't you chipper this morning." Hermione grinned.

"Of course." Ginny smiled, "I've been sitting on the step by the bath waiting for Emily to brush her teeth. So I heard everything you said to the twins. Emily's getting dress and waking Harry."

"Ooofff. Em!" the girls heard, "That's not nice."

The group in the kitchen was still giggling when a rumpled Harry was led down the stairs by an excited Emily, "Hurry up and eat already."

"Morning all." Harry grumbled as he plopped down beside Ginny and kissed the side of her head.

"Morning Harry." Ginny sang, "So what's the plans for today?"

"Quidditch!" the little girl grinned and clapped.

"I think it's a bit cold for that." Molly exclaimed worriedly.

"It's fine." Harry mumbled, "It was minus five when we left Colorado. Today's like a pleasant spring day to Em."

"At the elevation she grew up in it's not uncommon to be that cold frequently." Hermione stated.

"She's used to colder temperatures that we are." Harry said.

"Less talk more chew Daddy." Emily pushed.

"Emily stop being pushy." Harry scolded, "We can't go until a litter later in the morning. Keep pushing and we won't go at all."

"Sorry Daddy." Emily bowed her head, "I'm just so excited and I have so much energy here."

"So I've noticed." Harry grumbled, "I wonder why I haven't acclimated as well as you have. I never slept this late at your house."

"Your old and slow." Emily stated, "Aunt Miney said so."

"I said he's older than you." Hermione giggled at the glare Harry was giving her, "He's slower than you to acclimate because he's older than you."

"That's what I said." Emily stated innocently, "He's old and slow."

Ginny had to push her plate back so she could hide her laughter in her arm on the table.

"Emily, if you want me to take you on a ride this morning you'll have to quit calling me old and slow." Harry pretended to frown menacingly, "Or I may be too old to fly fast or maybe even too old to fly at all."

"Daddy!" Emily pouted, "I don't mean old, old. I mean just old."

"How old is old, old?" Harry questioned.

"I don't know." she stated.

"Who at home would you say is old, old?" Harry was curious to where she thought he stood.

"Mr. Brian is old, old." Emily said.

"Ok, so what about Ms. Bea that lived down the street?" Harry asked about a woman who was over one hundred years old.

"That's scary old." Emily said with wide eyes."I think she hunted dinosaurs when she was young."

Harry chuckled, "I doubt that, but she was around before cars."

"Like I said, scary old." Emily declared.

"Come on Em. I'll find you some warmer clothes." Hermione said as she ushered the little girl out.

"So how old is Ms. Bea?" Ginny asked.

"About a hundred and fifteen." Harry replied, "Mr. Brian is about forty."

"Good to know I'm between old, old and scary old." Molly commented.

"Mum even if you live to be two hundred you'll never be scary old." Harry stated, "Scary old is a state of mind not an age. Ms. Bea is a bitter old woman who hates anyone new to the area. If you and your parents weren't born and raised there you are a bad seed and probably a thief."

"Oh, she's the one." Ginny frowned, "I remember her. She certainly is a piece of work."

"When did you meet her?" Harry asked.

"That evening after your last day at school." Ginny said, "I went back out to get your papers while you were getting Em her snack. She asked me what I was stealing from Elizabeth's car."

"Sorry about that." Harry shook his head and went on to eat his breakfast.

"I hear Emily had the twins in stitches this morning." Ginny grinned at her mother, "Something about snow?"

"Yes." Molly chuckled, "She told them they we were behind. She evidentially likes snow."

"Yes and she's not shy about stating her desires." Harry glanced at Ginny meaningfully, "I'm just waiting for when she drops her other one?"

"She already did." Ginny giggled, "To no less than Fred and George this morning."

"Well this is going to be fun." Harry grimaced.

"Nope. Hermione threatened them." Ginny laughed.


"Yep. If they try to tease us or prank us into anything Hermione promised retribution." Ginny grinned, "And Mum promised to back her up."

"They aren't mad?" Harry asked, "Just pranks?"

"No one will be mad." Ginny said, "Most of them are expecting it at this point. Maybe not right away but they expect it in a few years."

"I was afraid you or your brothers will think I'm only asking because of Emily." Harry said, "I can deal with Em just fine on my own I don't need you for that. When I ask it will be because I want to marry you."

"Emily will be the only one who thinks you're doing it so she can have a Mommy." Ginny stated, "If anyone else thinks it we'll just straighten them out."

"I guess I need to talk to her about it. I don't want her to think that way either. " Harry said, "We just agree on who is best for me. You know I get the better end of the deal here."

"I know, just don't you forget that." Ginny kissed him, "Egg breath."