Naruto sat on top of the Hokage Monument of more specifically the forth's head and thought about his two and a half years training and how it aided him in his battle against Akatsuki two days ago when they attacked Suna and kidnapped Garra. His training form Jiraiya revolved around using Kyuubi's chakra which he failed miserable, upgrading rasengan, fuinjutsu with the usage of shadow clones thus giving him time to work on his physical strength and Taijutsu. His taijutsu style was one his idol created and named humming bird. That was all Jiraiya focused on but little did he know was that Naruto had several side projects which one of them was his bloodline. In a fit of frustration about, Naruto activated a bloodline that enabled him to use storm jutsus and control the weather. Naruto from that point started creating his own jutsu arsenal adding on to the small amount he had but kept it to himself as an ace.

He looked around the area to see if anyone was around before his hands flashed through some handseals, Suiton: Sensor rain. As the words left his mouth, clouds quickly formed in the skies before light rain poured down. His eyes underwent a transformation and now they were black pupils, red irises in the shape of a hurricane symbol, and black sclera. From this point on, Naruto was able to sense everyone in the pain and manipulate the areas where he wanted it to rain more. He allowed himself to scan through their different chakra levels and signatures. This was his first time using it so he wouldn't be able to tell who it was right now but once he got use to their chakra signatures, he would be able to tell who it was. He soon tensed only before an anbu to appear. He deactivated his bloodline not wanting the anbu to see it.

"Uzumaki-san, Hokage-sama wants you to be in the towers to speak with you." Naruto could sense his hate but said nothing of it. He allowed the anbu to take him to the towers. Once he was there, he saw Tsunade and Jiraiya next to each other. Tsunade cleared her throat before she begins to explain the reason as to why he was here.

"After going over the mission details from the assisting with assisting with Suna, I have decided that it was time to reveal your heritage and for you to claim what is rightfully yours. Your mother and father is none other than Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. Their dying wish was recorded that they wanted you to inherit their things such as the home, money, heirlooms, and everything they once own. We'll need the council's permission of course." Naruto growled when she said the last part.

"Why do we need council members in another clan's business?" Naruto knew most of the council members hated him with a passion. Tsunade sighed sadly before she explained her reason.

"That's because we're going to reinstate you as the last Namikaze. We have your father's and mother's will, your birth certificate, and several affidavits that say you are who you are. Unfortunately, for you to be reinstated as a clan after so long a period of inactivity, we'll need a majority vote from the council. After all, you've been registered as a ward of the state and an orphan since your birth. We have a lot of work ahead of us."She placed a comforting on his shoulders. Jiraiya did the same but added comforting words too.

"Just know, boy, that you've done a lot of good in your career as a ninja. Not many can do what you can. You're an asset to the village and unless there are a lot of bigots and grudge holders on that council, then we'll have no problem. Now, what say we investigate the rest of this house?"

Naruto nodded and followed after them, a small frown on his face. Something told him that this would not end well at all and soon he found just how right his senses were.

Tsunade had been arguing with the assembled council for a while now and it was disheartening to say the least. Despite all the evidence, despite his shining military record, despite ALL he had done for the village; they still held a grudge against the fox and still saw him as the monster inside him. Jiraiya was ready to blow any second. This is how they treat not only a fellow shinobi, but also a child of noble birth? Gritting his teeth, he seethed to himself. If this had been Uchiha Sasuke, they would have kissed his ass so fast…

Naruto sat against the wall by the door, his head hung low. This was what he guessed would have happened if Tsunade told them and how right he was. He knew this wasn't a good idea from the very start but she kept pushing the idea ahead. He was denied his heritage; all that belonged to him was lost. He could care less about the land or the house, those were superficial things. He wanted the memories that belonged to him that were inside; the pictures, the books, the scrolls, his family heirlooms. He wanted his parents' legacy and he was denied that. He had stopped listening after their vote came up negative. Tsunade was in a rage.

"How can you deny him his heritage? He is a ninja of this village and you can't deny him his parent's things."

Homura pushed his glasses further up on his nose and sighed. It wasn't that he didn't like the boy; he just didn't hate him either. He was completely neutral. But the Namikaze clan was good people and there was no sound proof that this boy was their son. He couldn't, in good conscience, let him have something that might not belong to him.

"Tsunade, what you say is true. We can't deny him his heritage, but there is no proof beyond your word that he even has a heritage. There is simply no way that I can vote for him to receive the holdings of the Namikaze property, nor can any of the other council members. I don't speak for everyone, but if there were proof beyond a shadow of a doubt, I would be the first to cast my vote for aye."

"So all you need is proof? That's all?"

"That is all."

"Fine, I want one month. I'll have your proof or we will never speak of this again and the Namikaze estates will be auctioned off. Agreed?"

Heads nodded and Tsunade and Jiraiya stormed off with Naruto in tow. Retreating to the Hokage office was the only thing they could do at the moment. They should have known that those idiots wouldn't let it go smoothly. Now all they had to do was find proof. Naruto, however, had had enough of political scheming and stood up, crossed the room, and placed his hands on the shoulders of his two older companions.

"Enough. I see now that I will never reach the heights I want to here. My dream has always been just that, a dream. But I've achieved a certain goal of mine. I know now who my parents were and I can live happily knowing that I was a wanted child, that my parents didn't desert me or abandon me. But Konoha no longer holds anything for me. I want to leave Tsunade." Tsunade frowned.

"I can't do that Naruto. You'll be labeled a missing nin as soon as you exit the gates." Naruto thought about a plan as he went along.

"But what if I wasn't a missing Nin? What if you reassigned me to an allied village? I'm sure Garra wouldn't mind seeing as me and him are really close friends."

Tsunade sat down behind her desk and folded her hands under her chin. Jiraiya took up his station behind her.

"You've put some thought into this haven't you?"

"I already had an idea that they would do something like that but I thought you would find a way around this. I guess things didn't turn out that way. I'll ask Gaara if he would give me a home. Please Baa-chan; don't make me stay here where I'm not appreciated." Tsunade felt saddened at his words.

"But Naruto, we appreciate you. Don't leave because of this. We'll fight it and we'll make it right." Naruto shook his head and smiled sadly.

"Baa-chan, I'm not stupid. I know that the council is against me and has been since jiji told me about their role in the village. I don't have a future here except to die for a village that doesn't appreciate me. Do you know that I've never had a day go by here that I haven't been glared at, or insulted, or threatened with violence just for breathing? Do you know what I found in Suna?" Tsunade had not idea.

"No, what did you find there that you couldn't find here?"

"I found acceptance, adulation, and fellowship among their people. I'm just one ninja, not a demon or a weapon. Here I'm not even treated as a human being and I can't take it anymore. Maybe in Suna I can find a sort of peace I've been fighting for. Please Baa-chan."

Tsunade swiveled her chair so that he couldn't see her face. Tears cascaded down her cheeks as she looked at Jiraiya pleadingly, as if asking him what she should do. He had no answer but a frown and a knowing nod, to which her tears seemed to redouble. It was true what Naruto said. He had no future here, he had no life. At least there, in Suna, the people didn't glare at him, they didn't hate him. And he had friends there, genuine friends who knew who and what he was. A happy thought flitted through her mind. Maybe there, he'd find love from someone who was as strong as he was, in mind and body. No one here would let their daughters near him, and his crush seemed so far away. Yes, perhaps this was for the best. She swung the chair back around and gave him a teary grin.

"Well then, when do you want to leave?"

"I want to do some things first. They may have denied me my heritage, but I'm not leaving without a few things that are rightfully mine, council be damned. I want my family scrolls, I want my family's pictures, and I want my father's coat. The rest you can do whatever you want with." Jiraiya raised an eyebrow at his demands.

"And how do you intend to get that brat?"

"I'm going back with you two one last time. I'm taking several sealing scrolls and I'm putting my family's things in them." Tsunade nodded her head, but then a fear crept into her mind.

"Naruto, those scrolls are important to the village. How do you intend to take them out without it being seen as treason?"

"I'm going to make copies of whatever is written in them. We'll retrieve them and bring them here to the Hokage office, where I'll make copies and then we'll go see the council again and announce my transfer."

"They'll want the scrolls, you understand."

Naruto set his mouth into a snarl and slammed his fist on the desk.

"They can't have them! Family scrolls are for family only and if there is no Namikaze clan left in Konoha then the scrolls need to be destroyed. I'll burn them myself if need be."

"I see. If you can't have your rightful property nobody will. I like that brat. You know they'll throw a hissy fit right?"

"I don't give a damn about any of them. I don't care what they think anymore."

Tsunade leaned back again and opened her desk drawer, taking out a bottle of sake and three dishes. Jiraiya and Naruto both raised their eyebrows while she uncorked the bottle and poured the sake into the dishes. Lifting hers she bade the two to pick theirs up. Jiraiya did so with a grin on his face, but Naruto looked apprehensive. Tsunade sighed and thrust the dish into his hand.

"I wanted to have a drink with you when you were older, but I may not get that chance now. You're going to drink with Jiraiya and me and you're going to like it. We need to get good and shitfaced before we go about destroying important documents tomorrow."

The three lifted their dishes and tapped them together before downing them. Naruto coughed and sputtered, drawing laughter out of his two older drinking buddies and prompting them to utter at the same time.


The next morning found our trio back at the Namikaze household, and standing in front of a heavy oaken door with a red seal on it. Tsunade and Jiraiya had thrust Naruto to the front and stood behind him while he faced the wooden gate to his desires. Looking over his shoulder, he asked for guidance on what to do. Jiraiya huffed and smacked him on the head.

"All those years of studying seals didn't do jack squat with you did it? It's a blood seal you moron. Cut your thumb and run the blood across the seal and the door should open. It'll only do this for a person of Namikaze blood though."A light bulb seemed to come on in Tsunade's head.

"Wait! If that's true, then that's how we can prove his heritage. They'll have to believe us then."

Naruto sighed and turned around as he bit his thumb.

"You know as well as I do it's a futile effort Baa-chan. They don't want me to be a Namikaze and they'll probably say something stupid like 'the demon altered his blood to that of the Hokage's or some shit like that'. Let's just do what we came here to do and copy them at your office."

Without another word, Naruto swiped his thumb across the seal and it glowed a bright red before the door swung open and a musty smell came from the now open room. Coughing slightly the three made their way in and stared in awe at the large amount of scrolls in the vault. Minato was a lover of knowledge and his library could rival that of the Hokage tower. Kushina undoubtedly had her own stash in here, but the majority was Minato. Naruto smiled as he looked around. His parents were definitely knowledge hogs. Deciding to forgo those thoughts for the moment, he turned to his companions and tossed them some scrolls.

"What are you waiting for? Get to sealing." Naruto did just that and sealed moved to his mother's scrolls first. Jiraiya never seeing much of her jutsu before picked up a scroll only for Naruto to quickly take it and seal it away. He used shadow clones to speed up the process. Once he was done, they all left to the towers.

Tsunade entered the council room with Jiraiya and Naruto following closely behind her. This would be a day to remember one way or the other. For one, she was about to send a shinobi to another village without warning and that was considered poor taste from a Kage. The second reason was that she was going to allow said shinobi to destroy documents that could prove potentially useful to Konoha and that definitely wouldn't sit well with the council. The third was that she had invited all of Naruto's friends to sit in on the proceedings, an unheard of thing in the history of Konoha. Seeing that everyone was getting restless, she started the meeting.

"Alright everyone I would like to thank you for coming to this important meeting. We are here once again to decide whether or not you will allow Naruto to take up the name Namikaze and take the seat for that clan on this council. Last time you voted nay. What say you all this time?"

Homura, having been named the representative after his speech last time, stood and addressed the Hokage.

"Have you come across any new evidence to support the claims that one Uzumaki Naruto is indeed the son of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina?"

A collective gasp was heard from the section where his friends sat. Several murmurs were heard about how he did look like the Fourth and that maybe he was somebody. Naruto grimaced when he heard that. It was as if you couldn't be somebody unless you were from a clan around Konoha. Tsunade shook her head.

"No we haven't found any new evidence. Now what say you?"

The vote went around and it came up nay again. Tsunade sighed and hung her head. This sealed the deal.

"Very well, Uzumaki Naruto may never take the name Namikaze then and the properties shall be sold off. This is the final decision of this council and may not be overturned. I shall now allow Naruto to take the floor as he has something of interest to tell you all Naruto?"

He nodded his head and walked to the front of the room. Taking a rather large scroll from his back, he bit his thumb and swiped it over the length of the scroll, dumping out several more on the floor. Bending his knee, he picked up one and passed it to the council member closest to him.

"These are the family scrolls of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina. As they are family scrolls, they cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of any untrustworthy people either in or out of Konoha. I have brought them all here to destroy them in front of the council, that they may never be used for ill."

All the council members blanched at that and began to call out. Homura raised his hand, calling for silence.

"When did you come by these scrolls boy? These were locked away in the Namikaze household, protected by several blood seals and traps. Only one who was of the Namikaze bloodline could…"

The old man's eyes grew large, large enough to bug out of his head. He lifted his gaze and locked eyes with Naruto, who had a sad look on his face.

"You…you really are…"

Before he could finish, Naruto had raised his hand and started speaking again.

"No, I am not. That was the supreme decision of this council. There are no Namikaze members left in Konoha anymore. Therefore, these scrolls must be destroyed and any evidence that could be used against the village as well. I, myself, am no longer a part of this village as of tomorrow morning. I am being transferred to Suna, where I will take up station as a Suna Nin, under the orders of the Godaime Kazekage. I am only here to tell you of this myself." He lied about the order part and as for the transfer, all he had to do was get reinstated by Garra as a Nin or civilian.

Everyone stood up and began shouting that he couldn't leave, he was the last Namikaze. It was foolish, he thought, that they would say this after a supreme decision. It couldn't be taken back. Besides, his mind had been made up. With a few quick hand signs and a cry of, Katon: Great Fire ball. He incinerated all the scrolls, amidst a chorus of howls of anger. He felt a slight pinch in his heart as he destroyed his father's work, but took solace in the fact that only the originals were lost. His parent's work would live on through him. He turned to the council member who clung to the tiny scroll and held out his hand. He scowled when the man jerked back, cradling the scroll as if it were precious.

"You come in here and destroy our mightiest Hokage's work and expect me to give up the last thing we may have of him? I don't care if you are his son, I won't…"

He never finished what he was about to say because Naruto had leapt over the table and slammed him against the wall. His fangs bared, he snatched the scroll from the man and tossed it onto the bonfire in the middle of the room.

"Never say I'm his son. You idiots all denied me that right and I shall never forget it. I'm going to Suna now, a place where I hope I'll be appreciated. You won't have to put up with the demon brat anymore. You won't have to put up with Uzumaki Naruto anymore. I quit." He left the rooms ignoring their demands and went to pack up for Suna. He grabbed everything he owned from his apartment and sealed them away. As soon as he opened the door, he found his now ex-teammate Sakura glaring hatefully at him.

"So what about the promise you made to me to bring back my Sasuke-kun?" Naruto just walked by here and right as her fist was about to strike, Naruto vanished in a swirl of water. Naruto appeared at the gates of Konoha and created Mini tornadoes under his feet before flying off towards the sky and to Suna. He stopped 5 miles from Konoha to sever his last ties to Konoha.

Summoning Jutsu, the chief toad appeared and looked around the area.

"I don't see any danger. Why was I called here?" A voice called from below.

"Down here chief."

"Ah Uzumaki, what do you want?" Naruto sighed sadly.

"I need to cancel our contract. I'm leaving Konoha."

If Gamabunta could have looked any more surprised it would have been comical. He merely looked at the boy with hurt in his eyes and asked the inevitable question.


"I'm not appreciated here in Konoha. I'm leaving and I think it's dishonorable to take a Konoha contract with me. I'm sure Ero-Sannin can find a suitable replacement."Gamabunta's gaze turned sad and he knocked his pipe out on the ground.

"There aren't many like you kid. And you're right; I did agree to serve those who serve Konoha. No way I can convince you to stay? I'd rather you be my summoner than one who is unworthy." Naruto shook his head.

"Sorry chief, I can't. I have to do this. I'm really sorry that we never had that drink either. Tell your kids I'll miss them ok?"

"I will. Goodbye Naruto. I'm glad to have met you. Your father would be proud."

With a large puff of smoke Gamabunta disappeared and Naruto ducked his head to keep the tears from flowing. The toads had been family to him but if he was to start a new life, then he would do so with his mother's summon contract. He started his journey once again and stopped once he reached River country to eat and to find out what contract he had. Once he was done eating, he signed the contract and went through the necessary signs and pumped Kage amount of chakra into it, Summoning Jutsu. A large amount of smoke appeared and once cleared, a red dragon with a single head, double mouths, red eyes, and a long body was now there.

"Who dares summon Slifer the sky dragon? It's been over 50 years since I had a summoner." The dragon looked down and took in his scent. "So it's the Son of Kushina Uzumaki, what an interesting event. I'm guessing that you summoned me to gain me as you new summons." Seeing him nod his head, she continued. "Well I won't give you a test seeing as I am your family summons but don't summon me unless there are battles to fight. You may summon my children for any other purpose though." She left in a puff of smoke leaving a stunned Naruto. Naruto snapped out of his stupor and went back to flying.

1 hour later after increasing the tornado speed under him, Naruto made to the walls of Suna and kept going. The guards seeing a figure in the sky all panicked especially when a few days ago they were attacked by someone in the sky. The guards went to alert the others to knock him from the sky with explosives but were too late when the figure passed their defense system and right into the hole of the Kazekage tower.

Garra tensed as a figure rolled in kicking up dust to block his view. He relaxed when he left the familiar chakra signature.

"Uzumaki only you would do something this unpredictable as to fly into my towers. May I ask as to why you're here in Suna?" Naruto pulled out a scroll and gave it to him. Garra read over the papers that came from the scroll and his eyes widened a bit before they went back to Normal. "So you wish to join the ranks of Suna? It's a good thing too because we really needed more people having loss some of my own men during the akatsuki attack. Now would you tell me a brief description of your skills?" Naruto smiled before taking out two pieces of paper.