"We all had a hand in making that." she grinned, "It was one of my old hats, Sal did the potion, Rowena did the spells and Godric gave the voice. The potion added a bit of each of us so that we could identify the students we wanted. We didn't create it until Sal decided to leave. We needed a way to pick his students without him there. It was the final piece of work we did together. Poor Sal died of a heart attack the next year when his team beat mine without his leadership. Seemed some of them had more cunning than he did and without his interference they did just fine."

"Do I get to meet him or Ms. Ravenclaw?" Harry asked.

"No Sal is not too happy with the idea that you're ending his line." Helga said sweetly, "Ro is keeping him busy for a while. Has him off seeing the sights in China or something."

"Sorry but I don't really have a choice." Harry said.

"Of course not dear and by the time you come back for good he'll be fine." Helga stated.

"So I need to wait a long time before I die?" Harry snickered.

"Centuries if you can hold out that long." Helga giggled with him.

"We're ready with the snake." Godric called from the other side of the room, "It just left Moldyshort's side so it could go hunting. We have a short window of opportunity right now."

"Let's go." Harry said standing, "I hope I can talk to you again Grandmother."

"Sure, you have to come back here for a bit more training before you fight the part that's stored in your body. And we'll get you some reinforcements for that battle." Helga said, "Of course we're still waiting on the reinforcements to finish their move over. He's taking forever."

"Let's go this is going to be the easiest one." James said, "You won't even have to fight him."

"Why not?" Harry asked.

"Just kill the snake and the Horcrux will die. We'll make sure it goes to the other side though." Sirius said.

"Since you are the Master of Death you can, in your spirit form like now, have creatures die." Lily said, "Let us start the chant first and then tell it to die."

It was over quickly and they went to meet up with Ginny. She was alone in the room again but this time she was on the bed beside him, cuddled up to his side.

"This is cute." Harry said making her jump up. In her mind she was alone on the bed.

"Hey do you have it?" Ginny asked.

"Yes it will be on the bed when you wake up. Of course you are on the bed this time so it will be touching you." Harry said.

"Yuk." Ginny shivered, "I don't like snakes. So what are they finding in the book Hermione's getting?"

"You've heard of the story of the three brothers?" Harry asked.

"Sure, Mum told us that story loads of times." Ginny said, "The unbeatable wand, the stone that can retrieve the dead and a cloak of invisibility."

"Right, well it's real and I own all three." Harry said, "They tell me it makes me the Master of Death therefore I can, at least right now anyway, move between this world and the next without dying."

"Wow." Ginny was astonished, "That sounds crazy. But I guess it's less scary knowing that you have help being a spirit. I was a bit freaked thinking you can just do this on your own. How did you get all three of them anyway?"

"You already know about the cloak. It was passed down for generations. Evidentially I'm a descendant of the third brother." Harry said, "The stone is in the ring that Dumbledore left me, it has the Hallows symbol on one side, same as in the book. The wand is a bit longer story." He told her about how he got the wand.

"Ok, when are you going to fight the piece of soul in your body?" Ginny asked.

"I have to go back and get more training and I'm waiting on some reinforcements of some kind." Harry said, "I have to go, I'll be back in about an hour your time. Remind me later to tell you about your Great Grandfather. He's a hoot. So is my Great Grandmother. Of course everyone there is really nice I've loved getting to know them. They like you too."

"Good, kiss me and wish me luck with the snake." Ginny said.

"You'll do fine; it's just a dead little snake." Harry pulled her close.

"But it's still a snake." Ginny said and then kissed him. She woke up to a huge snake lying across her chest, stomach, legs and most of the rest of the bed and part of the floor. Harry was still hanging in the room when she started to scream, "Harry James Potter I will get you for this."

"You are so dead." James commented.

"Once she calms down she'll be ok." Harry said nonchalantly, "She can appreciate a joke and I don't get many over on her. I'm sure she'll have Fred and George's help in getting me back. Helga are you still here?"

"I'm here and your reinforcements finally made it." Helga said grouchily, "Took him long enough."

"Give me a break Helga; I've never done anything like that before." Albus Dumbledore stated.

"Professor!" Harry called.

"Hello Harry good to see you, just call me Albus here." he said, "This isn't what I'd planned for you, but it's so much better. I'm glad to see you have almost finished. We don't have much time so let's get to work."

"You're going to train me?" Harry asked.

"Of course. But first show me your animagus; I've heard quite a lot about it." Albus said.

***End of Harry's POV***

"Then I came back and killed the piece in my body." Harry stated to the group that was listening to his story, "But you all saw that didn't you."

"Now what?" Remus asked.

"When I get my strength back we find and defeat Moldyshorts." Harry said.

"Can anyone kill him now?" Moody asked.

"Yes but I can do it without getting killed." Harry said, "They told me no one else can live through killing him. So just let me do it, I don't want to lose anyone else."

Harry spent the next two weeks resting and getting back into shape. He was able to put several things he had learned into practice. Including the animagus transformation and some old family recipes. Molly had been shocked when he banned her from the kitchen one afternoon while he and Ginny tried out some of the recipes. Dinner that evening had been a mixture of their successes.

Just after Ginny's sixteenth birthday they got the chance to defeat Tom. They were just settling in the library after dinner when they got Kingsley's patronus.

"The trap is set." the silvery lynx stated, "Come to Hogsmeade. Bring Wings."

"Harry we want to come too." Hermione stated.

"But if he gets to either one of you I'll give up." Harry said, "I can't let you die."

"You are an idiot." Ginny scowled, "If you give up because he has one of us he'll kill us anyway. Just stop him and we'll stay to the back out of your way but in a helpful position."

"You can't stop Hermione and I. We're older than you are." Ron grinned.

"And if you think I'm staying behind while the rest of you go off to battle, you're crazy." Ginny stated, "I won't be left behind. I would say a battle would constitute a good reason to use magic outside of school."

"Ginny as your mother I give you permission to use whatever force necessary to defend yourself should you end up in a battle situation, but you are to stay in the Three Broomsticks with Tonks." Molly said, "Now let's go. No more time for arguments."

Once they reached the town Kingsley started directing them, "Ginny to the Three Broomsticks. Ron and Hermione you have the book store. Molly with Fred and George go to tea shop, we don't want the boys distracted by Zonko's." He continued to sort everyone except Harry and himself, "Harry we're going to have you mention the name. Hopefully a few will show up we can take them out and then do it again. I'm hoping this will go just a few at a time. Ready when you are."

"Voldemort." Harry said calmly, within a minute ten pops sounded around them.

"Wahoo we got Potter." One of the people in the group yelled and they all started firing curses. By the time the fight was over a few moments later the man groaned, "Why did we have to be the ones to go after Potter."

"I'll do it this time." Kingsley said after they were taken away, "Voldemort."

This went on for a long time before the first of the inner circle showed up. The group included Fenrir Grayback and Bellatrix. This fight took much longer but in the end Remus was able to avenge himself on Grayback while Harry and Minerva teamed up to stop Bellatrix. Unfortunately for Bellatrix the double stunner to her heart was too much and it stopped.

They rested for a bit after that battle before they called the name again. The group that showed up this time had several seventh year Slytherins. They were so shocked when Draco dropped his wand and put his hands on his head that they were captured without an opposing shot. Harry had Kingsley hold Draco while the rest of the group was taken away.

"What's going on with you?" Harry asked.

"I was forced to take the mark last summer. I didn't want it, but it would have cost my life and those of my parents for me to refuse. My assignment last year was to let in the Death Eaters and then kill Professor Dumbledore. If I failed again my life and those of my parents would be forfeit. I found out I don't have it in me to kill someone. This summer hasn't been pleasant. I've been forced to do some dark stuff and I found out I don't like it." Draco said.

"At my relative's house, why didn't you tell them I was still there?" Harry asked.

"I didn't know you were awake for that." Draco said, "Once I met the Dark Lord and saw what he was truly like for myself I have been hoping for you to win. I can't believe my father ever wanted to follow him, but he did. All my life I've been told we were better than everyone else, we were meant to rule over the muggles and I believed it. Once I got to Hogwarts and Granger started handing me my pride on a platter I began to question their beliefs, but only deep inside myself. I was too scared to voice anything or change my actions. When I saw your hand sticking out of that rubble I thought I'm not going to help him win. If you're alive and free you can still beat him and I still have a chance to have a life. That's just the cunning Slytherin in me; I know I won't survive long in his reign because I can't kill someone. I don't think I can do most of the things he would ask me to do."

"You'll still have to go to the Ministry but just keep your mouth shut until your trial." Kingsley said, "If what you're saying is true you would be acquitted."

"Thank you." Draco said, "Both my parents and the other two Lastranges along with Snape and five other lower ranked people are all that's left. The Dark Lord is not there but he is due to be back within the hour. They say he's getting a new wand. One that will beat you Harry."

"Thank you." Harry said as soon as he was gone he called again, "Voldemort." Nine people showed up this time.

"I was afraid of this." Lucius said, "I suppose you have everyone else already."

"Yes we do. Draco is at the ministry all in one piece." Harry stated.

"Thank you." Lucius said, "I guess this means Severus was a spy for you all along. He stayed behind."

"Are you coming along quietly then?" Kingsley asked.

"Of course." Lucius stated, "I'm rather relieved to be rid of the Dark Lord."

"What about Bella?" Narcissa asked.

"I'm sorry but the double stunner to the heart took her life." Harry said.

"Just as well." Her husband said, "She was totally insane. Her minds been gone for many years. It broke when you stopped him the first time. She wouldn't have survived his second defeat."

"Where can I find the dementors?" Harry asked.

"Don't worry he'll bring them with him." Lucius stated as he was taken to the Ministry.

"Here's what I need. We'll need everyone out here to do that new Patronus I showed you." Harry said, "That will rid us of the dementors for good. I know how many are alive and I'll know when they're all gone. It's a Master of Death thing." He said to Kingsley's questioning look, "Anyway you get them I'll get Moldyshorts."

Kingsley got everyone into their new positions and Harry said, "Voldemort time to come play."

Only two pops sounded along with the coldness that heralded the arrival of the dementors. Snape turned with the rest of the order to start after the Dementors. He however didn't know the new patronus and was only holding them back from himself as their numbers were devastated by the order.

"Hey thanks you brought my wand to me." Harry called, "I appreciate that. Come."

The wand Voldemort had just stolen from Dumbledore's grave jumped from his hand and landed in Harry's. He pulled his own wand and said, "How unfortunate. I had planned on using that to kill you. I guess I'll just have to use mine."

"You won't be killing me today any way." Harry shrugged.

"We shall see about that." Voldemort said, "Just curious mind you but how did you get the wand. Severus killed Dumbledore I thought I would have to kill him to get it."

"You don't have to kill to get it. You did talk to Grindlewald didn't you?" Harry said, "Dumbledore disarmed him, Draco disarmed Dumbledore and I disarmed Draco before he even made it out of Hogwarts this spring."

"How unfortunate." Voldemort said as he raised his wand to attack.

Harry pulled his own and cast the disarming curse at the same time Voldemort sent his killing curse. Just as always the wands connect. Harry began to move closer to Voldemort and pushed the bead at the center of the spell towards him.

"You won't win Potter." Voldemort sneered, "I have taken too many steps for you to beat me. Give up now and I won't kill everyone you know."

"We'll see." Harry said as the bead continued to move towards Voldemort. Finally the bead reached him and blew him back Harry quickly followed. Putting his wand on Voldemort's chest right over his heart he said, "I call Death forward to take the remaining part of soul that lays here."

Voldemort's eyes grew wide when he saw the specter of death appear beside Harry. The specter bowed towards Harry and then said, "I've been looking for this piece. Thanks for sending the rest." he then reached into the body and pulled out the remaining piece of soul.

"Anything else I can do for you Master?" Death asked.

"Not today. Unless you're looking for Fenrir Grayback I can tell you where to find him." Harry said.

"Not yet. He is getting close to the top though." Death said and then turned a walked away disappearing as he went.

"Who were you talking with?" Remus asked.

"Death." Harry stated and then grabbed Voldemort's cloak at the collar and drug it towards Kingsley leaving Remus to gape, "Do whatever you need to verify this is Moldyshorts and that he's dead. Then I'm incinerating the body."

Many ministry people came and went including Scrimgeour. Harry refused to let the body out of his sight insisting that only incineration would be good enough for this body. Finally everyone was satisfied and Harry incinerated the body. He sighed happily as it burn to ash. Ginny leaned into his side while Ron and Hermione sat nearby.

"Where you really talking to death?" Ron asked.

"Yes. I can call him to take someone if they're at the top of his list. I don't actually have to kill them myself." Harry said, "That's one of the privileges. Knowing who's at the top of the list is one of those that I don't really want."

"Why not." Ron asked.

"Imagine how he'll feel when you are on the top of the list." Ginny said, "Or me or any of our family or friends. He'll know and he won't be able to stop it."

"I can't tell either." Harry said.

"Are you going to put the wand back?" Hermione asked.

"No and I'm not going to carry it around." Harry stated, "First it's just inviting trouble. Second I don't want t be all powerful. I don't want to take the chance that I'll become corrupt. I'm also going to have myself obliviated. I don't want to know where either the wand or ring is hidden."

September first came and the group got onboard the Hogwarts express. The trip was busy with people stopping by to congratulate Harry or just say hi. Even Draco made his annual stop with Crabbe and Goyle.

"Hi." the three Slytherins said.

"Hi, how are you?" Harry asked.

"On probation." Draco said, "All three of us. Seems I wasn't the only one hoping you were going to kick his butt. I think most of them are too scared to stop by and say thanks."

"We don't bite." Harry said, "We just don't allow ourselves to be pushed around."

"I'll make sure they know." Draco said.

"Thanks Harry." Vincent said, "Sorry about threatening you for years."

"No problem Vincent." Harry replied.

"Me too." Gregory stated, "And not just Harry. We mean you three too and the name calling."

"So does this mean you won't kill me in Quidditch?" Harry asked with amusement.

"No we'll still try there." Gregory chuckled, "Bye."

"Bye." Harry said. After they left, "That was interesting."

"Very." Hermione grinned, "Things might be looking up. Maybe we'll have a normal year."

"Shhh. Don't jinx it." Ron laughed.