Six months- Investigate every Suna resident with the help of clones.

Naruto, Garra, Kankuro, and a few loyal Nins investigated everyone who resides in Suna weeding out spies with the help of Fuinjutsu. They weeded out spies that were both willingly and unwillingly given out information on Suna. The willingly spies were drained of information and disposed of while the others had seals or anything that forced them against their will removed allowing them to live a normal life in Suna. Naruto and the others were shocked to see how many spies the other countries had in Suna. Naruto made a vow to make sure that never happens again.

Three months- Set multiple variants of sensor Fuinjutsu

Naruto and a trusted group of anbu placed new sensor seals that picked up things such as advanced genjutsu, seals being used even if seal is placed inside someone, and also the smallest chakra spike from those who weren't marked as blue in Suna's radar. This would alert them of jutsu usage as soon as a activity in chakra is sensed.

Three months- Suna's ultimate defense system

Utilizing the power of Fuinjutsu and two Kage, Naruto was able to produce an endless sandstorm. To bypass the storm, transportation seals were created linking from one point being outside the storm to another point in Suna. Special clothing such as cloaks or accessories such as watches, necklaces, and rings with seals were created allowing people of Suna to transport safely. Anyone without the seal that transported in would be restricted by the restraining seals to allow Suna Nins on standby to take said Nin into questioning. Each item was attuned to each individual's chakra or DNA making it impossible for others to use.

One year later- Suna's change draws attention

After spies were weeded out, other countries tried to slip in new spies only to fail. They stopped sending spies to avoid Suna gaining any information on them plus things were getting risky for them. Suna had become one of the most impossible to infiltrate by anyone that tried.

Right now Garra and Naruto stood by with their sons as they watched the endless sandstorm. The sandstorm had become deadlier when wind blades were added in the mix. The sandstorm surrounded Suna protecting its entire people. Two-way trading posts were created allowing for those wanting to trade with Suna to do so without putting Suna at risks. Barrier shields were made allowing both parties to trade safely with one another. Both Naruto and Garra watched as people transported from one end to another safely. The duo was interrupted when an alarm went off indicating that someone was caught in the restrain seal. Naruto pulled out a device to find that allies were caught using the transporters.

Naruto appeared to find team 8 and 10 frozen still with chakra chains around them. He smiled at their predicament much to their irritation. "Well well, what do we have here? It seems that Konoha has decided that they could pop in at any time if that's what you guys are." Ino had a pure look of irritation etched on her face while the others kept a neutral look. She being the irritated one snarled at him.

"Let us go stupid or did that little brain of yours forget who we are. Do I need to punch some senses into you?" Naruto chuckled at her.

"Threatening the Kazekage in your position isn't a bright move Yamanaka-san especially when I could have you executed right now." Her face lost its color when she realized what he said was true. Hinata sighed at the girl's predicament.

"I think its best that you stay silent Yamanaka-san or that will cost your life. I'm sorry Kazekage-sama for her disrespect. We're here for an agreement from the Hokage for a meeting. We couldn't use the reverse summon seal for some reason so we came here to possible set up another connection and possible have a meeting with our council members as it pertain our village as a whole." Naruto nods his head as he was curious as to what they wanted. He pulled out a small scroll and gave Hinata.

"In that scroll is an advanced reverse summon seal. I look forward to the meeting." He allowed the group to leave through the transportation seals then went back to report this to Garra.

Once back outside Ino wasted no time in throwing her fist towards Hinata. Hinata caught her wrist and landed a jyuken powered slap to the face sending the blonde to the floor. The others in the group retrained both girls from fighting more. Ino held her face as she got up.

"That stupid bitch need to stop being jealous that Kiba left her ass. He's with me now and we have a 4 year old girl together. Instead of being angry at me, why don't you find someone to fuck you? I think lack of sex is making you cranky Hyuga bitch." Hinata didn't say anything but turned away indicating that she was not going to react to her words or acknowledge them. Kurenai looked at her sister figure with concern. Seeing no signs of further fighting, the group continued their way to Konoha. Once they reached to Konoha, they were taken to the council chambers where the scroll was delivered to Tsunade along with a report which Shikamaru voiced for everyone.

"There's a seal that transport others to a certain zone. From what I witnessed, the Suna Nins have a special seal that allows them to not only transport into Suna but also without being restrained by seals set up within the zone you're sent to. Any enemies sneaking in would be caught. The seals are the only way into Suna other than the sand storm but after a few tests, we've discovered that it isn't a normal sandstorm as we thought. Thousand of wind blades flying around ensure death to anyone trying to pass through. Suna's defense system is impressive to say the least." Tsunade allowed the new information to soak into her mind.

"Thank you Shikamaru for the updates. I think it's time to speak with the Kazekage about not only stopping this continuous rain but also make a possible trade. From what Jiraiya has told me, no information has been leaked out on Suna at all. They were able to get rid of all spies including Jiraiya's spies. Suna has grown powerful ever since Naruto took a position there. If he could have done that for Konoha then image how things would have been here if he was Hokage. Not only did we lose Hokage material but also someone that hails from the Uzumaki and Namikaze clan." Not a word was said as it was completely true. The civilians were given a few years to realize their mistake seeing how their ally Suna was gaining power and missions. Tsunade broke the silence. "I will set up a meeting as soon as the seal is set." She looked over to the anbu setting us the seals then sent a message after the connection was complete.

30 minutes later Naruto appeared with a min version of himself in his arms. Said mini version was smiling with what seemed to be a ramen flavored bar in his hand. Naruto greeted the entire council members politely. "Hello Konoha council-sans and Hokage-san, what may I do for you?" Tsunade motioned for him to sit which he did with Arashi in his lap.

"Well first off I would like to ask you about the rain storm you left behind. Is it possible for you to stop it?" Naruto's eyes changed showing his kekkei genkai once again. Once that was complete, his eyes shifted back to his blue ones. "Now on to what we called you hear for. We were hoping to boost our defense and get rid of any spies as Suna has. What I'm asking for is that you allow us to adopt Suna's defense system with some adjustments of course not being the sandstorm but some type of defense system that you're using to keep out enemies from your village." Naruto thought over what they were asking for.

"What will I gain in return Hokage-sama? Surely you wouldn't expect something like this to be free. What do Konoha have to offer Suna?"

"Well I'm sure we could discuss a few things with our alliance agreements to make some improvements plus you will be protecting your precious people here in Konoha." She smiled at him while Naruto kept up an impassive face.

"I do not wish to make any adjustments to our alliance as I like to keep things the way they are now. As for my precious people, they are currently in Suna and nowhere else. Is there anything else?" Tsunade frowned not expecting this at all. Before anything could happen next, Arashi started moving around a lot.

"Otousan I have to go to the bathroom. I can't hold it." Naruto smile at Arashi's pouting face. He stood up with Arashi and temporarily excused himself not trusting anyone else. As soon as he was out the room, Danzo turned to Tsunade.

"Well Hokage-san, what are you going to do now? Surely he won't give anything for nothing. This defense system could improve Konoha." Tsunade sighed in frustration as she didn't know what to do right now.

"I don't know but we need to find out soon. Maybe a arrange marriage will do but then again he's got himself a girlfriend by the name of Pakura. Besides whom could we offer for him considering the fact that she would have to live with him?" Her answer came from the last person she expected it from. Hiashi cleared his throat.

"I volunteer my daughter Hinata Hyuga for the task. She's single, of age, and I'll be able to get the elders off my back about branding her. I've been able to keep them away but it's getting more impossible each day. We'll also gain power so that the elders won't be able to complain." Tsunade nods her head while the other clan heads didn't seem to like the idea of the Hyugas gaining more power than they had though no one voiced it.

"Very well Hiashi-san I will put that offer on the table though I doubt he will accept it as he's already taken." All conversation ceases when Naruto came back in the room with Arashi and sat back down. Tsunade as she said placed the offer on the table and just as she predicted, he denied that. Arashi looked over at Naruto with confusion.

"Does that mean I'm keeping Pakura-chan as a mommy?" Naruto smiled at him then rubbed his hair gently. "I guess so Arashi-kun unless things don't work out. You'll have a mommy soon though just as I promised." Arashi beamed at the prospect of gaining a new mother. No one noticed the grin Danzo had on his face as a plan formulated in his head. He quickly hid that grin not wanting anyone to notice. Naruto stood with Arashi in his arms. "I think I will take my leave for now. When you have an idea in what you could offer Suna, just send another message. Goodbye for now Hokage-sama." With that he took with Arashi unaware of what would happen within the next two weeks until it was too late.

Two weeks later we find Naruto staring at the bodies of the now deceased Netsu clan members who was assassinated by what seemed to be Iwa Nins. Naruto closed his eyes to block out the tears that were threatening to fall. He should have trusted his gut instinct when he heard from Pakura that they were invited to a meeting from the Earth Daimyo but he had no spy network or spies to confirm it. Pakura's words were "I'm a big girl Naru-kun, don't worry about me. I could handle myself if push comes to shove." Now she was dead by an apparent Doton jutsu close to grass country. It was due to a letter from an anonymous person that Naruto found out about their deaths. He saw the official Iwa symbol on the note before the paper burst into flames. He turned away from the bodies not wanting to accept the fact that he lost a girl that he was finally opening his heart to. Now he wished that he created a spy system but doing so now would take time he did not have. If Iwa truly did this then it would seem that their hate for Suna did not go away. If that was the case then Suna needed to be prepared. Garra watched as his friend went away and felt bad for him and Arashi who was expecting a mother soon. The thought of the little blonde being sad about not having a mother made Garra feel a little down. He trailed out catching up to Naruto and stopped him.

"I'm sorry for what has happened Naruto. Even I didn't see this happening anytime soon but in a ninja world, many bad things happen to good people. I truly hope this doesn't get to you as you do have a son to look after. You will have to remain strong for him. I don't want the little guy to lose that cheerful smile of his that's why I'm asking that you accept the arranged marriage with the Hyugas killing two birds with one stone. Arashi gains a mother figure and Hiashi-san doesn't have to place the seal on his daughter." Naruto wiped away the tears from his eyes as he remembered his son. He turned to Garra with a sad smile.

"I guess you're right Garra. I do have to remain strong for Arashi no matter what happens. I guess the alliance will do. I'll also ask for a spy connection for Suna as well." His eyes grew cold as he spoke the next lines. "If Iwa has anything to do with the Netsu clan being extinguished from Suna, I'll make their lives a living hell and they'll never know who did it. I'll make it seem that their being haunted by the ghost of the Netsu clan. That's the only thing I'll be able to do without risking war." Garra was glad that he wouldn't try anything that could cause a war as that would be the death of many good Suna Nins. Naruto wrote a letter asking for a meeting with the Hokage pertaining Suna's defense.

Naruto wasn't surprised when a letter came back within thirty minutes stating that the meeting was ready. As he was about to go, Garra came next to him and placed a hand on his shoulders. "I'll accompany you this time seeing as you're not in the speaking mode." Naruto didn't say anything but inside he was glad. The two kazekage vanished only to reappear in the council chambers. Garra greeted the council members while Naruto stayed silent making a few nervous. Garra looked at the Hokage then spoke.

"I will be speaking with you as Naruto isn't in the mood. I've discussed with him and we've decided to incorporate some of Suna's defense system into Konoha's and in return we accept the arranged marriage between Naruto and Hinata and something else. We would like to request for Jiraiya to pass on information regarding possible threats of Suna. We would like to be prepared in case war breaks out." Tsunade despite finding the request odd agreed. She wrote up the papers with both terms in which Garra signed. The council members, the elders, and Tsunade seemed pleased. Danzo sat back as Naruto accepted the arranged marriage. His plan had succeeded and no one knew of his deed. Now if he correct then Konoha would slowly gain power as other countries started losing their power starting with Iwa.

Hiashi sent anbu to collect his daughter. He made sure to inform the anbu to tell Hinata of the arranged marriage and to be here within the next 30 minutes with only a few treasure items and not all of her clothes. Since she's traveling to a different terrain, she would require different clothes. 20 minutes later Hinata appeared with a small amount of belongings mostly things her mother left behind for her. She bowed to her father then allowed Garra to take her away. Naruto on the other hand stayed behind with the Hokage.

"Alright Hokage-sama please lead me to the two building you would like to set up your radars. The first building will be assessable to the Kage alone while the other one will be accessible to the workers and a whoever you deem trustworthy or that's how we do things in Suna. Reading the radar will be easy. Blue will represent one color of your choosing, red will be your enemy or potential enemies unless you decided to add them to you ally list, and green will be a color of your choosing. What colors would you like for your people and allies?" Tsunade thought about it and decided that they would use Suna's color system as it seemed like the best.

"Very well Hokage-sama now all you need is two buildings one being hidden away from all but you and the other one for your trusted people or whoever you want to use. While you find a building, I will set up the seals throughout Konoha." He created shadow clones then took off to place the seals around Konoha. Once that was done, he went over to set up the brains and monitors in both buildings. Tsunade watched as a detailed map of Konoha appeared with many blue dots. She listened as Naruto explained to her how simple using the machine was. She tested the search engine out and found said person immediately. "Now for the defensive part, I'll have that prepared for you within a week. I will have special seals allowing Konoha to sense enemy miles away from Konoha using the trees as connection. You will be able to create small forts as well with the barrier shields I will leave behind along with others. Using anything such as tornadoes will not only allow enemies to find you easier but also destroy trees that your Nins use. I will do something about the areas around Konoha though such as the volcanoes, the water areas and anything I could use. Now if that's all, I'll be talking my leave." He turned to leave but a voice stopped him.

"Wait" Naruto turned around to see her sad face. "Why are you so cold to me Naruto? I thought we were like family. What did I or Jiraiya do to receive your hate?" Naruto sighed sadly at the person he once called baachan.

"I don't have anything particular about you or Jiraiya but just Konoha in general." His head lowered as he continued speaking. "I guess years of emotional and physical abuse I suffered here just made me like this. My anger towards you isn't because of something you did or didn't do but it's because you're a part of Konoha that's all. I'm sorry that you thought otherwise." He turned away and left a sad Tsunade. An image of Naruto screaming he was going to be the next Hokage shattered as he was now the Kage of Suna. She allowed a few tears to roll down her cheeks as did Naruto whom wiped them away quickly. He took off to Konoha chambers and was about to use the reverse summon if it wasn't for a voice stopping him.

"Wait Naruto I want to speak with you." Naruto looked over to see Temari and Shikamaru with their son 3 year old son Han. "I wanted to speak to you about Arashi. I've decided to give up on trying taking him away but I still want to be a part of my baby's life. Please allow me to see him and possible allow Han and Arashi to form a bond. I want Han bond with his older brother. We aren't enemies with one another but allies." Shikamaru handed Han over then stepped to Naruto. His eyes watched as Naruto tensed almost as if ready to counter attack making the lazy Nara frown a little.

"I'm not here to fight Naruto." He reached his hand out with the intention of shaking his. "Suna and Konoha are allies so there's no need to fight one another nor is there a reason to be so tensed around each other. How about we start over a new leaf?" Naruto sighed in annoyance but nodded his head either way.

"Fine I won't stop you from seeing him if you truly give up trying to separate him from me." Temari frowned at his choice of words. She didn't mean for it to seem that way. She just wanted her baby with her plus she thought she would be doing Naruto a favor. Not many single fathers wanted to keep a baby around especially when they had missions but then again Naruto was different. She found herself agreeing with his terms. Naruto seeing there was nothing else to discuss went back to Suna. Shikamaru placed an arm around Temari to comfort her.

"Don't let his words get to you. He didn't see your intentions for Arashi plus that break up must have struck him hard. He's not thinking straight when you and Arashi appear together so he most likely assumes that you were trying to take Arashi completely away from him." Temari saw the logic in Shikamaru's statement and couldn't disagree.

"I guess you're right Shikamaru-kun." The two walked out the chambers with Han. Temari looked forward to seeing her Arashi-ko soon.